CorbinFisher: Cade Fucks Austin

Cade Fucks Austin at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Austin at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Austin at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Austin at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Austin at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Austin at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Austin at CorbinFisher

Cade Fucks Austin at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

Austin took to bottoming like a duck to water, so while I usually think it best to wait a little while before having a newer guy bottom for Cade, I was instead pretty eager to pair Cade and Austin up together and see just how well Austin handled getting fucked by Cade’s thick dick. In a nutshell, Austin did great!!

There’s no doubt that Austin has found himself enjoying the physical sensations that come from getting fucked, and he’s also such a laid back guy that I think he’s had no problem getting comfortable with the idea that sex with another man can not only be intense physically, but also involve some intimacy. Furthermore, he has no hang-ups or inhibitions about making it very clear – from the sounds he makes, things he says, and his body language – that it feels good to get fucked. Sometimes it can take a straight guy awhile to reach that point, as they’ll make an effort to tone down some of their reactions or hold back on certain expressions – despite the fact that they’re feeling damn good – because they’re just not quite sure they want to make it that obvious they’re enjoying themselves. With a guy as comfortable with himself, his sexuality, and being around other people (as well as on camera) Austin has no such issues. Nor does, as we all know, Cade!

Neither one of these guys holds anything back as things get started, as they make out with some deep kissing, spend some time sucking one another’s cocks, and work their way in to a hot 69. It’s the fucking that really sends things over the top, though, and there were plenty of times throughout their fuck that I had to remind myself to get some good footage of all that was taking place, and not just on Austin and Cade’s facial expressions! Even with the sound off, and all the groans, moans, and whimpers muted, these guys’ facial expressions tell it all! They’re both having a blast! Nonetheless, though, don’t mute it! Because you’ll want to hear all those noises, along with the flesh slapping over and over again ;)

Both of these guys could not have looked any more in to it while Austin was on his stomach, ass pushed back and up, with Cade mercilessly drilling him from behind. All of the action they get in to leads to both firing off powerful orgasms and as hot as it all was, it’s the passionate kissing after all of it that had me standing there about ready to drop the camera, thinking to myself, “Hot damn!!”

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  • Prince

    They should have stayed outside to do the vid, but i like both these guys.

  • Chadwick

    Austin is so hot, he is becoming quite the bottom..

  • Jake

    I want cade and connor to fuck, and cade and joe to fuck next!!!

  • phunky

    Wow very hot! Cade is so amazing.

  • Riley

    Agree with Prince.On another note Austin is fast becoming my new fantasy bedroom guy on CF HOT ;)

  • moondoggy

    Here’s something I’ve never understood … if the producers of “condom porn” require even real-life couples to fuck on camera with rubbers to promote the idea of safe sex, then why do they do those bareback tease shots?

  • kbk

    I like those two so much. The pic with the dog was very gay and the bareback teasing was also hot. Yes, it is time that Cade takes care of Connor

  • irwin


  • unkutt

    What are the chances of Corbin Fisher getting some new models? I’m so fucking sick of seeing the same people over and over and over and over and over and over again.

  • Gabe

    Cade looks like a Bull Mastif plowing a Chihuahua in that outside photo where he looks so large in the belly. Cade is a fav…has been for along time. Seems like during some of these shoots he gains weight then loses it. I am glad he cummed inside Austin with the condom on…that is hot for these guys to do…making ’em mananal babie’s. These two are pretty hot or animalistic together….two hunks enjoying one another the way it should be for two gay guys.

  • askanipsion

    Cade is definitely my fav guy on here – I never get tired of him. I love that he is a bottom especially :)

  • Joe-A

    Yeah, Corbin, get new models. But keep Cade!

  • boyman

    I am for keeping and using ALL present CF models. Those who want something new everytime can always go to other sites (which I do not think I will ever subscribe to).

  • Fire

    It’s always annoying when people get on here and say if you dont like it then go somewhere else..everyones entitled to their opinions, so get over yourselves, and if u want to stick strictly to this site more power to for you.

    Anywaaay…love seeing Austin, and like Cade too but stop getting excited over him a long time ago.

  • Alex

    I fucking hate Cade’s hair. Love the guy, hate the hair.

  • Yancey

    It’s more of the same models we’ve seen 100 times. They’re hot, but damn.

  • WHOA

    WTF with them socks? I can never get tired of cade.

  • ron

    I like the vid

    But I want Austin to top again :)

  • Osimandias

    So, is Austin now officially considered a slut? He should get DP next…

  • hotrod

    love austin…could eat his ass all day!

  • Nate

    I like austin as a bottom. They are very into each other here and you can obviously tell they enjoy themselves.

  • don

    Austin just looks so hot bottoming–it’s the masculine-looking ones that look really great with a cock pummeling their ass. And to prove that Austin was irresistible as a bottom…Cade came in his ass!

  • Zac

    I agree with askanipsion and whoa. I dont know what it is but I love Cade. Its actually annoying that i cant figure it out.

  • MMM

    Cade is 9.5/10….why does he shave his armpit hair, grow it = .25 and maybe try spiking the hair up a bit rather than pushed down = another .25, he’d be perfect otherwise, never tire of him either as has been said, especially when he is a verbal bottom, telling guys to go harder and faster, and cumming hard while getting fucked! More of Cade bottoming please!

  • corbinlover

    cade is the hottest guy on corbin fisher. him and connor are like an instant hardon. i would like to see more of cade in his underwear and stuff. but other than that he is perfect, a god…what i’d give to be one of his bottoms…