HotBarebacking: Chris, Antonio, Dominic & Jason

Chris, Antonio, Dominic & Jason at Hot Barebacking
Chris, Antonio, Dominic & Jason at Hot Barebacking
Chris, Antonio, Dominic & Jason at Hot Barebacking

Chris, Antonio, Dominic & Jason at Hot Barebacking
Chris, Antonio, Dominic & Jason at Hot Barebacking

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This is blazing four-way with Chris, Jason, Dominik and Antonio Vela, who takes the award for cock loving. Antonio has a sexy, intense presence and you often feel he is looking right at you, inviting you to fuck his ass and mouth. He obviously enjoys every inch of cock he slurps on or that’s jammed up his crack.

The scene starts with the four on a bed tonguing each other’s stiff dicks and wet holes. Soon, the guys are eagerly flip fucking each other and Antonio loves licking cock after it’s been inside him. The four later get into a frantic train fuck.

dean says:

come on dudes. for real bare backing is so not hot.

blah says:

You said it best Dean, these guys look like they have some advanced-stage STD’s. They are skinny, dirty-looking and dying. I dont like to think of my grave when I want to beat off. I’m just saying . . . .

mr. woolf says:

okay so for real, ive seen a video that tattoo-dick guy is in before, and his asshole is the most torn down thing youll ever see in life. blech.

brandon says:

OH for God’s sake get off your high horses. The site is called Hotbarebacking so if you don’t like it don’t click on the link. I think barebacking is hot if you don’t this isn’t for you

blah says:

I guess it’s hot if you like your porn stars dead in a few years

randomguy says:

I’m with brandon here. You knew what you were in fore when you clicked the link. Why use it as another chance to badmouth the apparent sin of barebacking. I’m not saying I’m into it or that I even approve of it, but it’s to each his own.

Besides, if you know about the industry you’ll know that constant, regular tests are done to see if the actors have any sort of STD (and that includes the biggies of HIV and AIDS). It’s probably not the safest lifestyle, but who the hell asked for your morality lesson? Shut up and go back to whining about Logan over at Corbin Fisher.

alain says:

Love barebacking videos, but more than three persons sex play is not my type :(

blah says:

Bareback porn glorifies something that has caused a pandemic, and still continues to do so. So if you don’t like my posts Random, skip them. Bareback porn is disgusting and it gives a bad name to every gay man, not just those who indulge in it. Like I said before, death and disease isn’t what I would consider erotic. It’s just gross. Furthermore, do you think that barebacking producers give a shit about HIV testing? Shut up and continue to be a worthless loser Random.

randomguy says:

^_^ Like you, Blah?

Brian says:

Blah, these boys are neither skinny, NOR dirty looking. I find them slightly attractive. Everyone has their do’s and dont’s and things they like and don’t like. You could like guys that’re clean cut and preppy, but I like them looking like they just got off work and sweaty. I like barebacking, you don’t. Get it? You don’t have to scrounge other people’s comments just because they’re not to your fitting.

Another add – Gay porn stars are MADE to be FIT and stocked with certain attributes. A fat loser with a buzz cut wouldn’t make a nice porn star, now would it?

And to both of your propaganda — BOTH of you are right. Some porn sites do go the extra mile and test for STD’s to protect their models, but their are also one’s that could care less than a rats ass.

ONE more thing. Gay porn is only BLAMED for the AIDS epidemic because it’s the only thing the homophobic bastards in this world in the News and Social stances could think of that would be a suitable subject to put the blame on. Of course, they leave out the other 85% of the world that’re straight and have more unprotected sex than the gay community does. But yeah, it’s the world, and it’s unfair. It’s just something we’ll all have to put up with and deal with now, and in the future. It’s not people like these porn stars that gives us the bad name, Blah, it’s them, the publicity. Instead of getting pissed at Random, get pissed at them. Do something about it.

Kaleb says:

WELL SAID Brian..I agree with everything you said.

boyman says:

Blah, I hope you are better looking than any of those guys. Otherwise, you are just a pathetic bitch looking for company!

upgraydd says:

wow ok the only one whom i would even consider touching in this video is DOMINIC RIDER, all the other ones have the look of an STD in their eyes, especialy the tattooed one ( whos asshole is huge by th way) no i lied, i would fuck the shit out of dominic