RandyBlue: Leo Giamani

Leo Giamani at Randy Blue

Leo Giamani at Randy Blue

Leo Giamani at Randy Blue

Leo Giamani at Randy Blue

Leo Giamani at Randy Blue

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Randy wrote:

Leo Giamani has recently moved from New York to LA, and for good reason… There is no way in hell a body like that should be kept hidden under so many clothes during fall, winter and spring. Now, don’t get me wrong, we do have seasons in LA but there are many more opportunities for a hunk like Leo to go shirtless all year in Southern California. Leaving behind New York City where he worked handling a huge hose (he was a fireman), he now spends his day handling his own big hose, which I’m sure is comparable with any he’s used to fight fire with. In a way it’s almost a shame, because once you get a glimpse of this piece of meat you almost forget the amazing body that is attached to it.

This guy loves to work out and stay active. He’s really into power yoga, and believe me I’d love to do a downward dog with this stud. Leo has also recently discovered rock climbing, an activity that takes a lot of physical prowess. But with a body like that I’m sure he’s up to it. He has these huge muscular arms and a massive chest and if he gave you a hug you would just get lost in the mounds of rock hard flesh. His legs are like tree trunks, strong and firm. And he’s very natural in his body hair, which I love. The guy brings new meaning to the word masculine. I am so in love with his body that during the video I made him do some flexing, especially because I know you guys love it when they flex during the live shows.

Now, back to his cock. This thing is huge. And it’s really something to see him work it with both hands. You can tell he loves jerking off because he has it down to a science. He works that slab of beef for all it’s worth, running his fingers over every inch, feeling every sensation, lightly squeezing his balls, going soft and smooth then humping his two clenched fists like a jackhammer. And when he’s getting ready to cum it’s like watching him turn into the Hulk. Every muscle flexes as droplets of sweat create a light sheen all over his skin. His breathing quickens and you can feel the energy as he focuses every bit of his being into the head of his cock, moaning in a soft breathy grunt that says his load is coming. Then, the amazing bodily control from years of yoga takes over and he backs off just enough so that when he sprays his load it’s more like a sweet full body shudder rather than a harsh explosion and the look on his face is pure bliss. Believe me, this is one video you’ll be watching over and over.

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  • MARK


  • moondoggy

    Well, I’m sick too — with lust. I think I read that he finally shot a full-contact scene (ie. fucking) with another guy. I can’t even look at this guy anymore until I start seeing more of that, especially in a full-length movie rather than a PPV clip. Just based on the print images, I think this could be the best thing to happen in porn since Mike Branson.

  • Ron

    I am amazed to read so many negative comments on this site. My conclusion is most people no longer enjoy watching gay porn. I no longer see a celebration of male sexuality. The vast majority of commentators hate the models, despise the host sites, loath the background decor and criticize everything in a mean and negative way. Am I the only gay man that still gets a thrill to see two men get it on? I hope not. Just what is going on here?

  • Topher

    Leo is VERY HOT, that I agree. RB used to be a premiere gay sex web video porn site. Now RB gives us a “re-virgined” boring Leo solo, after Leo has already done the nasty with troll Jake, and has looked very into sucking off and topping Rod Berry at Massive Studio. Fireman? Yeah, right, the only big hose that Leo has been close to lately is when he had Rod Berry’s dick in his mouth. If RB’s first video with Leo would have featured him bottoming, that would have been something new and worthwhile. After Leo, already having had gay sex on other gay video web sites, this solo is as anticlimactic as someone you’ve already f–ked only offering you a hand job…

  • Garrett

    This is a very hot gay man who has improved his look quite nicely.

    As for the complaint above about comments that are made herein by posters about host sites and decor, here’s the clue you need to buy Ronnie. That’s why WAYBIG exists.

    You see, Ronnie love, these sites CHARGE A LOT OF MONEY to access them, and WAYBIG is like one great big bitch fest and movie review.

    As for slamming about decor, do you really think Sean Cody’s backgrounds are pleasant to look at? Do you really think Corbin Fisher’s flabby Connor is worth paying for when he barely says a word in his vids, is totally lackluster, and comes across as just one more arrogant little snot out of his league? Gimme a break. In fact, give us all a break.

    You should be directing your anger at the host sites. They want our money and if they want our money, then they have to present good photography, hot duos and trios, backdrops that don’t distract from the auction, good audio, and fresh faces all the time – faces who care about their audience. That’s not asking for too much now is it?

  • peter parker

    i love this guy’s body but i cannot be bothered reading the encycopedia essay written with it.

  • clay

    Those are some damn sexy pits! I wan’t to give them a good licking and then take all of that massive cock down my throat and bury my nose in those hot pubes. I can see myself riding that thing looking down at his hot chest and pits ,sweaty and musky from the wild fuck that I would give him. Oh I’m geetting carried away, what a fantasy!

  • chad

    Meh. Another of Jake’s bitches.

  • josh

    I love this guy. No doubt he’s handsome, hung, and muscular, but he conveys a sense of erotism with that heighted masculinity–a sexy combination. I’ll seize every chance I get to check out this hottie.

  • Dave

    I dont want to know the true story of “Leo Giamani” I’m happy seeing a masculine looking man with a big dick.

  • adi

    “Leo Giamani” the man of sucking ,What a body and dick
    Fuck me man fuck me

  • DiggerB

    Damn what a hot guy. Great bod and what a cock. I love that pic of him on his stomach with his cock and balls jutting out behind him like a tail…mmmm…so hot!

  • Cronic masterbater

    I am a big leo fan. I would fuck him even if he did do something with Jake. This guy is hot. If I was in a fire I would want his hose to put me out.

  • Bixxx Manly

    Yeah, I think RB got hosed on this one. Leo’s already kissed a guy and bottomed on Mightymen, been with Jake (which kills the fantasy) and worked with Massive. Massive and Mightymen photos are the best.

  • Bixxx Manly

    I forgot to mention it was hot to watch Leo get fucked by a young buck named Rusty. A lot of work for him to take that dick.

  • joeschmo

    I want alex eden to come back and see them do a flipflop

  • Johnie

    HE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ADD ME LEO and y people

  • Let’s bareback CF

    Gee, I crave for his raw sausage..

  • Andrew

    what’s this about Mike Branson?

  • AliamanuKane


  • João Brasil

    I would like to see you here in Brasil…rsrsrsrs

  • bonquiqui

    you know what i am a leo giamani fan, hes a hot guy with a huge dick.

    all of these morons need to stop bitch’n… if you dont like what your seen’n then go see somethin else… or you can make your own movie… which no one will watch cause you probabley some ugly ass man! :P

  • fuck

    Leo is awesome gay. when i have a porn-dream i fuck with him. i love whatchin’ gay porn with him.