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ByGoneBoys: Ryan Conners

Alex Stone at ByGone Boys
Alex Stone at ByGone Boys
Alex Stone at ByGone Boys

Alex Stone at ByGone Boys
Alex Stone at ByGone Boys

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BGB wrote:

Everyone likes a nice clean boy. So when Ryan showed up and said he needed a shower, we were quick to agree it would be hot — especially when he said he wanted to invite everyone to watch.

Ryan starts by slowly stripping off his pants, showing the nice bulge in his tight camouflage underwear. He can’t keep his hands off his own package, and soon is pulling off his briefs to reveal his compact ass and tasty-looking cock. His blue eyes sparkle as he raises his shirt, showing off his tattoos as he removes his bright green T-shirt and moves toward the shower to start up the water.

We’re guessing he likes the water pretty hot, at least based on how hot it seems in the room when his naked body steps into the shower. He soaps up a bit and begins stroking his rapidly growing dick, his balls bouncing happily as he tugs. It seems Ryan has pretty much forgotten about the shower when he takes a seat at the entrance to the shower and proceeds to jerk off, pumping his load all over the green bath towel. Some physical needs are more important than cleaning behind your ears, right?

  • danny

    At last – a skinless cock!!!
    Ryan you are totally fucking gorgeous :-)

  • jimmy

    this is mine so donut touch

  • awww thanks guys… keep ur eyes out for more scenes from bygoneboys and check out other sites that im on… be sure and check out,, and muah xoxo ryan conners