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CorbinFisher: Dawson Fucks Derek

Dawson Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher

Dawson Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher

Watch Dawson & Derek at

Corbin wrote:

Two of our best-built, most ripped guys pair up this time for an insanely hot fuck session in the gym.

Derek is our most recent addition to the CF Dean’s List, joining longtime Dean’s List resident Dawson among the most popular guys on the site. Each of these studs has themselves quite the following among CF fans and for good reason – their physical hotness is matched by the intensity with which they take to their performances. Many of the most popular videos we’ve ever shot here at CF include either Derek or Dawson, and now we have a scorcher that includes both!

Dawson’s proven himself a master at fucking, and can pump and thrust like no other. For his part, Derek has proven himself a master at bottoming. Few guys look like they’re as skilled at fucking as Dawson, and few guys look as if they absolutely love getting fucked as much as Derek. When the two combine to have at it with one another, they’re all over one another and as fully engaged and involved as could be.

Not only does Dawson’s drilling bring out a massive load from Derek, but Derek also gets Dawson off in a way that is purely lustful and hot!

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  • Tyler

    hot very hot been ready for these two for a while thank you corbin

  • Vinnie Niagara

    I am on record as being a fan of Dawson, and this vid is a nice one, but the same old same old is staring to feel mechanical, even for a sex machine like Dawson. Dawson has been fucked on this site, so it would be nice to have him go that route for a change of pace. The guy truly is a sex marvel though. It’s great to see how into the act he is. He really loves sex and has a great time. His orgasms are top-notch, even the classic one where he came inside the condom while it was still inside Trent. But, the really good news is that Connor The Dullard is nowhere to be found.

  • RJ

    This is a better update, but I think CF will be beat by SC again this week… I hope they reverse the roles soon, Dawson needs a good dick in his bubble butt, preferably Brent’s or Derek’s.

  • TC

    Derek is still the best, but CF needs some new blood soon.

  • MM


  • phunky

    Dawson again? PASS!

  • MD

    CB is always the best, & Dawson is amazimg with whoever he fucks !!!

  • whoa

    derek is hot! i guess they are too horney and don’t have time to take their shoes off….

    • darkthunder1983

      I think it’s hot that they kept their shoes on!

  • moviemovie

    CF definitely need some new boys, the olds have been used for so long time

  • brandon

    We have never seen this pair together before. I get into the guys and want to see them with my other favorites so I’m glad he is putting together some of these pairs. ALso Dawson should never bottom bc he just isn’t into it at all. He never cums while being fucked or get hard. People wanted Gabe to fuck him and that would be not hot at all bc Dawson can’t even take a little cock

    Oh and Dawson don’t dissappoint take off Derek’s shoes and suck them toes

  • Justin Tyme

    I could watch these two fuck all day everyday. These are just two beautiful sexy guys I never get tired of looking at. My life would be complete if I could have just 48 hours with these two guys. Great work Corbin.

  • abu

    CF is getting a little predictable, however, they could shake it up by a little foreplay, rather than cutting from clothed to buck naked and F##@ing. Since these models would look INCREDIBLE in Levis 501s, and EVERYONE loves 501s, why doesn’t CF put these guys into 501s and run thru a scene where they’re washing a car, or cutting a lawn, or painting a room, or sitting in adjacent seats on a bus or plane, or waiting in a line, eyeing each other’s packages, or ‘accidentally’ rubbing up against each other, and gradually hook up, fondle, strip SLOWLY, with the camera focusing on the groping and the slowly growing Levis bulge, and then get it on. I.E. real life. Rather than these kiss/cut/naked/cut/fu##ing with a condom/cut/cum vids. THe models are gorgeous. Make the BEST Of it !!!

  • abu

    Actually , the “Gym” fantasy is not a bad one.

    But how about having these guys in some shorts that actually show off their gorgeous packages, going from soft to interested to full attention. I don’t necessarily mean tight spandex, just something sexy and athletic. WHy camoflauge their gorgeous bods in these idiotic baggy shorts ?????

    You could also impose a little ‘tension’ between them on the gym floor, i.e one guy is comign on to the other, eyeing him, and building interest, rather than just wham bam.

    Mr Producer, you have GORGEOUS models, get some GOOD writers, add a little drama, give these guys a little extra attention to acting, and you’ll make a FORTUNE !!!!!!!!

  • abu

    plus, do a favor for yourself and those of us who marvel at your videos, by improving your camera work a bit. Spend more time and focus more on the “growing bulge” in the hot crotch of these models. Rather than “baggy shorts” to instantaneous “condom up his A##”. Get it ??

  • Carlos

    I think old CF studs are much better than the “new” studs.I hope Lucas back to make guy and guy video,he’s yummy!

  • chris

    I guess I can buy into the straight guy fantasy as much as the next guy. However, when I’ve seen the same “straight” guy taking it up the butt repeatedly I begin to wonder just how straight he must be or what the dollar threshold is that allows a straight guy to have more passive anal sex than most gay guys I know. That said I have to admit that Dawson is by far my favorite Corbin Fisher model.

  • Adrian

    Dawson is a wellbuilt sexmaschine. Not the classical beuty, more a really horny stud. And those eyes … With all the videos I have seen of him, of course he is not straight, he invest himself 100% in being the active, and in this particular video, I find it very erotic with those white pants on in the start, leaving something for the imagination.

    IF he was straight he woundt be enjoying himself so much, he is my favourite model at CF, and he loves what he is doing, a shame I’ll never get to meet him, he is the perfect porn model, and obviously the most beautiful and horny GAY model at Corbin Fisher.