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Jacob at SeanCody

Jacob at SeanCody

Jacob at SeanCody

Jacob at SeanCody

Jacob at SeanCody

Jacob at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

“I was actually the biggest nerd around.”

That was how Jacob described himself in elementary and middle school.

By high school, though, things had changed a bit.

“I kind of perked up a little sophomore and junior year,” he explained.

I’m guessing that his huge dick finally grew in, the other guys saw it in the shower, and word got around!

Having a hot body and being on the soccer team probably didn’t hurt either.

Jacob is now 22, and he’s just starting law school. He started doing personal training in order to help pay for those outrageous tuition bills.

He doesn’t have a girlfriend currently, which really surprised me.

“I’m not really ready to settle down yet,” he said. “Maybe after I’m done with school.”

I hope that when he’s ready he finds a girl who likes her men big!

Did I mention that Jacob is sporting a huge cock?

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  • Guy

    WOW!! I could suck on that baby for days. YUMMY!! Too bad he trims or shaves his chest hair so much. Stubble is no good. Damn hot dick though.

  • Seth

    Jacob is STILL a nerd. Nice dick, but this guy has “bottom” written all over his face. I fully expect him to be taking it up the shit shoot.

  • Oliver

    He’s kinda hot, but I don’t believe he is 22 years old. If Jacob is 22 he’s gonna be a rough looking 32.
    Wonder what size queen SC will show him with.

  • LA Clergy

    Oliver looks real good. I wish he had his body hairs there and not shaved. He would be rather sexy if furry.

  • clusterfuck

    yeah it’s big but i need my beer goggles first

  • Monty

    Look at the ears on this guy….. goofy….

  • Von Schlomo

    Only cause he’s hung. -1 for stubble

  • Fazz

    The only thing about him that sticks out as more than just BLAND, is the large penis. He is not cute, he looks to be over 35 and i.m.o. his personality is not very engaging. Not tying to be mean here, just honest.

  • phunky

    He’s very very hot. I love his cock too. Damn!

  • elmtree

    Great cock but I have to agree with ‘Fazz’, not the best personality. Kinda cocky (no pun intended) but doesn’t have the looks or sex appeal to pull off cocky. Great cock tho and would be nice to see it used. Imagine Trey riding it…!

  • Beefy

    So not a worthy successor to Harley then?

  • Brad

    Yep, he flopped around the shower in high school and at soccer practice. Funny thing, his dick was always pointing north in the lockerroom and alot of us always wondered if he liked the boys or was just excited with the boyz!

  • Reminds me of Bronson Pinchot … dont be ridiculous …

  • Eric

    Alright, not the conventional definition of hot. BUT all I can imagine here is an insurance man showing up trying to get me to buy a policy, I notice a HUGE throb in his business trousers and then he’s got my face stuffed with that cock and my ass streched open to make sure I’m in good health. Not everyone is a blonde clone thank goodness. Would love to see all that hair grown out.

  • GentleGiant

    Looks like the guy my jewish mother would love me to bring home. And then I’d love him to pound me just loud enough so she could know that cock is going places. This one is perfect.

  • LadiezMan

    Okay, I do dig the nerdy look, I can’t lie. This cat Jacob, kinda does it for me. That dick is like whoa! The body is niiiiiice, and he’s pretty decent lookin! I’m not gay, but if this dude shared a locker room with me, my eyes would be glued, for real. I likey, I likey a lot.

    • Riley

      Hell forget the girl I LOVES BIG MEN!!! Wouldn’t mind spending a lifetime with him!!!! YUMS!!!!!!!! ;)
      Hopefuly he comes back for more!!!!! :) Agreed LadiezMan more than my eyes would be glued ya hear!!! :)

  • T.O.

    He does look a lot older than 22, but jewish guys start losing their hair when they are in their 20’s. I also don’t like the shaved chest, but the hairy bum is nice. So basically if I met him from behind and he was bent over I’d fuck him.

  • Sophomore

    Chow Time!

  • ben

    ummm this one doesnt do it for me. are they going to play him off as straight? he looks gays (raging bottom)

  • PhunkRein

    Yup. Nice Jewish Boy was my first thought too. Though one of his faygeleh classmates is going to see this and word’ll get out and Jacob will bring nothing but tsouris on himself and family. A shondeh.

  • Leo

    Perfect! Pris come back for more

  • Established One

    Wow, what an incredible huge cock. I wonder if we will see him again at Sean Cody. He’s not exactly good looking, but not bad looking either. Has a great cock that makes it worth the while.

  • jay

    Once a nerd, always a nerd. That said, he’ll be back… probably…

  • ddan

    Nice dick but he’s not 22 and if he is he needs to add some major antioxidants to his diet!

  • CNB525

    Eric: HILARIOUS!!!! Thats exactly how I imagine him!!!

  • TK

    I don’t think he’s over 35 (that is as much of an exaggeration as his listed age of 22). He really does it for me, but I like the nerd type. The shaved chest does NOT work for me, though.

  • AL

    Why is everone so sure he’s jewish? There must be lots of circumcised Jacobs who aren’t jewish. Of course, he MAY be jewish. The only thing I can’t believe is that he’s only 22. Still, he’s got a very nice body and a terrific penis. If (as someone suggested) he was a travelling insurance salesman using his penis to sell his policies, he’d be very successful.

  • MM

    PhunkRein has me in stiches.look up the meanings you will be rolling.oy vey a hebe.yummy.i want him so back off gutter trash kurt & doug.will share with nate,geoff,simon,martin,wade,auditions 29 guy #1,drew,chet. make love to me mensch.fuck me until i plotz.i want my neighbors to say what’s with the tumul.

  • Jack

    Beautiful large cock.

  • Blah!

    I love how he’s talking about the good old days. I’d say he was in high school in what? 1986? 88?

  • Bob

    Am I the only one who thinks his cock is similar to Chad Hunt’s?

  • nutcracker

    he looks so fuckable. hopes he bottoms!

  • King Henry VIII

    Yummy ready for my RIDE!!! ;)