RandyBlue: Colby Keller & Kevin Falk

Colby Keller & Kevin Falk at Randy Blue

Colby Keller & Kevin Falk at Randy Blue

Colby Keller & Kevin Falk at Randy Blue

Colby Keller & Kevin Falk at Randy Blue

Colby Keller & Kevin Falk at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Kevin Falk, or K-Falk as a lot of our members have been calling him, has blossomed from his first video. I remember when I first saw him at a sidewalk cafe and was so taken in by his beautiful body. He looked like a statue, stately, handsome, sculpted pecs, washboard abs and muscular arms. I thought he would be good just being in a video. Even if he didn’t do a whole lot he was just so damn good to look at. But man, was I wrong. He’s gone from a simple jack off video to being a total oversexed beast. There is no holding back here. You know when you see Kevin’s name on a video it’s gonna be a hot one. This guy should teach a class on how to suck a cock!

I’ve been wanting to get Colby Keller back here lately and I figured that since they were both a similar height they might look good together. It was a pleasure to see Colby again and with his new beard he looked really hot. He’s got a very natural beauty just bordering on rugged yet still with an adorable face and really sweet disposition. He’s also a total horndog. It wasn’t long after introducing them that their heat and energy took over and I knew I had to get my camera set up before they started fucking right there and then on the carpet. Kevin went down on Colby and gave a new meaning to the word ‘oral’. He gave that cock so much attention you would have thought it was the only cock in the world. His long tongue explored every inch while strategically sucking on and scraping his teeth lightly against Colby’s balls, deep throating the shaft and throttling the head with his lips. It’s no wonder Colby’s moans could be heard across town. Colby doesn’t let him have all the fun. He goes down on Kevin’s enormous cock before burying his face deep in his hot ass, getting it all slick and ready to be plowed. But Kevin is anything but a passive bottom and rode Colby’s cock, talking dirty and pretty much driving the whole scene. Then, when it came time for Kevin to ram his manmeat deep into Kevin’s gut, they were both so turned on I thought they were going to explode. And in a way they did, each with their own explosive orgasms shooting loads of cum all over Kevin’s sweaty body.

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  • marvster

    At first I thought Kevin was an athletic, butch, uber man type…but more and more he is beginning to come off like a cock-thirsty queen IMO.

  • buck

    wow hands down one of the hottest randy blue vids yet!

  • Jace

    Kevin looks like he does drag

  • irwin


  • CasperFan

    Kevin Falk looks exactly like Johnny Cooper from Home & Away-actor Callan Mulvey-could be twins!!!

  • Garrett

    Love it. Colby is one humpy gay man.

  • phunky

    Kevin was hotter before he started bottoming :(

  • Gavin

    ^ I agree. Once they start bottoming, the milk spoils immediately.

  • don

    I think this is a hot flip flop video! Kevin looks hot bottoming, and it’s so rare to see Colby top that it almost gave my cock a heart attack!

  • Vinnie Niagara

    What’s with you losers who confine yourself to one position in bed? No wonder most of you are alone. Do you actually accept only one sex role per person. How pathetic is that?

  • elephunk

    this is a hot one, ladies!

  • Will

    I love seeing scruffy-faced Colby in anything. Seeing him in Kevin is way over the top.

  • P-Blunt

    IMHO if you’re not going to be versatile, you may as well be straight. And one point of historical accuracy: when KFalk first appeared on this blog (under a different name a few months ago) he was being worked on by 2 women with dildoes, now that’s versatile.

  • jj9

    Colby used to be on Sean Cody’s site…..rather boring. The other guy….I don’t know. He is definitely bi because he likes girl’s but he seems to like the boy’s alot more.

  • Chad

    “IMHO if you’re not going to be versatile, you may as well be straight.”


  • sophomore

    I think Kevin is dream. He’s versatile and really gets into the sex both verbally and physically. A good porn actor should give 100% rather than the half assed performances some guys give.

  • askanipsion

    Wow both are very VERY sexy! HOT HOT HOT!!

  • peter parker

    perfect hot flip flop. love the kissing too.

  • Will

    Colby looks a lot like Peter Krause from Six Feet Under and Dirty Sexy Money.

  • Churchy

    apparently some actual passion for once.

