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SeanCody: Mitch & Curtis

Mitch & Curtis at SeanCody

Mitch & Curtis at SeanCody

Mitch & Curtis at SeanCody

Mitch & Curtis at SeanCody

Mitch & Curtis at SeanCody

Mitch & Curtis at SeanCody

Mitch & Curtis at SeanCody

Watch Mitch & Curtis at

Sean wrote:

We shot this video about a week after returning from our adventures at the borrowed desert resort house. I think that something really changed for Curtis on that trip, and I think that it was that he now loves to get fucked!

I mean, stick something up his ass and his dick goes hard. Now I wonder what he and his kinky girlfriend are up to these days!

Mitch, our sexy banker, agreed to come back and fuck another guy for the first time.

Sure, things are bad in the banking industry right now, but I honestly don’t think that money was the main motivating factor.

Mitch seems reserved on the outside, but it’s always the shy, quiet types you have to watch out for!

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  • Travis

    First. Hott. Can I have them both for Christmas?

  • Riley

    Why does everyone put that First everytime they post before everyone else? Never understood that. But anywho Trav. maybe you can share your Christmas gifts well into the New Year with me because they are Awesome Dude and HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • Riley

    Mitch Knows he likes power driving that A$$!!!!!!!!! Please bring him back for more SC loves me some Mitch and Curtis is Freakin Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • piero

    i wouldn’t mind sloppy seconds of mitch

  • Prince

    It should have been the other way around. I’ve been waiting to see Mitch get banged with that rockin ass of his..and I’m a fan of Curtis, but SC is starting to overuse him, or at least switch him up and have him top some of these new guys. Anywayz most def keep Mitch coming! he’s my fav new model on this site next to Gene(bring him back too).

  • Chris

    Curtis was just on the site last week.

  • andrew

    WOW…Very HOT video. These 2 guys are damn sexy! Curtis is a great performer. Love how he can be hard while getting fucked most all the time. Keep up the great video SC!

  • Erik

    Hey Sean, you need to get Trey/Rylan and Curtis back together with Mitch and you can call it “Seducing the Straight Guy into the Gay World” as there is no doubt Mr. X-Football hunk wants so much more!~

  • phunky

    They’re both so fuckin hot! Yum!

  • Dolphin8762d

    Well this one was a dud after the three way from last week. Not to mention why didn’t he do a repeat oral performance and not waste all that good jizz like he did in the last video. :-)

  • don

    Maybe Sean Cody should have saved this video for a spot later in the month and made it a weekend update, because both these boys have such huge,um, starpower to be relegated to a middle-of-the-week video.

  • nudediver

    The pictures do not do this video justice. Finally a great top. They are both great in action.

  • Yancey

    Very hot guys. Maybe it’s the photography, but they look so washed out and pale.

  • Nate

    This was really hot. Mitch is a hot top. And Curtis was hard the whole time getting plowed.

  • brandon

    lol i never saw a banker that looked like mitch and honestly don’t start that curtis is in too many videos he is hot and is still into it it’s when the models get bored that I do and curtis isnt bored lol

  • Luke

    Damn, if Mitch worked at my local bank, I would stop paying my bills online…..

  • New

    does anyone know what Mitch called Curtis upon seeing him naked? The hoff?

  • ton

    love them both so hot !!!

  • buzzpgh


  • Jason

    I’m sure when he says Mitch is a banker he means an I-banker, not a bank teller or something.

  • Daniel

    Hope Mitch comes back but why do guys on sean cody always have their first time with ugly trolls. Good thing Mitch is so beautiful I just forgot about that other thing.

  • Nate

    New: I think he said “Hoss”

  • martin

    Mitch didn’t take long to turn, i can’t wait to see him bottom,they need to kiss & suck next time

  • Dave

    Investment bankers care too much about their reputation to do any kind of porn. That said…These 2 are soo hot together. A beautiful couple.

  • Neo Geo

    Sean Cody’s literary imagination gets the better of him again. Sure, investment banker, straight, first time. What malarkey. Sean, why don’t you just show the hot guys sexing each other and forget your silly storylines. 90% of them aren’t believable.

  • Bryce

    How about some kissing? Mitch is boring. He doesn’t do anything except get serviced and fuck. Curtis is super hot because Curtis gets into the sex.

  • New

    Hoss? I don’t know the reference…

  • TtlBlkTop


  • Baa

    Don’t like Curtis, he looks too gay for me. Mitch is beautiful, I hope he gets fucked soon.

  • TK

    Wow, hot. Both of these guys are hot. I like Mitch’s “straight” look, but even among those who supposedly have a gay look, Curtis is really quite handsome.

    I’ll never understand what the models are looking up at in that 3rd photo which permeates so many Sean Cody photo sets.

    I’d love to see more of both of these guys, but as others have said, Curtis, you can take a break for a few weeks. Though I sure loved the way Curtis stays hard during a fucking.

  • Brian

    We need to see Todd getting fucked again by more of these guys soon!!!!!




    TK, if you’ve ever seen any of the behind the scenes footage, they are usually looking up at a tv screen thats playing pussy porn to get them hard

  • Travis

    These guys are amazingly hot. I would love to be in the middle of both of them.

  • Nate

    Wow if you want to see some pics of Mitch modeling rubber/leather bondage gear check out fort troff. Don’t wanna get in trouble for posting links but Mitch is modeling on it and the guy Jacob from SC is modeling jocks there too. Guess this means it is safe to say Mitch will be back