ByGoneBoys: Alex Stone

Alex Stone at ByGone Boys
Alex Stone at ByGone Boys
Alex Stone at ByGone Boys

Alex Stone at ByGone Boys
Alex Stone at ByGone Boys

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BGB wrote:

Like every model we work with, Alex presents his photo ID when we first register him as a model. One document he presents is a passport, which — based on how young he looks in the photo — is obviously going to be up for renewal within a year or two. We make a joke about how young and innocent he looks in the photo.

“Yeah, but I’m never going to get rid of that photo — ever!” he smiles. “That photo was taken on the day when I lost my virginity — and I lost it with the girl who took my photo at the store!”

How did this happen? “I was still a teenager, just posing for my head shot for the passport. I think I was like 15 or 16. The girl was probably 18 and she was hot. I got excited and got hard. She noticed, and said, ‘what’s that?’ And then she closed the front door of the store, came back to the photo area and took out my cock and let me fuck her. It was awesome.”

She was a lucky girl to have first crack at this stud, at least if he was anything like he is now. As he pulls off his shirt, we see tight muscles and tiny, hard nipples. A gently rippled stomach and a perfect waist. This is the first time Alex has done anything other than fitness modeling but he’s certainly not shy as he continues by taking off his sneakers, socks, pants and then his boxers — revealing a round, muscled ass that looks good enough to bite. Not to mention a thick uncut cock that he has the unique talent of jerking with either hand.

“I love jerking off, and I love porn,” he confides. “I practically can’t use the Internet without touching my balls.” As his legs spread wider and he pumps his shaft toward a climax, he rewards himself with.

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    That’s a nice dick.