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CorbinFisher: Dawson Fucks Travis

Dawson Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Dawson Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher
Dawson Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Watch Dawson & Travis at

Corbin wrote:

Travis dove head on in to hot, guy-on-guy action here at CF and has made quite a name for himself in the process. He’s quickly become one of the most-requested guys in the CF stable and one of the most enthusiastically received.

In fact, I was recently on a trip with some friends and, invariably while hanging out and talking, they always want to know as much as they can about certain CF models and their favorite guys in particular. Travis was a frequent subject of conversation and each one of my friends kept talking about how thrilled they were that he not only appeared on CF, but that he had also agreed to do guy/guy vids! The same qualities that made Travis so endearing to me – those great looks, wonderfully defined body, big dick, and entirely charming and flat out CUTE personality – were all picked up on and adored by my friends!

So, when it came time to pair up and coming CF star Travis with veteran CF star Dawson, I was extremely excited about what could be captured on film yet a bit nervous, as well. If any two guys would raise the bar of expectations, it’d be Dawson and Travis! But if there was anyone who could lead a successful effort at fulfilling those expectations it’d be Dawson. Likewise, anyone that could equally do their part to blow some people away with their performance would be Travis. We were in for a show!

Travis’s hole gets worked over in this video like it never has before. Dawson loves to fuck fast and furiously and few guys can pump and thrust with as much energy and speed as he can. As you’ll see here, Travis gets jack hammered mercilessly and yet handles it all oh so well!

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  • Edwin

    Shocking…a CF video that takes place in a locker room. With Dawson. And Travis.

    I like all the new ideas that the Corbin’s video seem to have.

  • Brad

    Not bad.

  • Tru

    Two Hotties having sex, whats not to love?

  • DME

    I love them both!! I wish Travis would relax a little bit so he could give better head but I love how comfortable he feels when he’s gettin’ rammed!! Dawson is a party in itself.. It looks like Travis can quit his Abercrombie job!!

  • MD

    the guy who r put with dawson is really lucky !!!

  • Caelus

    Dawson has been with corbin for years, hasnt he graduated from the college yet? is he officially a full time pornstar?

  • bigwad

    Caelus, probably Dawson takes one credit per semester. It may take awhile

  • ton

    i like Dawson But he too much too often clips :-)

  • ozzy

    straight straight and salt porn:p
    if you show these men acting with women before then noone believe and feel like watching gay men porn:P
    i think corbinfisher must be aware woman sex with men…

  • irwin

    EROTICA MAXIMA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tobias

    Ozzy, what the heck are you writing about? I can’t make heads or tails of your gibberish. Anyway, Dawson has had sex with women on camera, the unattractive Cassie, who is CF’s regular muff. But, here’s the thing about Dawson, he may be the one true Bisexual in all of porn. The guy not only gets off on men, he can come while having sex with a woman, and we know he definitely enjoys himself. He is the most joyously sexual man on the Internet today. And that’s saying something. The guy is sex personified. He just plain loves it. His body is hot, too. And good for him. He can be on CF for years for all I care. He’s great to watch. He’s happy, healthy, and willing to to it all. He sucks, fucks, has been sucked, and has been fucked. What website wouldn’t want him? He’s CF’s meal ticket, and I’m wondering if he has some special connection to CF himself. Like being his lover. Regardless, as long as CF has Dawson and promotes him, CF will remain viable. Of course, CF does have a lot of clinkers, like Connor (yawn, ywan, triple yawn). So CF needs Dawson. Whatever Dawson is getting paid is certainly worth it.

  • Blah!

    great . . . . Dawson . . . . . again . . . . . Wake me up from my nap when they find someone else.

  • Ed


    You may be right, but CF better make a bunch of vidz with Daawson to slowly release, because you can see how quickly Dawson is aging. That hairline is going quickly, and his face is already showing the lines that let people know he is not a “college boy” anymore.

    He is rapidly approaching the end of the first stage in a porno career. He will soon be trade material.

  • Cain

    @ Blah: yes when I read it I agreed. Dawson yet again but I watched it anyway because of Travis is totally it! BOY was I happy I did. Those two were really thoroughly into each other and my dear that doesn’t happen often. I couldn’t keep my eyes of the bloody screen. Hell they looked more like a couple than taking a tumble in the sack. Great Work CF

  • Vic

    Dawson doesn’t do a thing for me personally. Most blond hairless types never do, regardless of how cute they might be. Travis, on the other hand, has youthful handsomeness, skin color, tight body, and seductive dark eyes that always makes me melt. If he were a bit hairy I’d be in love!

  • RFX

    Dawson needs rogaine and Travis needs to work on his chicken legs.

  • brandon

    some of you just are never satisfied. I mean both are hot do you honestly expect each person to do one video and never see them again. He hasn’t done a video with Travis and we haven’t seen them together so how can this video be boring.

  • Blah!

    Does anyone else look at Dawson and think that he is totally forcing the smiles? It seems like he isn’t all that happy doing these movies anymore. Call me crazy . . . . . oh well, he still has a great ass

  • Dawson is the only one of CF’s men who has consistently ‘done it for me’, just as Adam (Toby and Tristan, too) on Blake Mason. For a long time, he was extraordinarily horny, and it’s clear he’s a sex addict (welcone to the club, mate!). That said, he is getting ever so slightly tired-looking. Not sure what the problem is. His body is still great, but he looks as if he’s not getting enough rest!

  • tobias

    Blah, what IS your problem? Anyone who has seen the double episode of Dawson in the hot tub with Trent II and then fucking him on the bed (and coming in his own condom while still inside Trent – which is hotter than hot) knows Dawson is hardly faking a smile. You can’t fake that kind of sheer believable pleasure. That’s real, raw, passion; animalistic and satisfying. If Dawson were faking a smile he’d be the greatest actor in the history of the world. There’s nothing fake about that sequence or Dawson’s intensity. Trust me. Blah, dawson doesn’t need to fake anything. Now, seriously what IS your problem?

  • RJ

    I’m glad Dawson is using underwear now because he looks so hot in it. I have to agree about the aging thing, it is happening too fast. Too much partying, probably. This was a good clip.