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RandyBlue: Dawson Riley & Johnny Angel

Dawson Riley & Johnny Angel at Randy Blue

Dawson Riley & Johnny Angel at Randy Blue

Dawson Riley & Johnny Angel at Randy Blue

Dawson Riley & Johnny Angel at Randy Blue

Dawson Riley & Johnny Angel at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you’re trying to get ready for a night out and your boyfriend is just too horny to let you get away. Johnny Angel actually inspired this shoot because while we were getting ready I kept catching him putting the movies on Dawson Riley. And Dawson, being the horny guy he is wasn’t exactly pushing him away. At one point I yelled ‘save it for the cameras’, and then it hit me… what a great idea for a video. I held them off each other just long enough to get to the bedroom and then set the scene for them. Dawson is trying to get ready while Johnny wants him all to himself. It’s always a great video when the models are really into each other. And Johnny is usually into anyone I put him with. That guy is a total horndog and I love him for it. Dawson looks amazing and getting him in the shower with the warm water glistening over those beautiful muscles made for an excellent start. A! nd when he flashes that smile of his it makes everyone around him melt. These two looked so hot together, especially with Johnny sitting on Dawson’s chest going down on him while Dawson chows down on his incredible bubble butt. Plus, having Johnny’s darker skin tone wrapped around Dawson’s creamy white body is a stunning effect, especially while they passionately kiss. And my favorite moment of the whole video is when they do an enthusiastic 69 before they each shoot their big sticky loads.

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  • clusterfuck

    Magenta wife-beater? This Jonny “Angel” dude is such a flamer.

  • BrianRatliff

    Poor Dawson

  • tiredofignorance

    Newsflash… they are all flamers. Just because someone may have more feminine attributes doesn’t make them more gay than someone who acts more “masculine”. If a guy enjoys having sex with another guy he is gay. Period.

  • phunky

    Dawson is so fucking hot! I’d rather see him with someone else though.

  • Jared

    Poor perfect white Dawson. Stuck having sex with this hideous person of color. How dare they pair a perfect white guy with this nasty Asian? He is not good enough to fuck a white guy.

    Are you guys kidding me? Johnny Angel is hot as hell. Dawson looks like so many guys on these sites. There’s nothing that special about him. I dont like when guys are totally hairless on their top half and then hairy on bottom. It’s weird.

    Johnny has the cutest face, perfect white teeth, and amazing ass. People complaining about his magenta tank are trying to cover up they are really just racist and focusing on something so small as coverup.

    • baz

      Agreed, Jared. Love Johnny Angel. Although having him in an update where his ass isn’t getting some thorough penile attention seems like a waste.

    • Ted

      You tell ’em!

      lol, well, I think Johnny’s “Hot as hell” as well, I’m glad Randy Blue actually keeps their minority models rather than making them some extra flavoring once a year. It makes me respect them more, plus they realize that not everyone wants to see White guys bend over all the time (which is smart). As for Dawson, I don’t dislike the guy, just don’t have any attraction. He’s okay I guess, I can respect that others find him hot though.

      As for Johnny’s sexuality, I’m a fool because I’m more inclined to believe what they said (well, not the actual story of scouting in a store) and think that he started out as curious and then welcomed being gay and the flamer culture. He just seemed to get more flamboyant as time went on, is all. (Of course that also could mean they’re more open to show it)

    • Ted

      Now that I’ve taken time to read everything better… LOL you can never judge a person in a video by the clothing they wear, the studios give it to them and pick, lol.

    • und

      yes, you are correct: “Dawson looks like so many guys on these sites. There’s nothing that special about him. I dont like when guys are totally hairless on their top half and then hairy on bottom. It’s weird.”

  • und

    Dawson is terrible! His armpit… disgusting! It’s turn my stomach when I see the jungle there… this is very embarrassing in the 21. century. Shave or trim it!

    There are no hairy area in his body, just his armpit and above his dick. So, this is hairy armpit looks like ridiculous. The worst modell @ Randy Blue.

    Little boy, you are the weakest link! Goodbye.

    • cyber_boy

      Relax you self-hating moron! It’s a natural part of being human to have body hair and socially acceptable for men to have hair under their arms. Why don’t you look in the mirror and figure out what your own body hang ups are?

    • und

      cyber_boy: honey, i look in the mirror, and i’m okay. but you know honey, i am not a modell. i don’t and i won’t expose myself. important word: self-criticism.

      but this little boy is a modell. man of no pretension. and yes, it’s natural part of being human to have body hair. under the arms. but you know, honey, this is disgusting. his hair under the arms as long as my sister’s hair… and this is ridiculuos… I am okay with this hair, but his hair is long :S

  • custard

    Dawson is soo hot. Love those beautiful eyes, eyebrows, gr8 body, and handsome face. Yum!

    Magic Poof–disappear–2 the other one.

    • Duke

      I agree with custard Dawson looks is more hot than b4

  • Established One

    Hot looking together. I say YES.

    • Lady GaGa

      I agree. they look awesome together.

  • brad323

    Dawson is EXTREMELY HOT. The other queen is disgusting.

  • ben84

    I agree Dawson is HOT HOT HOT

  • Dave

    I love Dawsons long eye lashes!

  • Duke

    Dawsons is awesome I cant resist myself

  • clusterfuck

    Johnny is the bottom of the Asian barrel.

  • bankerboy

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …what i don’t get is WHY RB chooses to put 2 bottoms together so often – am i missing something? – also not a big fan of BJ videos – so this was not the kind of pairing i was hoping for w/Dawson – maybe better luck next time

  • I think Dawson is the Hottest Model RB has! He is like perfect!

  • click5

    Johnny Angel needs plowing. Having him in a once-in-a-blue-moon scene where his man-pussy isn’t getting ramrodded is criminal, and it’s a waste of Johnny’s “talents”. He’s a noisy little boy when he takes it up the ass.

  • ThomT

    Dawson looks hot here – prior to cheap bleach job he does for later shoots …

  • drake

    yes dawson looks like any other randy blue cookie cutter porn stars. cliche look as much as cliche pairing white dude with an asian guy who clearly is going to be the bottom bitch. Something that is unoriginal, stereotypical and dull.

    If randy blue wants to cater to asian fetish, then they really keep those old white farts happy. Otherwise, this is pretty much madama butterfly crap. Asian dude should stop this self hating white worshipping attitude.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Both guys are hot, but if you want to go to sleep “pronto”, see this!