SeanCody: Barry

Barry at SeanCody

Barry at SeanCody

Barry at SeanCody

Barry at SeanCody

Barry at SeanCody

Barry at SeanCody

Barry at SeanCody

Barry at SeanCody

Barry at

The first thing you notice about Barry is his beefy-wrester-jock build and hairy chest. But there is more than meets the eye with this 25-year-old. After graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree a few years ago, Barry went right into the master’s program, which he is days away from finishing.

The most surprising thing about him, though, is that he is openly gay. He came out to his family last year, an experience which he describes as happening “about as good as it could have.”

He isn’t dating anyone currently and describes himself as versatile.

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jamie says:

Really beautiful chest…I wanna lick it all over…yummy!

daniel says:

that could make the perfect boyfriend, hot, hairy, strong and cocky, mmmmm

phunky says:

I’ll be his boyfriend!! *Raises hand*

Dave says:

Wish he would show his teeth when he smiles. Other than that, Great man!!!

martin says:

yum,hot, I hope Sean teams him up with one or more of his boys, suggestions, a flip flop with Owen, nice contrast,or a mini orgy with him, Devin, Harley & Danny :)

JJ9 says:

I foresee a Harley and Richard trifecta with Barry!

Dwayne Harris says:

This man is fine. Can’t wait to see him with Harley.

Yancey says:

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Yum yum. Slurp slurp. Kiss kiss. Ahhhhhh!

Richard says:

I am so sick of seeing that same fucking room. Get a new bedspread for Christ’s sake.

moondoggy says:

Not only that, Richard — I wouldn’t mind the room if it was flattering. But look at how hot he looks against the sky and the blue water, and then look at how drab and washed out the pics are after that point. He’s a hot man no matter what, but that drab brown room is just depressing. I can’t believe after all this time they haven’t caught onto that.

Rich says:

A fuckin’ hot assed guy and all you queens can talk about is the room. They could have photographed him in a truck stop toliet and he still would have been hot.

johnee says:

holy fuck this man is delicious!

TJ says:

WOW! He’s amazing. I’d date him. Smart, sexy, hot and hung. you don’t get that all rolled into one very often.

Will says:

He does look much better in the outdoor shots. Just an example of how much better most people look under natural light. I would do him even in the Ikea bedroom set.

Jace says:

WOW! You mean to tell me that Sean Cody is admitting that one of his models is actually gay???

Brian says:

A truck stop toilet would be an improvement.

juankabaker says:


Marcus says:

Yup. This guy is perfect. Sensual, masculine and gay. Count me in.

Get'Em says:

Personally I think he is gorgeous in any setting. I visit this site to look at the men, I don’t come here to shop for furniture.

Blah! says:

I think the room is muted so that you can focus on the purpose of the shoot: the guy. If you want to see pretty rooms, go look at HGTV.

Sophmore says:

The “room” kind of gets me in the mood. Think about all the scenes that have been done on that bed! Lookong forward to more Barry. Yeah, I watch too much porn.

WhoraCheri says:

He seems like such a nice guy…I hope he finds a nice boyfriend.

Oliver says:

Good potential here if he’s vocal and into sex. As for Sean Cody’s background. Ugh. He’s clearly not spending any money on redoing his rooms. That brown is just so ugly. I think when he was just starting out somebody must have told him that cum shows up better on a dark background, but serious Sean, elevate your freaking taste. You’re a GAY man for crying out loud. Do we need to send Oprah and Nate to your place to help you out?

caelus says:

sean tuned up his vids saturation to make it look like all his models are well tanned, i guess thats the reason for his choice of brown color furnitures.

don says:

Smart, sexy and versatile…and this man isn’t dating anyone? *sigh* Well, if no one is up to treating him right and fucking the daylights out of him, I guess I can volunteer…

MM says:

nice.can’t wait to see him bottom or top.this is 1 versatile guy i want to see in action.calling parker you need to top this dude.calling harley you need to bottom for this dude.oh you can bottom for parker to.let’s call the video;parker & harley & barry fuck a thon.

jdogg says:

sexy smart and slightly furry. And single? Wtf sign me up. Actually u know what I’ll take 2 .

dairigo says:

i want to lick his whole body wow he is a keeper kipper and barry would make a great couple

Mmmmmm says:

wow i wish i had a man like him

Gabriel says:

I’m in love with Barry. I’ll do everything to be with him. I dream about him, like every day

bcooper says:

oh my, i just jizzed in my shorts…

Fireball says:

Oh mah god, that’s Paul Wagner!!! He’s looking okay here, but damn, he got hot later!