RandyBlue: Mitch Bennett

Mitch Bennett at Randy Blue

Mitch Bennett at Randy Blue

Mitch Bennett at Randy Blue

Mitch Bennett at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Working in this industry I often see guys that catch my eye, but rarely do I see someone who makes me stop in my tracks and just stare. I was at the gym the other day doing my workout when I noticed something strange. One by one all the guys around me were slowly turning their heads. I looked around to see what they were looking at and he was walking right past me. He had the most incredible muscular body, not like a bodybuilder but like someone who had worked on a farm or had done a lot of heavy lifting his whole life and then augmented what nature had given him with strict gym workouts to make it even better. His face was ruggedly handsome and when he smiled you caught a glimpse of a sweetness you wouldn’t expect to see. There was such a confident swagger in his walk, self-assured without being arrogant. My head joined the rest as I followed this hunk of beef across the gym floor. Everyone else was a little intimidated but you all know me, I walked right up to him and asked him who he modeled for. He smiled this huge toothy grin and let out a belly laugh I didn’t know he was capable of. He said he wasn’t a model and I told him that he was now, all he had to do is call me. I gave him my card and we started to chat. We ended up showering, at the same time though not together, and it gave me a great idea for his debut video. Later, I could feel jealous eyes from all around the gym as we left together. So what if I didn’t take him home to fuck him, they don’t need to know that. Besides, I’d much rather share him with you guys so we can all enjoy every inch of his magnificent body and gorgeous uncut cock.

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  • Tex Guy

    Oh my god!!!. Mitch is my dream man. I don’t care if he is gay, straight or bi he is so amazing looking. I love his hairy chest. His face if very masculine. Oh how I love this guy!!!

  • elephunk


  • ben

    please tell me it gets bigger?

  • ziggy412

    I want to bury my head inbetween those asscheeks

  • phunky

    Holy shit he is HOT!!! Damn!

  • pubert

    What an ugly little penis he has. What a shame…

  • Tex Guy

    I don’t understand you size “queens”. That is so stupid to judge a guy bye is penis size. I guess you guess have been fucked up the ass so much that you can’t feel the little ones anymore.

    Honestly I did not notice the size of the guys cock. I just think he is handsome and oh so hot!!

  • Dan

    I think he’s stunning, send him my way please. I would find plenty of things to do with him and his cock.

  • Marcus

    Awesome body, great fur and an epical butt. I could ignore his dick without a second thought easily.

  • Mar

    He is gorgeous !!! and that cute smile drives me crazy, very masculine and sweet (such a mix)
    do you married me?

  • dorado

    I agree, the cock looks weird.. its like like my male cat penis.

  • Dillon McCoy

    Another handsome Texan!!!!!!!!!!! As far as his dick goes, come on down to the Loan Star State ‘bro…you’ll be quite welcome.

  • Nate

    Oh please this dudes dick is just ugly. Regardless of it being small it looks gross.

  • Tex Guy

    Nate you are an idiot. It is just an uncut cock. Get over it!!

  • clay

    Num yummy! He needs a tongue bath after that shower though, I saw a few spots that need some more cleaning.

  • clay

    Oh and by the way please don’t say mean things about the guys, some of them actually read these posts. What would you think if you were on this site and read all of the nasty comments about your self. It would make you feel bad just as it does these guys. Grow up guys!

  • dennis

    not a fan of his dick since he’s uncut, but the fact that he got a very hot, sexy body is clearly undeniable. those who agree, fine. those who don’t, screw yourself! i don’t need your opinion!

  • TC

    I don’t see the problem here. He’s handsome, great body, and hairy too. So he’s uncut, that’s the natural way. Get over it.

  • Tex Guy

    Good job Clay

  • Nate

    There are plenty of delicious looking uncut cocks that isn’t the issue at all. And Tex take your own advice. It is my opinion you GET OVER IT.

  • Uncensored Reality

    This guy is hot, plain and simple… Everything about him is hot and if you don’t like his dick stop looking at it.

