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CollegeDudes247: Aaron “AJ” James Fucks Kurt Wild

AJ Fucks Kurt at CollegeDudes247
AJ Fucks Kurt at CollegeDudes247
AJ Fucks Kurt at CollegeDudes247

AJ Fucks Kurt at CollegeDudes247
AJ Fucks Kurt at CollegeDudes247
AJ Fucks Kurt at CollegeDudes247

Watch AJ & Kurt at

CollegeDudes wrote:

This scene is smoking! These two dudes are two of the hottest guys and each of them love to fuck! After some serious dick suckin’, foot play, and rimming, AJ gives it all to Kurt. Kurt rides AJ like no tomorrow, and AJ in turn rams Kurts ass like it was his first time! Our favorite part of this scene is Kurt riding up and down on AJ like a piston, and you can tell AJ is really enjoying it. Kurt busts twice in this vid, he was so turned on by AJ it really shows!

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  • RJ

    “Kurt busts twice in this vid, he was so turned on by AJ it really shows!”
    Who wouldn’t? AJ is super hot. And Kurt loves the cock, so it should be a great scene.

  • Hunter

    i saw AJ on MTV true life last night. funny …

  • LilithsAdam

    Straight guys can be such sluts. *happy dance*

  • GG

    Yeah Hunter!!
    I was way too excited to recognize some of the scenes, haha :p

  • don

    Dang, that Kurt has one thick member on him! How strange that’s it the hung ones who love to bottom. It’s those lanky country boys you gotta watch out for!

  • The REAL Blah!

    Which true life? It’s so funny how every dick that goes into Kurt looks massive. I guess it’s because he is so small . . .

  • chad

    “Straight” my ass. AJ took that dudes penis in his mouth.

  • Brad

    Straight? Whaa? Why do they think calling them straight will get us more turned on? Are gay people so self-loathing that we’re not supposed to be turned on by other homos anymore? And frankly two guys who are sucking cock, eating ass and fucking aren’t exactly my idea of straight anyway. I don’t get it.

  • Tobias

    This straight baloney has got to stop. Sean Cody is obsessed with it. Corbin Fisher, too. Randy Blue dances around it. At least Jake Cruise doesn’t give a shit. Neither of these two guys is straight. Maybe they’re bi, although that’s doubtful, but they sure as hell ain’t straight. Hey COLLEGEDUDES247, what’s wrong with being GAY? Traitors!

  • TC

    Emm… Collegedudes247 didn’t say anything about them being straight here. So “Traitors” is abit too much, don’t you think?
    Anyway, hot video, Kurt is the best!

  • Jimmy

    These two bitches should bottom for me

  • Evan

    i love AJ — i would do him all day, anyday. He is one of my all-time favorites!


  • Joke Cruise

    Yeah,I saw AJ on true life. he was hugging and kissing on boys but he told his family he did gay porn but he’s straight! w/e!

  • randomguy

    Yeah. AJ was all up on True Life (which is on MTV for those of you who live under very comfortable rocks). I am now even more convinced that he’s monstrously gay…he just can’t come to terms with it. Which, all things considered, is kind of…funny, actually. :) In any event, I was greatly amused.


    all right aj is back- unfortunately it’s not w/ ace but kurt. i will get the vid just 4 aj but i wish he’d
    do 2 guys 1 after the other – ace & landon. i wanna see him w/ landon again. regardless of that i wish he would not suck any dick.

  • TC

    I can’t really tell which one is the real blah, but what’s wrong with Kurt? Anyway, AJ with Ace or Landon will be great, but not sure about them having a trio though.

  • Gay’s ain’t fags

    So wait both of these guys are supposed to be straight, yeah because most straight guys like to be GAY pornstars even though theres much more straight porn out there. Considering the amount of cocks Kurt has had in him and the things he shouts “fuck me with your big dirty cock” lol i couldn’t imagine him being with a women. Or are there really straight guys out there that wana be fucked by other guys

  • Gay’s ain’t fags

    Wait woops it was “Give me that big Dirty Dick”

  • brandon

    after aj said how much he made I believe he is straight. For that much I’d fuck a room of women and I’m 1000 percent gay lol. I believe him bc it is harder IMO to do gay porn and say you are straight. He is in porn was on MTV he is obviously not ashamed so he must be straight

  • Blah!

    OK, fake blah is up to his old dumb posting ways. You can tell it’s me by a certain punctuation in my name. the first comment about Kurt being so small is me, this one is me. I don’t know who this other loser is. Anyway, the thing that confuses me about gay for pay is that I am sure there are a ton of gay guys who look just as good if not better than these supposed straight guys. I just don’t get it. And there’s nothing wrong with Kurt, he’s so enthusiastic lol BTW guys, which true life is it?

  • randomguy

    It’s called “I Work In The Adult Entertainment Industry” or something like that. I think it’s the newest episode and it’s been playing a lot recently on MTV.

    And, I’m sorry, but “everybody has a price” doesn’t work for me. It’s a lot deeper than simply “gay, straight, or bi”, but–catagorically speaking– no ‘straight’ guy in gay porn is, in my opinion, actually straight.

  • temptorius

    Funny,i saw both of them on the tyra banks show talking about how they’re straight in real life and how kurt wild has 3 children with a 4th on the way.she tore into them and they couldn’t come up with a good enough answer to why they do what they do if they’re “straight”. sad really

  • Maryxus

    Actually, they pretty much said it was for the money, though Kurt there was trying to be a bit more diplomatic about it, and given how much they get paid I can totally see that.

  • ben

    Who cares if AJ is hot or not. I would love to get fucked by him either way.

  • Zeke

    mmm Great match. They’re both gorgeous.

  • DTyler

    WHERE is Dawson these days???? It has been well over a month since I’ve had a fresh look at his plump butt (hopefully shaved the next time I see it) and his adorable feet! :-)

  • Krsytian

    I saw these two guys on Tyra when she did a show on Gay For Pay. Supposedly they are both straight. :/