CorbinFisher: Gabe Fucks TJ

Gabe Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher
Gabe Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher
Gabe Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher
Gabe Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher

Gabe Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher
Gabe Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher
Gabe Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher
Gabe Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher
Gabe Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher
Gabe Fucks TJ at CorbinFisher

Watch Gabe & TJ at

Corbin wrote:

I wish I could set the website to play some grand, triumphant orchestral music as this video comes online. It’d be a fitting accompaniment for the video that’s being unleashed here!

Many believed it would never happen (hell, I didn’t for quite the longest time!), but it’s finally here! Gabe fucks another guy! And boy, does he ever fuck him!

When Gabe engaged in his first ever guy/guy sexual contact with Dawson in their bi and blowjob videos, I had mixed feelings. Firstly, I was thrilled and overwhelmed. At the same time, however, I was freaking out! What if that was as far as it went?! What if a BJ from a guy was all we’d ever see Gabe do with another man?! What if that video ended up teasing and leading us all on more than anything else?! Certainly, seeing a stud like Gabe get his first ever BJ from a guy after being on the site for so long, while tremendous and insanely exciting, has the capacity to be insanely frustrating if that’s as far as it ever goes!

But, as we see here, it wasn’t as far as it’d go! It took a good long while to get Gabe to agree to the next step, but things finally started looking good for precisely that scenario and when it came time for us to take a trip up to the rural farm with a bunch of the guys, I asked Gabe if he’d join us and give topping a try while there. My winning smile (and checkbook!) made it happen, and I couldn’t be more excited!

We finally get to see that big, thick dick of Gabe’s plowing another guy’s hole! We finally get to see Gabe going at it in some hardcore man-on-man action! I knew I had to pair him up with a fellow straight stud that had proven himself not only able to bottom and bottom well, but also bottom for a big dick! TJ was the perfect candidate, as few guys look as hot as he does while getting fucked. Further, TJ just looks hotter and hotter every time he appears in a new video! He’s obviously been hitting the gym and has one of the tightest, most toned, perfectly-proportioned bodies on the site – a body that’d look fantastic all tensed up and bent over, taking Gabe’s big dick!

These guys compliment each other wonderfully, both having dark features, amazing bods, thick cocks, and being proven studs. You can tell Gabe’s a bit nervous in this video, but he’s also quite the trooper and once he gets into just how great a man’s tight ass feels wrapped around that thick dick, he’s fully into fucking away! I also think that Gabe found himself pretty astonished another man was handling that dick of his in their ass!

But I suspect, as with any video of this magnitude, you stopped reading this intro long ago and went right to viewing it. I can’t blame ya! So I’ll shut up and now, to those of you still reading… enjoy this landmark CF vid!

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  • JJ

    Money talks, I guess. I guess Gabe can buy him a Corvette now. Wonder what it will take for him to start kissing a guy, giving head and taking a man muscle up his bum?

  • boyman

    Poor Dawson! TJ overtook him in getting Gabe’s dick in his ass first!… I resent CF insisting that a guy who takes a dick up his ass, for whatever reason TJ has, is still straight… CF should promote the FACT that a perfectly masculine man can be gay… Instead, CF is promoting the myth that gay men cannot be someone like TJ… What a shame! What a lie!

  • Bojangles

    Get over it boyman.

  • Bradn

    Gabe is hawt! But i wanna see my husband, lucas, back in action..

  • brandon

    Well honey TJ isn’t exactly masculine. ALso if gay men can be married and have sex with women why can’t straight men have sex for $1000 a fuck lol. I mean you see them fucking the women on the other site. I think once you realize how good a dick feels inside you you can’t help but enjoy it

  • notbuyingit

    I agreei wth JJ. Corbin Fisher is probably one of the more homophopbic sites directed at gay men, ironically. It refuses to acknowledge these are guys are in fact gay. I mean, look at TJ.

    But, at the same, this website also allows you to take a look into the screwed up lives of Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, etc. These gay men masqurading(sp) as “straight” men. Please. It’s a shame that even gay guys refuse to accept that gay guys can be masculine. Sanjaya is straight, (so he claims) – look at him? LOL!!!!

    I feel bad for these guys anyways. You have to be really, really self hating to allow somebody to refer to yourself as straight when you’re not. Also, the psychological damage this website will cause.

    I don’t ever go this website because of this self-hating description.

  • Boyman RE: your comment. Corbin Fisher can’t just come out and say, hey look at this new vid of 2 gays fuckin. It takes away the whole straight boy paid to be gay illusion. Atleast Corbin didnt’ say something corny like the other sites. Something like, “Gabes girlfriend has a birthday coming up and Gabe needed some extra cash for a great gift…”

  • boyman

    Brandon: I am sorry but I haven’t seen TJ beyond stills to have known that he’s not exactly masculine…
    Slimceaboy: I was talking about TJ and not Gabe. Regarding “illusion,” I think it is to the best interest of any gay guy to grow up! The sooner the better!

  • chuck

    you guys are so stupid! bitching like a bunch of girls!

  • gabefan

    It is just porn, don’t take it so seriously.. Just enjoy the hot scenes regardless of the stupid backstory.. I’d let gabe fuck me, gay, straight or for pay..

  • chris

    I think the proper term for all these guys is bisexual. I have seen “gabe’s” myspace page and he self-identify’s as straight. It’s obvious he is bisexual. He just needs something to let that part out of him (money, drugs, booze,etc)

  • jj9

    It is awesome to watch TJ slide his ass down on Gabe’s fully erect cock…Gabe can do nothing but watch. TJ goes down…down…down…until Gabes pubic hair emulses in TJ’s long strands of ass furr and then TJ lower’s all the way down when Gabe’s cock is visually no more and TJ has him all the way inside of him…we hear the sound of a lock-suck when their two skins are completely engulfed and hidden. TJ then rocks up and down…slowly at first then feverously…making Gabe rock his head back and his eyes closing with such could a guy fucking my cock with ass feel so good. TJ ask’s him, “do you want me to fuck you harder” and Gabes, says, “oh yeah man…fuck me with that nice man ass.”

  • flipper

    I have a foot thing, I love the socks Gabe is sporting. I actually own a pair just like the ones he is wearing (PUMA) and will have to invest in some more…..they are even hotter to me now….. I know it is cheesy, but I love a nude straight guy wearing socks *yum*

  • Brian

    Haven’t seen Gabe on this site in awhile…is he in denial?

  • Melissa

    It’s irritating that people believe being gay for pay necessitates bisexuality.

    It’s completely possible to have sexual relations with someone of the same sex and yet not be homo- or bisexual.

    Those identities are based on attraction to others and on whom a person would choose as an ideal lifemate.

    If a guy, take Gabe for instance, is strongly attracted to women, has always been oriented toward women, and has always imagined spending the rest of his life with a female partner, and has not been oriented toward or attracted to men, then he’s not bisexual (no matter how many times he’s been gay for pay).

    Orientation is not necessarily about with whom you have sex. If identities were defined only by sex partners, then how would celibate people know whether they were straight or gay? They all seem to know, so obviously it has nothing to do with sex partners.

    I’m female and I knew I was straight from childhood, long before I had sexual encounters with anyone. I knew as a kid that I was heterosexual because I oriented that direction (I had crushes on boys; I found them intriguing, I dreamed of being married to a man when I grew up, etc.), not because I had sex with boys.

    I’d be quite willing to bet Gabe is not bisexual or gay. I’m guessing he’s very straight and found a way to make money for a little while before he moved on to whatever other jobs he could get.