CorbinFisher: Connor Fucks Trey

Connor Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

Connor Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

After Trey’s first experience with another guy, where he fucked Matt, I asked him what he thought about it all. By that point, he’d only agreed to try topping and was still not sold on the idea of letting another guy fuck him. You know I was pretty determined to see him do more, though, and so wanted to see if his mind had changed about bottoming after he’d had a chance to witness another guy doing it up close.

Trey was still unconvinced, though. He confessed, as well, that fucking another guy was harder than he expected it would be! Here’s this straight guy who could get any girl he wants, has done a fair amount of mainstream professional modeling (not hard to see how, with that tall and defined body and dark and chiseled features), and so there seemed no overly compelling reason to get fucked.

“Some guys say it’s almost easier to bottom for the first time than it is to top for the first time,” I mentioned to him. That’s indeed true, and something I’ve heard plenty of CF’s studs say.

His eyes got wide at that and I could see that not only sparked his curiosity, but also caught him a bit off guard. Going on to explain how so many guys also discovered they thoroughly enjoyed it – every straight stud has fucked a girl when they get to CF, and most have fucked girls in the ass at that, but they practically never arrive having any idea their own ass could offer up so much pleasure and fun – also definitely got his interest. He’d never been

fucked, never gotten to experience those great sensations, and had yet to discover just how great his own ass could be made to feel during sex that there was no better time to try!

He decided to go ahead and give it a go, and thankfully Connor was around to break him in!

These guys are an ideal pairing – both tall, built and extremely good looking. They compliment each other quite well, while also contrasting one another perfectly. Connor’s got the blond hair, blue eyes and smooth body, Trey the darker features and body hair.

So… how did Trey take to it? Well… pretty damn well, in fact! He’s a playful and easygoing guy, so already had the right kind of personality for the occasion. I think he just decided to have as much fun with it as possible, and there are points early on where he can’t hide his smile, can’t help but chuckle a bit, and he and Connor have some great exchanges.

Once it got to the action, though, I think he really started to realize just how hot it could be to let another guy take control of you. After sucking on Trey for awhile, Connor moves around to fuck Trey’s mouth and Trey goes along with it and is even extremely turned on by it.

When it comes time for Connor to fuck Trey, both of these guys are totally ready for what’s about to happen. I have to say, though, that there were

times I thought to myself, “Is Connor hurting him?”. Connor has a big dick, and he wastes no time in not only getting it deep inside Trey, but also thrusting in and out, good and hard. Trey is moaning and groaning and almost yelling at times, and his noises were so loud and intense that I got a bit worried!

Once he started to say “Oh yeah!!” in the midst of all those noises, though, any worries were put to rest! He was loving every bit of it!

With Connor’s dick pounding his ass, Trey ends up having what he later confessed to be one of his most intense orgasms ever. You can see it while he cums, in fact – he is totally overwhelmed by it. What made this action stand out to me all the more, though, was how Trey is more than willing – eager, in fact – to let Connor keep fucking him even after Trey’s already cum. He flips over on to his stomach, Connor buries his dick back in him, and the guys fuck some more before it’s Connor’s turn to blow his load. Notice just what a kick Trey was getting out of feeling Connor’s cum land all over his back and ass, as well!

If we were just getting guys to try getting fucked for the first time at CF, that would be fun and kind of neat. But that we’re seeing them discover just how much they thoroughly like it? That’s what I really enjoy about it! :)

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  • Nick

    Wow! Connor came ALIVE! He fucked the hell out of Trey’s mouth and ass, and then kept fucking him even after Trey came! Hot vid!

  • Fazz

    heeey trey baby, welcome back on to the big pink screen.
    i for one have been looking forward to this moment, and oddly enough i’m surprised by the fact that Connor actually have me a semi boney.. though trey give,s me one whole throbbing one, so that’s a boner and a half. :P
    Trey seems to enjoy it waaay to much to be entirely straight, but acts and looks just straight enough for the story to pass, at least among the homo-uneducated.

    Like CF’s new layout this might be a fresh wind sweeping over my hairy bum. Now i’m off to watch it again, hope the rest of ya enjoy it too. ^^

  • The real RJ

    I was hoping to see Trey getting fucked for a long time, Connor can be a bore but this looks hot.

  • baz

    Wow, Connor has won me over as a bottom, and judging from these stills, now he’s winning me over as a top. Go Connor!

