RandyBlue: Jeremy Walker, Reese Rideout & Ryan Rockford

Jeremy Walker, Reese Rideout, & Ryan Rockford at Randy Blue

Jeremy Walker, Reese Rideout, & Ryan Rockford at Randy Blue

Jeremy Walker, Reese Rideout, & Ryan Rockford at Randy Blue

Jeremy Walker, Reese Rideout, & Ryan Rockford at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Ryan Rockford stands before two gorgeous men. Mouth watering for the taste of cock, his hole hungry to be filled. Reese Rideout is feeling rather dominant and wastes no time in getting Ryan’s sexy lips wrapped around his throbbing boner. He doesn’t wait for him to tease and taste, he rams that fuckstick deep into his throat, getting it ready for what’s to come later. Meanwhile Ryan is anything but a passive bottom. He slaps his ass, demanding that Jeremy Walker follow Reese’s lead and dive his cock deep into his waiting hole. Jeremy is more than happy to, wrapping his present and giving it to Ryan good. The dirty talk alone elevates their play to a new level and the heady aroma of sweat is so thick in the air you can almost smell it coming out of your monitor. I would say they are in rare form if I didn’t think it would make them sound like they didn’t always bring their A game, but somehow this combination has created an energy you can feel. Make sure you look for Reese pile driving Ryan’s ass, flying all the way out and back in without hesitation. And seeing Jeremy’s creamy white load landing all over his thick pelt of body fur is even hotter than you can imagine. Plus, you always know Reese has a trick up his sleeve and this time it’s no exception. What am I gonna do with that guy?

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aussie says:


Mar_so says:

damn.. I love this, specially Jeremy walker body is so hot!!! would love to fuck him

Jay says:

“Hot?” They ALL look haggard/warn out here.

Bradster says:

3 of my least-liked RB models all in 1 update. Awesome!

Dane says:

reese rideout’s ass.

Get 'Em says:

They all look good to me. They will be no foot prints in their back from me….maybe some on the ceiling.

ace says:

this would have been hot if jeremy was absent.

Anton says:

I’ve never seen Reese look so tired and lackadaisical in a photoshoot/video. Maybe it’s that ridiculous hairstyle he’s been sporting lately. I dunno. He just doesn’t look as hot to me anymore like he did when he first burst into the business. Like Leo Giamani he doesn’t have that spark anymore. Everything lately has been by-the-numbers and predictable.

Besides, we all know that Reese is better as a bottom than top.

jaxxxxxx says:

I hate how all of them are circumsiced

JP says:

Holy fuck! Jeremy Walker’s hairy! FUCK ME, he looks soooo grrrowl-worthy now. I want to worship that man from head to toe, cock to ass so damn badly. He’s hunky to the Nth power.

JerryHall says:


Can we now retire these tired old queens??

Thank you for thinking of us.

Jared says:

Even though Jeremy Walker isnt my favorite this is one of the few hot Randy Blue hardcore scenes. It’s not great in pictures but the video is hot. Ryan is the main reason the scene is good. Even when he was at COrbin Fisher he always seemed to really enjoy the sex. He really makes up for Reese and Jeremy and there fake “oH Yeas!”

Zeke says:

I love Jeremy and his sexy fur.

Frank says:

keep the hair Jeremy looks hot and sexy

Jack says:

What is this, an “On The Way Out” special? These three should quit while they’re nowhere.

TK says:

Jeremy definitely looks better unmanscaped.

All these people who think sexy ends at 30? 35? 40? must either be incredibly young, or be incredibly fetishized by youth. Really sad.

MM says:

jerry hall go to hell. these are 3 gay men. granted I prefer less bulk ON JEREMY but nevertheless they are NOT tired old queens. you are a mother fucking retard. I love this video.

manu says:

This is so predictible , I won’t bother watching it , why do Jeremy and Reese almost never bottom?? :|

jcintra says:

Jeremy is excelent very sweet boy

clusterfuck says:

Reese the Skeeze. Pass!

WhoraCheri says:

Tired old queens together at RB…surprise, surprise! Did I miss all the fancy colored underwear?

Put them out to pasture!

D_ky says:

Love Reese’s new cute hair cut, Jeremy’s just OK.
But Ryan does nothing on me

jimmy says:

ryan rockford. the best bottom in corbin fisher/randy blue history.

Rictor says:

I agree: these guys definitely have lost their spark.

Their sex is so wooden and formulaic, it does nothing for many, as proven by the comments here. They are so detached from one another that their scene lacked sexual energy and heat.

Don’t get me wrong—I find these guys hot, especially Jeremy. I would love to give him a proper fucking, unlike the faux fucks he’s done on RB. Ryan is a hungry bottom, but here, he was just a hole for the other two. As for Reese, he does appear worn out and lost some muscle mass.

Regardless, I wouldn’t turn down the chance to fuck any of them. Or all three.

jake says:

Whora – those guys are QUEENS — tired ones at that, and so not gay (meaning Walker and, of course, Rideout — you can see his girlfriend in any number of photos). Catch a clue.

ashandemma says:

Yea Ryan is pretty hot, my friend emma heart and I fuck him nightly. Hes her man but shes nice enough to share with me. I told him to cut his hair so if anyone liked it back then, sorry my bad,but I think it looks better now.

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