    WTF man, size queens are what’s wrong with the gay community. Spending so much time hating on others for the smallest of shit. Get a fuckin life…Seriously

  • Josh D.

    Looks like he has a case of phimosis. Either way, he’s still hot :)

  • Rico

    This guy is awesome. And you guys running him into the ground would be on your knees for that “small” cock faster than you can say, “Leo Giamani.”

    Hope either Randy Blue or his day gig has health insurance, though, because he does need at least a partial circumsion. What a shame to have to mess with that dick…at least in a medical sense.

  • Mike

    He’s hot as fuck.

  • Al

    OMG, His dick looks weird, like the skin was too tight or something to even expose the head. I like some uncut dicks like aidan shaw or julio vidal but him, no.

  • Brad

    That’s a scary looking foreskin. Where’s the openning?

  • ben

    it’s not being a “size queen” to want a dick that needs more than 2 fingers to hold. and his dick DOES need a partial circumsision… even natural foreskin is sometimes so tight so that the glans cant be exposed; and it’s usually painful for the person and doctors suggest a partial cut. and that would probably make his dick a bit bigger cuz it would be able to get fully erect.

    and all you fucktards bitching about us so-called dick size-queens would be the first ones complaining about his lack of muscles if he were a twink.

  • newtreefrog

    His cock and upper body are pretty good…i wanna know what’s wrong with his thighs. They’re practically tree trunks, and really out of proportion with the rest of his body. Not at all my type, though i usually LOVE uncut guys.

  • nature’s_best

    He’s totally hot. And his cock is just the way nature intended, not butchered like all cut guys’ cocks are. I think cut guys are just jealous that some guys were not sexually mutilated by their selfish parents the moment they were born! This guy is pure sex, and I would fuck him in a heartbeat! :)

  • LA Clergy

    If that is nature mother nature was mean to him. He does need to have a circumcision. He dick is small and weird. He need the operation.
    Before I forget “bless you all”

  • xumoran

    It looks like his foreskin cannot be pulled back. And his ass, man, that ass has experienced A LOT!

  • Topher

    WOW!!! Mitch has an uber-hot body, natural pubic hair, and a butt that rivals any one found on a classical Greek or Roman Statue!!! Dick size, or cut/uncut are unimportant to me. Even the fact that Mitch doesn’t have the usual pretty guy face is a turn on. The total package of this GOD suits me just fine…

  • dennis

    i believe i just STATED that i’m not a fan of the uncuts, not that i have an issue with it. just not my preference for it. but clearly some of the people here trying to imply that as if it looks like a BIG SIN to not like the uncuts! wtf

  • Kyle Saguaro

    His small dick against that perfect body makes him even more fuckable!

  • Dr. Phil

    The condition is called phimosis. It’s a pathological condition that can often be surgically corrected. The inability or extreme difficulty in retracting a foreskin.

  • nathan


  • mplsmech

    isn’t it funny what steroids do to a guy? still hot as fuck, as far as the cock is concerned, as long as he can get it off, that’s good enough for me. He’d be bottoming anyways. I’d totally do him.


    fuck this guy is so masculine, i wanna fuck his ass and brake his hole

  • omg he is lyk totally hot.

  • Ted

    I don’t want to be an ass, but his uncircumcised penis looks a little like it was too circumcised…

    The rest of him is pretty hot though, looks like a little Colby clone… so if the two of them are together it could really be like Colby is sexing himself.

  • WHOA

    If his foreskin cannot be pulled back, imagine the taste when you suck him….not going to be fun.

  • Nick

    He’s hot, but those thighs are too much and the dick…well. Here’s a case where circumcision is necessary.

  • Zeke

    There are so many things I’d like to do with him.

  • ansgar

    I understand why they chose a pic with only his body for the main site.



  • Jason M in Charlotte

    All body, no cock, but that’s okay by me.

  • Garrett

    Can you imagine, some size queen gets the guy home and screams in horror? I have a feeling that Mitch has heard it all before. His penis is a mess, and truth be told, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like it.

