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RandyBlue: Eddie Diaz & Tyler Johnson

Eddie Diaz & Tyler Johnson at Randy Blue

Eddie Diaz & Tyler Johnson at Randy Blue

Eddie Diaz & Tyler Johnson at Randy Blue

Eddie Diaz & Tyler Johnson at Randy Blue

Eddie Diaz & Tyler Johnson at Randy Blue

Eddie Diaz & Tyler Johnson at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Eddie Diaz is pure sex. Imagine the hottest sex you’ve ever had multiplied by a thousand and then put into a body so sexy you can’t take your eyes off of it and that’s Eddie. His sleek, muscular frame, luscious chocolate brown skin and adorable face has won him tons of fans and what a lot of people don’t know is that he’s also a really nice guy. Tyler Johnson, on the other hand, might give you the feeling that he’s a nice, sweet, almost conservative guy until you get him naked and his animal instincts take over. He should let himself be a model for art classes all over the country because any artist would go nuts at the chance to paint his beautiful body. I’ve been wanting to pair him up with Eddie for awhile and now that I’ve finally been able to it was so worth the wait. This was one of those rare videos where I didn’t even need to be in the room. Once I started the camera I just let them do what came natural and the results will require you to have some wet naps next to the keyboard. I love the contrast in their skin tones with Tyler’s caramel complexion complimenting Eddie’s darker hue perfectly. It almost seems as though Tyler is going to run the scene but once Eddie gets fired up you know he’s in the driver’s seat, and nobody who’s ever had sex with him would have it any other way. He may go all forceful on the guys he’s with but it’s only to guide them to the perfect sexual experience. And what’s really fun about Eddie is that he’s dirty. He doesn’t just suck Tyler’s cock, he goes down all the way until his sensual lips are brushing against the tops of Tyler’s sensitive balls. He doesn’t just get fucked, he rides that cock like a bucking bronco, almost drawing the cum out of Tyler’s engorged manmeat. Tyler’s no slouch either. He dives his face deep between Eddie’s perfect bubble butt, giving him a tongue massage he’ll never forget. Not to be outdone, Eddie then grabs the back of his head and keeps him there until he’s had enough, and then finds away to get him back down there for seconds. Tyler is not going to waste a moment of his time with Eddie and complies when he’s told to, but there are a few moments where he gives Eddie a run for his money. This video is an instant Randy Blue classic. You may as well just click that little ‘Add this video to your favorites’ button right now because you will be coming back to this one.

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  • Iggie

    Hate the tat of the gun and the goofy lube gag, but the sequence looks yummy.

  • Tobias

    The last photo in the sequence is tres sexy. Mr. Johnson looks delicious in that shot.

  • Blah!

    Hospital Blue sheets were a really bad choice.

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  • Marcus

    Awesomely HAWT. Hell yeah!

  • Coco

    Real men at last. Thank you. Favorite wanking pics already. Death to all twinks, hairless and boring pigment-less people!

  • Omg2022

    Damn I want Tyler on me Right now! In my Top 5 Of Randy Blue Fav’s

    1.Lucas Knowles
    2.David taylor
    3. Tony Cappuci
    4. Kevin Falk
    5. Tyler Johnson

    Not in any special order just a list.

  • DEAN

    i commend you RB for having men of color on your site…. and what a hot update…. yummy!!!!!

  • aranya

    its yummy hot to see real men fucking and gettinf fucked

  • barrie

    A winner in every conceivable way. Hottest update on any site since Berke’s bottoming.

  • Chaoslover

    That looks fucking hot! I know this may start a fight, it’s really nice seeing men of color on this site. I really apperciate it, two hot guys who aren’t playing up a sterotype, just having some really hot sex. I wish more sites we like RB!

  • Chris

    I want to fuck ’em both.

  • Kiki

    Yum! Like me some of that sexual chocolate!

  • JaVIER

    Hottest coupling of the summer. Heat WARNING!!!!!!!!

  • Joke Cruise

    black boys are delicious

  • Queercat

    Wow, wow, wow! Randy Blue has got it going on! Thank you. Hey Sean Cody, look it here. Not the same old same old every week!!

  • MM

    all positive the negative comments must have been deleted. not my taste but more power to you guys.
    tylers hair is nappy.

  • cutlass

    Not the negative comments weren’t deleted MM. You’re just a bitch.

  • dd

    ugly negro

  • lh

    how can your hair be nappy when it’s shaved…that’s not even racist…that’s just…that just makes no sense. lol.

  • tyrone

    see this is what true sex is. none of that ammature shit, it takes a true brother to giveu a good fuck. brothers are the only ones who know how it put it on you. no offense but them guys like reesie rider, chris rockaway and others (if u get what im saying) aint know shit about fuckin a hole and taking it all in. randy blue should be all brother site. get u queens in line with some real dick

  • scott

    Man. I need WATER!!!

    Those last 3 photos were Super Hot!!! Sheesh, all the photos were hot. Kudos!!!

    Oh and yeah… the ignoramus above needs to look up what nappy means before using the word incorrectly. *sigh*

  • ktheoryjhanes

    the HOTTEST coupling EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tobias

    Tyler Johnson is hot.

  • Gregg

    This is exceptional. And whom eva posted. Sean Cody is same old ..same old… they sure got that rite.

  • TJ

    Wow… an absolutely amazing video. I’ve always thought Tyler was hot, but this topped anything before. He and Eddie had an electric scene here. wow. I’m still dripping after watching it.

  • tyrone

    are u bitches blind. it only hot cause they black. name some white who can take it like that eddie looked like he cant handle that huge snake. when reesie topped him, eddie yawned like this is bogush

  • Johnie

    oh man at times like this I wish I Would work for RB!!!LOVE IT!!! my msn is add me people!

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  • damon

    It’s about time Randy Blue did a decent video. Everything from the past few months has been CRAP.

  • Rin Tenpuusei