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HotJocksNiceCocks: Dempsey Stearns & Tommy Defendi

Dempsey Stearns & Tommy Defendi at HotJocksNiceCocks

Dempsey Stearns & Tommy Defendi at HotJocksNiceCocks

Dempsey Stearns & Tommy Defendi at HotJocksNiceCocks

Dempsey Stearns & Tommy Defendi at HotJocksNiceCocks

Dempsey Stearns & Tommy Defendi at HotJocksNiceCocks

Dempsey Stearns & Tommy Defendi at HotJocksNiceCocks

Dempsey has a girlfriend but really admires his friend Tommy, the star quarterback. Every guy has his first gay sex-perience with one of his buddies, and when they find there is some mutual admiration, they test the waters but aren’t sure how far they want to head in.

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  • Sophomore

    Haven’t heard of this site. Must be new. Seen these guys on other sites. Love scenarios especially sports related. They should consider unusual sports not seen in porn like golf,tennis or lacrosse. All of them use “equipment” that could add some spark!

  • phunky

    Tommy Defendi is so hot. Yum!

  • chad

    Tommy Defendi always looks so high…

  • askanipsion

    Dempsey is hot – love guys with facial hair – YUM!

  • josh

    I’m glad you added this site to your list. I love that Tommy!

  • Lance

    Dempsey Stearns is fastly becoming one of my favourites. He and the Joe Serna’s Defiant boys are all hot

  • Garrett

    Demspey is one ugly gay man. His scrawny body with that weird chest hair pattern is horrid. His face looks messed-up. Based on this sequence, I wouldn’t watch this site for free.

  • Pawnee

    Yuk. Dempsey, the hairy guy, is hideous. Eat something. Work out a little. If you want to do gay porn, give us something nice to look at. Everything about him is a turn-off. The bad haircut, the blotchy face, the sunken chest. No butt. A bit of a tummy. Street all the way. People pay for this?

  • Vinnie Niagara

    Ah, no. Dempsey is off-kilter. Needs to wash his hair and try to get some definition in that weak chest of his. Thoroughly unappealing sequence.

  • Dunk

    Me like Tommy. His cock is supreme. The other dude is a non-starter. Toss him back onto Santa Monica Boulevard.

  • wave the red cape

    damn! that dempsy is one hot lil fucker!!!!

  • JeffGegenFL

    Tommy has some sex appeal, but Dempsey is a non-starter that’s for sure. There’s nothing remotely appealing about him. His body is awful. There are tons of guys his age who have much better bodies. And his face looks tired. I’m not convinced about this site due to Dempsey. if that’s its level of men, count me out.

  • alain

    Love Dempsey’s tummy. Too bad he had cut his bang shorter. Prefer him with heavy bang that totally covered his eyes. It made him look silly, like some shepherd dog cartoon character. Love his bunghole too when he got stuffed with big cock.


  • Tommy is soooooo amazingly HOTT & SEXXXY in EVERY way!!!

  • adam

    ahhh dempsey is so hot!!!! I got a boner ! I wish he would fuck me! I love his hairy cock and body!!!!! ugh I feel like jerking off brb

  • Haydon

    Dempsey turns me on his tall body his long dick!! I want him in me sooo bad! Very sexy!! I wish I lived neer him so I could have a better chance!

  • tyrone

    wasn’t doing it for me until Tommy got down on his knees!

  • joshua

    all you fags do is look hairless twinks what ever happened to the real queers who enjoyed body hair because after all it is a manly feature do you really want your guys smooth ad girls yuk!!! dempsey is hot with all the hair in the right place its not as though he’s robin williams or anthing try and take another look for gods sake he is what a real american non- priss should look like

  • ean

    I’ve loved dempsey so much I just get a BONER thinkin about him I just feel like jerkin off rite now and I wish I could fuck him and he would fuck me oooooo I just have so ,amy dreams I just wanna rub his dick and just fuk all nite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s the man of my dreams!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Sexystudder

    Tommi You Are The Most Gorgeous Man Alive.Im obsessed With You!

  • W.

    Oh, I love cute Dempsey!

  • Jedziurda



  • Jedziurda

    Demps :):):):)

  • JDawg18

    Tommy Defendi is so hot. I would love to have sex with him. I would fuck him and then he could fuck me. I would love to suck on his cock. He is gorgeous

    • benny

      Me too!Must be heaven to suck on his cock.My ass is wet when I see the photos

  • johnsobe

    They are both so hot. I wondered who would top, they can both be screaming bottoms. I see neither. But cumming on torso is real hot