CorbinFisher: Blowing Rick

Blowing Rick at CorbinFisher
Blowing Rick at CorbinFisher
Blowing Rick at CorbinFisher
Blowing Rick at CorbinFisher

Blowing Rick at CorbinFisher
Blowing Rick at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

Ben’s quite the trooper and his easy-going attitude really puts other guys at ease. He has a way of always finding something to laugh about and turning just about any situation into a good time. That makes him ideal for breaking in new guys and being the first one to show them some guy-guy fun.

Imagine being a straight guy like Rick about to get not only your first ever BJ from a guy, but also get it on camera! Surely, that can be a pretty intimidating experience. But with someone like Ben there to do the honors and make sure you can find things to laugh about along the way, it makes things a hell of a lot easier. In fact, it takes the entire experience from being a purely sexual/voyeuristic one to being a buddy-buddy experience that is the best kind to capture and show here on CF.

The buddy-buddy type of experience really is the hottest kind. That’s a huge part; no doubt, of why seeing both TJ and Ben progress through various aspects of their CF educations together was so hot. There’s no substitute for there being a genuine rapport between two guys sharing a scene together, as we got to see not only with TJ and Ben but also with so many of the CF studs who’ve been with us for awhile. That rapport spreads to new guys as well, as the personalities of studs like Ben really make the entire experience both comfortable and fun!

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  • TJ

    These two are pretty hot together. Ben is the take my hand instructor and deliver’s a fine performance. I think that Rick is awesome, also. It will be interesting to see him progress at Corbin Fisher. He really enjoyed Ben sucking his dick and not letting go of it, I might add. Ben sucks the semen out of his ball’s and keeps it in his mouth the entire time while bringing Rick off numerous times of small squirts. At the last orgasm, Rick grabs Ben’s head and put it to his cock…breathing faster ’til Ben takes his final contribution of the education. Ben then works all the sperm out of his mouth and deposits it on Rick’s belly button…Rick is tingling, he says, while Ben is continuously rubbing Rick’s blood engorged dick. Hope Corbin lets Ben take this kid through the CF Education and makes him a mainstay.

  • whatever

    right, because most straight guys wear the gay-marketed and essentially branded 2xist underwear.

  • Zee Brat

    Those are promo pictures. Corbin gives them the underwear and makes them put it on. Duh.

    They’re both hot, great update for corbinfisher.

  • wutwutinthebutt

    Ben is easily one of the most beautiful models on corbinfisher.

  • JS

    They’re hot, the vid’s hot, but sorry…they’re GAY. Period. Guys sucking the cum out of another guy’s balls and swallowing it or holding it in their mouth is gay sex. I have plenty of straight friends and the thought of having sex with a guy on any level does NOT make their dick hard or make them wanna have sex.

    I’m gay, the very thought of having sex with a woman makes me NOT want to get aroused times 100. Same for guys who are straight. These boys are wearing gay underwear and having gay sex because they’re gay! C Fisher and S cody all have a great market playing on all the gay boys fantasy of wishing they could have sex with the hot straight guy…well, here’s a tip: hot straight guys don’t have sex with other guys.. live in fantasy land, and keep paying these guys your cash to watch NOT straight guys have sex. LOL! I’m not attacking anyone or their comments, just telling it like it is.

  • brandon

    JS why do you feel the need to burst our bubble? What if they are gay well if it is hotter for us to think they are straight why do you care? And honestly if you were given 1000 dollars to have sex with a woman would you then do it? I’m a college student and I’m 1000 percent gay but for the right price I’d fuck a woman

  • billy

    hey JS i think your dumb and dont know one thing about what your talking about

    thank you have a nice day

  • anonymous

    actually, i know both of these guys, and “rick” has a girlfriend, and “ben” is definitely not gay. so you all can have your fantasies about them all you want but your wrong :)

  • Hi, realy nice pictures ….