  • Ronn in SF

    I can’t believe at some of the bullshit I am reading here. Tops are strong, bottoms are weak, is so 1970, stereotypes, the milk is spoiled, he bottoms and he becomes a cock thirsty queen. What are you guys saying, that the moment you bottom you become less of a man, a bad person, a non-person, a BAD person? Why is this bullshit still being talked about in the gay communities in 2008, and why are these stupid ignorant people writing their prejudiced crap online. Get real

  • Marvster

    No one said bottoming makes anyone a “bad person”…

  • Perfection!

    The Dream Team! My two favorites! Thank you very much, Randy Blue!

  • josh

    totally love Kevin and want to see him in feature videos

  • I like them both and would love to fuck them both in the ass.

  • sophomore

    Well said Ronn in SF!

  • ryan

    Fuck all these bull shit posts. i think its fucking hot, and cant find one negative thing to say about either of them. people here are so critical its unreal… boys its porn. these are guys u will never date/sleep with/whatever. i understand when people rip on jake cruise cause yeah its a little sore on the eyes sometimes, but who cares if u bottom or top. who cares if randy blue has his guys wax their eye brows… who cares about the clothes and the set… we are looking at the sex. and honestly, most of u probably dont have half as good of sex as any of these sets anyway. so stop living your damn nonexistant sex life through criticism on this blog. unless kevins bottoming u, shut the Fuck up. unless u know him, dont call him a queen. why are fags so critical and dramatic? no wonder everyone hates us. thanks for keeping the faggot stereotype alive, and keep stroking your damn cocks which probably are small anyways since all i read are size queens complaining. its not like these guys care what u or i think anyway. fucking rock on randy, in my opinion (sorry, i guess were saying IMO now, wouldnt wanna break the trend)… awesome. beautiful…

  • MM

    bottoms can be in charge,but when you start as a top and go bottom you lose cred as a top. when you go from bottom to top you lose cred as a bottom/ some flips are ok but this one ain’t.

  • andrew

    a friend of mine said “bottoms are just lazy tops.” I think versatility means you play with all your equipment–nipples, toes, the gardener’s hose.

  • brandon

    I understand only liking one role. I love to bottom although most people would assume I would be a top. It just isn’t that great for me as a top. I prefer bottoming and my bf can’t stand to bottom bc it hurts him so but with me it doesn’t hurt at all. My first guy was 9 inches and it didn’t hurt so I think I was born to bottom but my bottoming doesn’t make me less of a man.

  • zhlover

    Hot HOT hOT!!!Porn should b like this-2 men who are into the sex and not afraid to explore n play with each other’s bodies, not some muscle studs who can never get hard, kiss or suck or always staring at the straight porn nearby while being serviced by another man…p.s. i thought Colby had a thing for dark-skinned men judging from his past work since his days in seancody…but this vid is hot!!

  • Me

    A real man wouldn’t let another man stick his penis inside him. It’s emasculating. But since these guys flipped flopped, they were both each others bitch and basically cancelled it out. Still not very manly though.

  • badboyp

    I think this was an awesome fanasty Randy had and that kevin is so verbal. I love hearing that deep voice over and over again just saying how he wants colby to fuck him and how good the dick feels……….Sorry just banged one out on that thought.

  • Polish View

    LOVE THE BEARD! I was always a fan of Colby, but now I’m just crazy about him!! Great job!

  • Wilby66

    Ryan @ 11:14 pm. Dude, well put, I couldn’t have said it any better. You have quantified every feeling I’ve had when reading most of the comments I’ve ever read on this site. “why are fags so critical and dramatic? no wonder everyone hates us. thanks for keeping the faggot stereotype alive.” This just goes to show that as fags were no better than the straight, homophobic asshats that judge “us” daily and look to hurt us daily. We’ll never get ahead without solidarity in our own community.

  • Blah!

    Ok, I agree with the guy who said that Kevin looks like he does drag (ROTFL). My biggest issue is the hair. I just don’t get it. It looks like they cut their hair with big construction paper scissors . . .wtf? Kevin should lay off the gel and get that buzz cut back.

  • Michael

    Talk about Beauty and the Beast. Kevin is gorgeous and the other one is butt ugly!