RandyBlue: Ethan Parker & Xander Scott

Ethan Parker & Xander Scott at Randy Blue

Ethan Parker & Xander Scott at Randy Blue

Ethan Parker & Xander Scott at Randy Blue

Ethan Parker & Xander Scott at Randy Blue

Ethan Parker & Xander Scott at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

I was having a conversation with Ethan Parker the other day and I asked him if and when he was ever going to bottom on Randy Blue. I could hear this bashful sound in his voice like he wanted to say something but needed to get up the courage. I assured him he could tell me anything. He said that he was ready but he had someone specific in mind but he didn’t know if I let the guys ever pick their partners. Now, you guys know me better than that. If I know two guys want to work together I will put them together without a second thought because you and I both know it’s going to be a killer scene. So with that adorable puppy-like tone in his voice he asked if it could be Xander Scott to pound his ass for the first time. Images of the two of them engaged in some of the hottest sex suddenly jumped into my head and stayed there for a few days. Needless to say, Xander couldn’t wait to bust Ethan’s cherry.

The day of the shoot Ethan looked better than ever. He’s always looked good but if I didn’t know better I’d think he worked in some extra time at the gym to be even more buff than usual. His arms are getting big and his body is just amazing. Xander has also been working out a lot and is in fine form. With his adorable face and super hot body it’s no wonder so many people adore him. He gave Ethan such a hot ride, making it smooth and easy for him but rising in intensity in such a way that Ethan was totally lost in it all. I don’t know what he might have been expecting from his first time but it quickly became obvious that he really got into. And one of my favorite things in watching Xander is the look on his face just after he’s cum. Soft, a little flush, and just basking in the afterglow. That’s when he’s at his sexiest for me. And speaking of cum, he let loose a gusher all over Ethan, who quickly followed with a slow, steady stream that must have felt amazing.

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  • Prince

    Well i know this is xmas for the guys who have been waiting for the day Ethan gets fucked..i however have been waiting on Xander..and im still waiting..

  • Riley

    YEA Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad


  • Benjamin

    Well, it may be the first time on camera and that’s about that as he enjoys it way too much and his has no pain. Does anyone else think these two look alot like brother’s……

  • MM2

    lol Ben, I was thinking in the first pic they have the same smile..

  • derrick

    the boy with strange long dark hair looks like muppet is his frank oz

  • Lait

    Ethan would be hotter with a better haircut

  • Rupey1

    This is so not real.

  • elephunk

    ugh can’t they get ANYONE besides ethan?

  • phunky

    Yum! Xander is so fuckin hot :)

  • clusterfuck

    i want to see a cock up ethan’s… NOSTRILS!

  • Neo Geo

    I think Ethan could use a nose job. This is less hot than promised. Nice body on Xander, but so what. There’s a nice body on Ethan, too, but the tat screws it up and his haircut is hilarious. Alas, there’s no chemistry between the two of them.

  • Garrett

    I wish Randy Blue would keep his gay men from that annoying staring at the camera. It’s a mood breaker, not that there was much mood here. Dull sequence. Ethan’s face is off-kilter. Xander has a lovely torso. The passion is missing.

  • angelboy

    What will happen if Reese and Ethan together
    They look the same

  • maberarc

    It was about time…

  • TJ

    Hot cum shot… There is something about Xander’s playfulness with the camera that endears him to me… but Ethan is missing something. Good, but not HOT

  • EcoDude

    Ethan’s comment that Xander is the king of all ass pounders is a laugh. Queen is more like it. Not much heat in this entry.

  • Tobias

    What’s going on with these mop haircuts? Both guys have good bodies. Ethan’s face doesn’t appeal to me, but that’s what he was born with. I watched the vid and it’s less powerful than promised. Xander just seems to be fulfilling his role.

  • askanipsion

    Yeah I don’t find Ethan attractive at all – he has bad hair too – Xander is a hottie but looks like he is concentrating to keep his dick hard the whole time LOL

  • dave jennings

    I like both of these GAY MEN!! Not fond of Ethan’s tatoos but to each his own I say!! Still waiting to see Xander take it up the ASS!!

  • Jason M in Charlotte

    Nothing special going on here. Ethan’s face is sort of anteaterish, but with a new haircut and a moustache and goatee, he’d be better looking. I’m tired of Xander.

  • Martian

    “Anteaterish,” Jason? Hilarious. He does have a honker. I also recommend a nose job. This sequence didn’t send me. I was bored while watching it. Not up to Randy Blue’s usual high standards.

  • Vinnie Niagara

    Let’s cut to the chase. Ethan’s face is wacky. Xander is used up like a ratty tissue. Not one for the ages.

  • Arantz

    Xander is not masculine enougth to be on top.