  • CasperFan

    Funnily enough i was thinking today that i wished the next update would be fucking Trey and low and behold here it is! Amazing scene-Trey is superhot!Ok seeing as it worked before my next wish is the next Sean Cody update will be a Dan Kurt Owen 3 way!

  • jj9

    I’m glad Trey got it good! He was so out of it in his other vid’s like he didn’t want to be there….I wonder what changed his mind?

  • tom in portland

    This great scene makes today’s RB update (Zander and MAlachi) look like the boring amateur junk that it is.RB, check out the competition and shape up!

  • lor

    Is that a smile I see? Trey clearly enjoyed it.

  • elephunk

    Connor? aw man… ugh..

    but Trey is a hottie.

  • F-Bomb

    see? this video was hot! trey is very hot, and connor did a great job! i don’t understand all the criticism that’s thrown his way

  • badboyp

    All i have to say in good old fashion gay terms is …work!!!! Connor has come a long way babt

  • Nick

    I’ve always thought Connor was gorgeous.

  • thisboy408

    Wow a good looking dark haired boy on Corbin Fisher. Hot.

  • The real RJ

    Besides the website layout, they need to update the equipment and the filming, all the kissing and penetration, even the cumshots get lost because they are filmed from like two miles away. SC videos are crystal clear while CF’s look always blurry.
    Anyway, Trey is very hot, hope he sticks around, he should do another bottoming video with Noah. One plus of this video is that they don’t run for the shower.

  • jugde6

    Scene 10
    Trey 10
    CONNOR 11
    By now on i will refer to him as MASTER CONNOR.
    I think CF has won a point here also. The best pairing in a long time. Both of the guys liked what they were doing. There was chemistry and passion. What else could we ask for???. OK, a little rimming and a 69 moment would have been appreciated like bonus. Perfection only in heaven

  • D_ky

    Conner is hotter cuz he seems have lost some weight
    Trey is cute and sexy.Love the pic in whick conner sucks him.

  • RaggedMuffin

    i can’t even be bothered watching it. maybe i’m getting sick of porn.

  • The Blah-blah and self-lover guy (Trey) is back! :) And fucked by Connor! What a great vid!

  • ryan

    Love Trey, Connor not so much – maybe a bit overexposed (no pun intended) for me.

  • haha

    connor is THE best. connor and austin only ones worth watching on this website.

  • haha

    these boys are so much more passionate with each other than on the ‘straight’ section of this website. they ashould end that section, it’s slightly gross and sad to watch.

  • hotrod54

    Nice…Hope they bring back Austin though! He is the by far the sexiest guy on the site.

  • IsaakKoch

    It’s always gratifying and very erotic to see a str8 boy bottom for the first time and enjoy it as much as Trey seemed to. I agree RJ when he compares ACM to SC. I’d love to see more close-ups of actual penitration than the side shots of butts in motion and only glimpses of cocks. And HELL YEAH! Bring back Austin!!!

  • Jake

    Conner is so fucking hot!!! His ass looks amazing in the pic where you see it in the mirror. As for Trey..Please he is such a Queen Mary!!! That mole is so gross!!

  • Bradley

    Connor needs to work on his pecs – tighten up his tits, so to speak. Trey’s got a nice body. Connor still seems afraid to kiss. The two close shots of them kissing show that Connor is still leery of opening his mouth. It ruins the potential for passion.

    Additionally, Connor is overexposed, and he’s not worth all that exposure to begin with.

    It seems that CF is going to keep using the same guys and when a NEWER gay CF porno guy signs up, he HAS to work with a LONG-TERM gay CF porno guy.

    I also agree that CF badly needs to update its equipment. Look at the crispness of the images at the other Connor update – Connor Dane with Logan Birch on College Dudes 24/7.

  • Zeke

    Trey is so gorgeous. I love his hairy body. I would love to just hold him and rub him down.

  • Edward

    “Here’s a straight guy who could get any girl he wants.” Uh, he’s not that cute. I think that’s more laughable than the whole “they’re both straight” setup.

    “Some guys say it is even easier to bottom for the first time.” This is actually a true statement but not in the way it is written. It is easier for actual straight guys who have gone into the business to bottom because they are STRAIGHT and have difficulty getting an erection for a GUY.

    This scene does look hot but it is hard to view between facepalms and headdesks.

  • N

    What is up with CF’s site?