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Riley at SeanCody

Riley at SeanCody

Riley at SeanCody

Riley at SeanCody

Riley at SeanCody

Riley at SeanCody

Riley at SeanCody

Riley at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

Riley met his girlfriend on his collegiate track team. They were both freshmen and they instantly clicked.

“I thought she was hot when I first saw her,” he said. “She’s a runner and that keeps her nice and tight. She’s beautiful. I can’t keep my hands off her!”

Riley is pretty “nice and tight” too, with a lean 140-pound frame.

Apparently, they fuck like rabbits. Four and five times a day sometimes.

“Whenever we get the chance,” he said. “Even at track practice, if we get a moment, you know, 10 or 15 minutes alone, we’ll go for it. Wherever the bleachers are!”

Phone booths, movie theaters, grocery stores, you name it, Riley said… he’s done it!

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  • Rory

    its getting to the point that SC shit is getting played out! Randyblue here I come!!!

  • Blackwatch

    I agree, it would be nice to see some diversity on this site, even if its all white guys. Anyone remember Nicholas the bottom with the hairy legs and big blue dildo? He was hot in a real, everyday guy sort of way. All that being said, this guy has some nice nipples.

  • Sameol

    Yeah Nicholas was fucking hot! They need to bring him back to do a film with Harley.

  • Anton

    Wow, Cody, you’re really giving RB a run for his money when you display such “unique” guys like this. *rolls eyes*

    Kurt was the last guys SC introduced that looked different the the standard Ken dolls SC place on the assembly line, week after week.

  • Bobby

    The guys do tend to blend together looks-wise. Why not some athletic guys who may be a bit “husky” like hockey or football players. I like guys with hair too.

  • Nick

    I wonder how tall he is. That’s fairly muscular for only 140 pounds.


    Me likey! And I totally agree with Sameol – I would love to see Harley give a rough-fucking to Nicholas!

  • David

    Very nice all over, especially that hot ass! But… wonder he and his girlfriend “fucks like rabbits” because he only needs 10-15 minutes……LOL

  • pietro99

    I think he’s lovely but I get sick of turning the sound down. Why don’t they let the guy make his own natural noises…all the moaning and groaning is just so phony.

  • The real RJ

    That is one awesome ass and body, I hope he comes back

  • BannedWithANewAccount

    no small dick comments?

  • Dave

    Beautiful man!!!

  • ReActor

    Would like to see him fucking his girlfriend!

  • oh boy

    Bobby’s got the right idea, how about some more manly, beefy, more husky kind of guys, men that are men…..not old fellas but bigger, chunkier guys with body hair that are still athletic and youthful… such a thing even exists.

  • WHOA

    Would love to see Harley fucking an Asian guy.

  • Jim

    Nice nipples ! Slurp ! What a squirt ! Slurp again ! If he and the girlfriend do “it” 4 or 5 times a day, how long did he go without to squirt like that ?

  • Jacob

    Nice nipples, nice hairy armpits. Generally ‘nice’, nothing spectacular about him though.

  • Fazz

    He looks totally ok, pretty nice cock. But to be honest he looks totally weird from certain angles.

  • phunky

    Damn! What a very hot guy. He’s hot and cute at the same time, and I love that. He’s got an awesome cock and a sweet cumshot. I don’t believe he’s 140 lbs though. That must be a typo.

  • kristupa saragih

    He’s hott! Why so much complain…

  • Edward

    Good build with a nice ass.

  • Skyler

    SC when you show a guy and everybody is wondering about someone else with Harley is when things need to change. LOL. The guy is not bad at all. I wish they would leave FEET in their pics instead of cutting them off. SC you need to understand that some of us like FEET.
    I second the motion here too: we need more diversity among SC models. Close the cookie cutter factory there.

  • Mark

    What, no shots with ass cheeks spread wide? I guess this one didn’t want to pucker up for the camera, or maybe his Miss 4 to 5 Times a Day girlfriend put the kibosh on that one. Or perhaps Sean Cody didn’t offer big enough bucks? I think it’d be great if we got to see the financial negotiations for some of these things: “How bout a thousand bucks if you eat your own cum?” “No way. Yech!” “Two thousand?” “Why not, I’m on a high-protein diet anyway.”

  • Jude P in Niagara Falls

    Yeah, sure Sean, “phone booths” and “grocery stores.” Stop treating us like idiots with your anti-gay rhetoric. For starters, you’ve got to find a phone booth, which is nigh on impossible in the U.S., these days. As for grocery stores? Please. Grow up. Who are you writing this malarkey for? Gay men are not predators who are only interested in alleged straight men. Your site is filled with this falsehood. This guy’s face screams “I love gay men.” Is it any wonder I refuse to give SC my money?

  • AL

    Superb physique, nice circumcised penis, and beautiful skin-tone.


    sc = slut cloning!!! i swear they always find triplets to be their models and they release their videos each different week — their models really do look alike!!

  • Riley

    His birth doctor did a GREAT job on his circumcision! You don’t really see any signs of circumciscion surgery, it’s all very smooth and even looking. That’s kind of rare.

  • Blackwatch

    Man you guys are mad at the whole straightening huh. Let the models call themselves what ever they want, I just want to see some hot Black Asian,Latin and Arab dudes at some point! I mean they have to be out there somewhere right?

  • chipp

    hot guy; what a great ass on him.. the shot of him lying down w. that great ass, is awesome. like the pushup shots w clothes on then, fantasy complete, clothes off. ramrod hard dick. handsome guy. SC keep doing what you’re doing. although, some of the negotiation filming would be kinda hot.. and groups.. can you pay “Harris” to come back.. thx

  • Apprentice1975

    Blackwatch–There are websites that cater to Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. I don’t see any websites that cater exclusively to White men, or at least explicitly say so. Oh that’s right–that would be considered the “r” word. If SC wants to celebrate White men, all the better!

  • Prancer

    I bet Apprentice also complains about why there isnt a white history month ha..loser. Btw what the hell are u talking about all the popular gay porn sites cater to white guys..R u fuckin blind haha.

    Anywaayz..this guy looks pretty ordinary to me, but I guess theres nothing wrong with that.

  • Anton

    Yep. Apprentice1975 = Log Cabin Republican. Whenever anyone dare raises the issue of SC’s lack of diversity, his bigoted defenders comes out the woodwork and spew their wingnut, you’re-being-PC talking points. Really annoying to find some gays just as deluded as those who post at Free Republic. I’m a fan of SC’s, think he’s the best compared to his rivals, but he’s not without flaws.

    If some are fine with SC’s Country Club, no-coloreds-allowed mentality to his porn, fine. But don’t think that fans have a right to state their opinion.

  • TK

    To be fair, I don’t know what Riley did to deserve this much complaining about SC’s similar-model look. I agree that SC could/should be more diverse with the models, but Riley seems to have really gotten the brunt of it!

  • Anton

    I don’t have nothing against Riley. He’s very hot, and after watching his video, I hope to see more of him. I just like to tease Sean Cody because as a long time member, I remember when he first started and he displayed a more diverse group of men than now. Every since he hit it big he’s been following a predictable format and never change it up. He was far more daring in the early days than he is now.

  • kris

    i miss Reid…he’s da cutest of all the “SC” guys!!! BRING Reid BACK!!!!!

  • This guy is great, nice cock, great size – I don’t like cut cock, but his dick is great!

  • Riley

    Riley is DAMN HOT!!!!!!! I want those tree trunk thighs along with everthing else in my bedroom. If ya rver get tired of the GF riley I’m here SUHWEETTTTT

  • Zeke

    He has nice armpits. It’s too bad he shaves his chest, though.