    Is what happened to his penis caused by a medical condition? Does the cockhead ever emerge from the foreskin? If anybody really knows, I’d like to be informed. So, if I can get a serious answer, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Yes, the body and face and smile are great, but even to someone who’s not a size queen, you’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t wonder what the heck’s going on with his dick.

  • Neo Geo

    Based on a viewing of the video, I saw steroid skin, and I’m wondering if ‘roids have something to do with the condition of the awkward penis. By the way, overall, the video is truly boring.

  • Brian

    “Oh and by the way please don’t say mean things about the guys, some of them actually read these posts”

    Boo fucking hoo. If you don’t want people to talk shit about you on the internet, don’t put stuff on the internet for them to talk about. Such as PORN.

  • AL

    A sensational physique. But maybe being teased at school about his penis (which is no different to those found on greek and roman statues) made him compensate by building up his muscles a little too much. Something 1950’s about him. In fact, he’d look sexier in a skimpy posing pouch from that era, so his penis wouldn’t distract us from his fabulous physique.

  • Jax

    Based on looks alone if I landed this guy I’d keep him! Great eyes, love the facial hear and bone structure. Dig his body and his pale skintone, totally rocking ass with just the right amount of fluff!
    I for one REALLY like him MORE than RB’s poster-boy Chris or Rideout whom by the way he does rival in size or so it would appear, his just looks smaller due to the foreskin which does give it an unappealing look due to as someone else pointed out going down on the guy…. I think not.

    That said I don’t think this the first time he ever exposed himself and get’s shit for his cock, yes it’s different looking than the norm. Hardly enough reason to give the guy grief wouldn’t you say

  • uncut

    Maybe you guys should look into some info on uncut cocks, about the benefits and why you get born with one. I have a lot of foreskin as well, but I can still pull it back, erected or not. So I can make it look cut or uncut. Most Americans/jews/muslims get cut for no reason by birth ( it should only happen when it is too tight, which is seldom), for hygiene. Guess it’s difficult for those people to understand you can pull skin back. Or are they too lazy to keep it clean?

  • nemesis

    this guy is fucking hot. as his glorious cock

  • BannedWithANewAccount

    hot guy ….weird penis

  • Rod

    Some posts just shows a total ignorance about uncut guys… I’ve enjoyed some with ‘unretractable’ hoods and are a lot of fun… superb sex drive, maybe thanks to their super sensitive dickheads… with just the slightest touch is enough to make them get a super hard on, even after cumming… most can cum many times in a row, up to 7-10 times… a deed that the majority of guys can’t accomplish… that’s how that type of ‘special cock’ has become my favourite ;) … and the foreskin is fun to tug and play with :) … a truly magnificent stud…

  • Rod

    By the way, I can’t understand the need of some queens to be mean… if I don’t like a guy, I look for other of my taste and that’s all… it’s so funny to hear complains like ‘ewww, uncut cock are gross…’ when that same guys probably don’t even puke while doing deep rimming, literally ‘eating crap’, bringing arse-juices to their ‘super clean & aseptic mouths’… :S

  • i never tell

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t find this guy attractive. I’m not concerned about the appearance of his dick. He’s just not appealing to me. But hey, to each his own.

  • Riley

    This GUY is DAMN HOT!!!!!!!!!!! CUT or UNCUT D**K is D**K QUIT WHINING and enjoy IT!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • Abhishek

    You are totally hot. i know u r straight but i would love to go on a date with u.

  • JayS

    Well,I have read some to the comments…and like assholes, everyone has one and most stink. LOL!
    If your looking at this, as I am, your at least BiSexual and that is fine, or curious…. Regardless, this guy oozes Hot and Fkn Sexy. So, there is mine.
    I can’t believe that some of you people are actually judging his penis. As long as it works… I don’t think that I have ever seen a pretty one anyway. That is probably why the call it ” Bumping Uglies.” J

  • Daniel


    That… thing looks like a chilli pepper.