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MenHardAtWork: Ken Mack & Vance Winter

Ken Mack & Vance Winter at MenHardAtWork

Ken Mack & Vance Winter at MenHardAtWork

Ken Mack & Vance Winter at MenHardAtWork

Ken Mack & Vance Winter at MenHardAtWork

Ken Mack & Vance Winter at MenHardAtWork

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MHAW wrote:

Vance comes back to visit his favorite teacher, Mr. Mack, to get a reference letter to go to college. Mr. Mack is happy to oblige his star pupil, and even happier to celebrate this homecoming with a little bit of bone cumming.

  • jason

    ok… the top, doesnt do anything for me…. plus, id rather the teacher be fucking the student.

  • Scotts

    Teacher should be fucking the student!!! The teacher has a HOT body/cock and the student has a nice face and great cock!

  • Sophomore

    Ken (The Teacher )usually punctuates his sex with a lot of filthy talk. HOT

  • Garrett

    Oh man, why didn’t I have a teacher like this? Whew. Very nice.

  • don

    Strange. Ken does all the rimming but he’s the one who gets rammed. Strange.

  • Dz

    I know the angle on these pairings is to have the twink + the teacher/daddy, but if it were, say, a furry member of the football team bangin’ the teacher, I’d go into orbit! [Cf. the RandyBlue vid “Coach” where the Coach gets banged… hot!]

  • Anthony

    I got hard when I saw that first picture because I thought “Great! Vance is going to get fucked!” But sadly that’s not the case :( I know he was always the top with Turk Melrose, but can’t he open up and take it just once? Please?

  • +om+om

    ughh. ken is completely unattractive. i always hated when he was featured on ASG. those creepy, beady eyes, the dorky “dad hair”…yuck.

  • chris

    Actually I liked that the younger guy was the top. I’m really kind of tried of the bigger and/or older guy topping. Nice change of pace for me.

  • Drz80

    This guy has a striking resemblance to BILL O’REILLY. Ewww…… republican! lol.

  • fattyacid

    hahaha i used to fantasize about a really hot professor of mine way back in college…but to bad he’s married then!

  • Brian

    Vance can fuck me any time.

  • Brian

    Too bad he had to pair with that ugly bottom.

  • musa matius

    i like it,and i hope can making love with ken mack

  • PJ

    I think this is one of the hottest scenes ever! Both guys look hot. I love Ken’s manliness and mouthiness during sex. I find Vance’s “innocence” a real turn-on. Yeah, I’d like to have seen Ken fuck Vance, but it kinda works for me the way it is. Maybe some day Ken will get to top Vance. That, I’d love to see!!

  • anonymous

    Hey Vance! What are you doing here? Forget ugly Ken Mack! Watch out for Dempsey Stearns, Kirk Cummings …

  • bocadoug

    Ken Mack is one of the hottest men in Porn. Maybe he’s not a kid, and he doesn’t have the biggest muscles. He’s got a great cock, one hell of a fuckable ass, hot chest, and he’s verbal as hell. Totally masculine guy. I’d love to play wih him