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RandyBlue: Brent Diggs & Cameron Michaels

Brent Diggs & Cameron Michaels at Randy Blue
Brent Diggs & Cameron Michaels at Randy Blue
Brent Diggs & Cameron Michaels at Randy Blue

Brent Diggs & Cameron Michaels at Randy Blue
Brent Diggs & Cameron Michaels at Randy Blue

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Randy wrote:

I remember when Brent Diggs first came to shoot with us. He was so innocent and fresh faced. He’s really grown over the past few years. He’s worked his body so that he’s in amazing shape, not that he was all that bad to begin with. He used to be quite bashful but has really come out of his shell. His first live show had him smiling a lot, waiting for direction and guidance with an adorable bashfulness, whereas in his last live show he took total control and led the viewers through a typical workout, holding them all in the palm of his hand. I thought it would be only fitting that he act as a sort of ‘big brother’ to newcomer Cameron Michaels.

Cameron blew everyone away with his debut performance on Randy Blue with his unique mixture of angelic features (with those curly blond locks) and deep manly voice. Brent and Cameron had such an amazing energy together that went even beyond the video shoot. In fact, a friend of mine ran into the three of us out for dinner one night and asked if they were brothers. If you like that sort of thing, feel free to insert your own personal fantasy here. They did such a great job together, from the passionate way they locked lips and devoured each other’s tongues, to the hot 69 where they gave each other head while grinding their sexy bodies together. And talk about a blowjob, you would think that Brent would outshine Cameron with his experience as a Randy Blue model but Cameron has got one talented mouth. It’s so hot watching him blow Brent in this video that you can practically feel it. And as much as you want to shoot your load you’ll find there’s a part of you that doesn’t want them to stop. Even after unloading their hot steamy loads they still playfully laugh and smile so you know they had a great time making this video.

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  • Hornyasfuck69

    Oh FUCK…YUM!

  • pete

    i love the randy blue color panties they are much nicer than my old abused shorts from jc penney i must go out and treat myself next welfare check

  • Jez

    Oh come on, no fucking?

  • Jez

    BTW, I love Brent’s tanktop. Anyone knows what brand it is and where i can get em?

  • LikeWhoa!


    It’s C-IN2. Check under ‘Collections>Bamboo.’


    i love the deep throat action!

  • Dave

    Hope Brent is ok, he’s got a couple band-aids in odd places.

  • Tobias

    Mole patrol.

  • Eric

    He has the same color T-shirt as Reese`s.

  • louie

    Has Brent ever been fucked? He’s soo hot!

  • jim

    eww was ok until i saw all the MOLES urr its disgusting

  • diddid

    i dont care about the moles he is still fucking hot :) your hot tooo brent:)

  • fyrefly

    would be heaven to replace cameron michaels in this video especially the final picture….god, brent is delicious.