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SeanCody: Abe

Abe at SeanCody
Abe at SeanCody
Abe at SeanCody

Abe at SeanCody
Abe at SeanCody
Abe at SeanCody
Abe at SeanCody
Abe at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

Abe is an 18-year-old straight guy with blond hair and pretty blue eyes. He will be starting his freshman year at college this fall and will be studying “something in business.” He’s one of those skinny guys with a big dick.

“I saw my dad in the shower once,” he offered. “He was hung like a horse. Maybe I got some of that.”

Abe has a girlfriend who is out of the country, but will be back soon. “I can’t wait,” he said with a grin.

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  • Doug

    Abe is a winner.

  • akhjoon

    Abe, next time you can cum in my mouth and i promise to swallow it all.

  • Zee Brat

    ^ That’s the smile of a Serial Killer. lol.

  • aussieboy

    i think he looks a little crazed in the eyes but 1 funking great root

  • humanoid

    This boy looks terrified all the time, probably so terrified that his parents might get the wind of his sideline job!!!!

  • David

    It’s about time to find a guy with blond pubes. I wish he’d left it grow out thicker. Love to suck him dry while sniffing on his pubes..

  • noah

    thats one hot cock and one hotter cumshot

  • Jay

    i agree with david about the blond pubes. When light shines on a full bush of blond pubes, it’s like spun gold.

  • andrea

    quanta sborra !!!!! che leccata

  • BoyInTheDesigner Bubble

    Tab Hunter on crack! I love this guy.

  • Riley

    Time for Him to play while the GF away!!!!!!!!! ;)
    DAMN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!