RandyBlue: Tai Lee

Tai Lee at Randy Blue

Tai Lee at Randy Blue

Tai Lee at Randy Blue

Tai Lee at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

I was at a really funky Hollywood party recently and I was having a really great time. The food was good, the music was blaring and the guys were way hot. At one point I found myself off in a quiet corner, needing to get away from everyone for a few minutes so I could enjoy my cocktail, when I overheard a conversation from behind me. This guy was explaining to someone that he wasn’t a model but that it was something he had always wanted to try. Well, I had to look for myself. I turned around and my eyes fell on the most adorable angelic face I’d seen in quite a while. My jaw must have hit the floor because he giggled and extended his hand to shake mine.

He told me his name was Tai Lee. I asked him what his thoughts on modeling were, why he might want to try it. He said that he loves showing his body off and that he thought it would be really hot to show it off to thousands of people at once by jerking off on a website. I almost wanted to look around to see if my friends were nearby playing a prank on me. It was almost too perfect. I gave him my card and he came in. I don’t have the opportunity to shoot Asian guys all that often and there is something about them that I’ve always found really sexy, so I was really excited. His body is flawless, with perfect muscle definition, a chiseled torso that leads down to a hot pair of cumgutters and a nice uncut cock.

He did such a great job, quietly exploring his body with his fingers, gently stroking his dick, making sure to rub the foreskin up and down over the head. And when he came he erupted like a volcano, a white spray of cum spreading all over his smooth chest. It was just breathtaking.

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  • Trevor

    That’s a good looking dude.
    Great bod.

  • Edward

    Nice body. He grips his pecker for dear life. I wouldn’t call his face angelic.

  • Nick

    He’s cute, but I, too, HATE his hair.

  • He’s adorable and has a great body. That Fast And Furious hairstyle isn’t as nice, but hey…he’s of that generation.

  • Nick

    Are Asians especially popular in Denmark or something?

  • caelus

    nice body, fugly face

  • shamone

    He fine.

  • The real RJ


  • brenty brent


  • Andrew

    Great body. y’all haters need to chill the fuck out. Dont knock it till you try it. Just as Asian chicks have the tightest pussies, Asian guys easily have the tightest asses…. At least in my experiences :)

  • Vinnie

    I think he’s friggin’ gorgeous. Finally somebody’s using a cute Asian guy. Love the face, love the hair, love the body. Kiss kiss.

  • oh boy

    pass, not into asians

  • LOLman

    So, I’m guessing randy blue gives his models made up names, so why did he have to give this guy the most stereotypical asian-sounding name ever?

  • gradearice

    Finally an asian guy! About time! Wish there were some more Asian on other websites. However, face is ok, bod is ok and dick is ok. Seen bigger Asians but kuddos to randyblue. For those who are not into Asians, look deep into your internalized racism.


    very nice body… and would look even much better if he changes his hairstyle…

    i know it’s very popular hairstyle in asia now but it demeans and degrades every asian face…. it’s truly beyonf my comprehension why most asian men chooses to have this fugly coif….



    • fresero_abre_culos

      Lo que debe ser asquerosa es tu vida! Q comentario tan estúpido y racista.

  • Truth

    Dont you mean Way Small ? We could have at lest goten some nice ass shoots to make up for that micro sized worm. Meh i will pass.

  • trinity

    There are soooooooo many rasist among gay population that it is simply unbelievable!!! Almost every one of you first sees his race and then makes comments about the rest! When you see a white guy you dont say oooh he is sooo Caucasian, that hair style is sooo Caucasian, look at his name, sooooo Caucasian! You know what I mean!? And, ‘Not into Asians’!!! What the hell does that mean? The worst part is that you don’t even know how pathetic you are!!!
    He is very very good looking guy with good body and cute face, and yes oh yes he is Asian but most of you are simply brainless and your conservative way of thinking is to that level that every Neo-Nazi party would love to have you as members!

  • Jack from Jamestown NY

    Asian delight.


    sheesh! wtf is with all these “asian” comments?

    and you gay people think that yur not accepted in society just becos of yur sexual orientation when its clearly the judgements you make on others

    its just sickening to know how racist you people are

    if youve got nothing good to say keep it to yurself

    nobody wants to hear it

  • john

    yeah whats up with these guys, this guy has a beautiful face, amazing body and the most suckable cock

  • bakura

    He is so cute. :] I’d have him any night.

    People shouldn’t be so pre-judgmental on race

  • BritBrit

    He’s a prawn – Great body, shit from neck up! And you queers need to stop judging on race. There are hot people in every race. Caucasian are seen as hotter because there are more hotties from that particular background.

  • Brad

    Have mercy, Buddha… and I mean that in a bad way.

  • Anton

    Cute is cute.
    whoever said “not into asian” are sooo stupid !!!
    so there is no cute asian? lol

    Because asian model isnt so much in the world to be exposed as the caucasian then u r not get used to it.

    Bring more cute asian model please and be more wild to try them and then u can say no to them lol.

  • Asian

    i’m glad to see so many people posted their point of view objectively. like him or not, don’t be a racist. as a chinese,i think he’s ok, average looking, nice body, average dick, not very attractive to me.

  • I never tell

    He’s okay. He’s not the best but not the worst. It’s about damn time RB get an asian. I mean he’s had latinos and blacks.

    It’s alot better than vanilla sean cody.

  • jay

    hottttt love ur uncircumised cock mines is uncut too

  • sactoman

    After reading some comments, I feel the need to type my own commment here.

    First, kudos to Randy Blue for bringing first Asian guy. Second, for those who “not into femmes, Asians, etc…” (the way it is typed), there are more colors in the rainbow. Like others say here, there is internalized racism!!!

    For those who into porn and Asian guys, there are 2 Asian Americans who made a living as porn stars and popular in mainsteam gay porn. Van DarkHomes, a tall hot muscular aggressive master (in his prime. He still looks good in his 40s) and Brandon Lee, a cute aggressive top discovered by Chi Chi La Rue. Both are against stereotypes of Asian guys being small in sizes (both stature and dick size)!!! You will find tons of their movies online with their white partners if you do a quick search!!!

    As a gay Asian guy, I’ve seen way better Asian brothers, friends and extended families included. Tons of them in gay clubs in San Francisco where there is high Asian population or circuit parties. This guy has a nice body and skin, but his face is very average. The hair is a mess as it doesn’t bring out his features. Overall, he’s cute guy.
    It’s been slowly that Asian guys have get their fair share in mainstream gay culture and desire. I’ve met tons of white guys who had not been with Asians, finally broke down that barriers, and became hooked on Asian guys!

    The reason that there aren very few Asians in gay porn is that most Asian guys like us have professions and also culture difference (doing porn to make a living wasn’t taught at home), unless being discovered and encouraged by porn producers.

    Asian guys are popular in SF and other European countries like Denmark and Norway!!!

    • fresero_abre_culos

      Post a pic of you so critics can compare this guy with you and see how hot you really are.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    HE is really hot, the only thing i will never understand is why some gay guys try to pass as straight. This guy was on an episode of MTV’s Parental Control trying to get a chick.

    • Can Tho


      I really love this sexy boy, I really wanna fuck him :))

      pls pls share me link that connect to his’s videos, his news, his info…. he was adsent too long! :(


  • TaKe

    Hi there!
    Which episode of MTV’s Parental Control did you mean?
    So curious on this…

  • Allie

    OMG he is so hotttt i love that hot big thick penis and his hot bodyyyy