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BrokeStraightBoys: Logan, Tyler & CJ

Logan, Tyler & CJ at Broke Straight Boys

Logan, Tyler & CJ at Broke Straight Boys

Logan, Tyler & CJ at Broke Straight Boys

Logan, Tyler & CJ at Broke Straight Boys

Logan, Tyler & CJ at Broke Straight Boys

Logan, Tyler & CJ at Broke Straight Boys

Watch Logan, Tyler & CJ at

BSB wrote:

To do something a little exciting I invited three of our famous models back to do another shoot and this time it was going to be an anal three way scene. The plan was that CJ was going to bottom, and Logan was going to finally give it up and try bottoming for the first time along with topping in the scene as well. Then, there was Tyler sitting on the end of the couch and he was just going to do whatever we needed in the shoot. We talked about how Tyler still looked the same and had not spent any time outside getting some sun. Also talked about him spending his time in the broke straight boys forum chatting with the members, and he wanted to make it clear that it really is him replying to posts. This shoot was another part of our charity event where we planned on auctioning off the salmon colored sheet after all the boys busted a nut on it. Then, to top it off, they were going to sign the sheet close to their load and as an added bonus the boys were also going to autograph a photo. CJ and Logan were going to give away their underwear from the shoot as well.

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  • Established One

    A classic example on how money can influence one to do things when they are broke. “Boys” they are for sure.

  • greg

    I wish they would change the name of that site. Some of the queenist site-jumping models pass through there.

  • Sophomore

    This site was thrilling when I first discovered it. The charade of straight boys reluctantly consenting to participate in gay for pay sex wore off very soon after when these “actors” started showing up on every gay site available.

  • Bradster

    Readers of Waybig are more straight than these girls.

  • JerryHall

    I agree with the above comments.

    Until this vid, I thought that Logan might be straight. No longer. He is gay like so many others on the site. But it’s all good.

    You go, gurl!

  • triedntrue

    why not be honest and call the site brokegaytwinks?

  • Matt

    STRAIGHT?! Gimme a break. As Barney Frank said “What planet do you spend most of your time on?”

  • Mark

    Weird writing in the description too. The tense. What’s with all this “we WERE going to”, etc? Did they or didn’t they? I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. “Well we were going to, but none of it worked out”.

  • Hounds of God

    Yes, they are not hetero, we all agree, and the site name is silly. Call me a bleeding heart if you must, but I worry that they do hard-core not out of stupidity or greed but economic necessity. Gay sons are often throwaway kids from Bible-thumping rural USA, and the only other choice for an under-educated lad is flipping burgers.

  • Sophomore

    The above comment makes me want to cry!

  • matt

    is it me or tyler’s look is no longer childish?he now has a 20 something man face :/

  • David

    “Logan”..straight? That boy had one too many boyfriends back in HS. Most of these guys are either bi or gay..the straight guys actually dont shoot with other guys and theres a few on the site.

    I thought Dustin Michaels was hot, but then he started appearing on other sites claiming to be straight. However, according to his myspace profile, he’s bi and proud :)

  • Bed

    So who cares if there gay or not there hot fuckers especialy Cj id fuck him anyday :p

  • gaga

    What the full name of Logan? I love him!!!!!

  • b-man

    omg, they have to me straight, wen logan was bein fucked he didnt have a boner