RandyBlue: Benjamin Bradley & Jeremy Walker

Benjamin Bradley & Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue

Benjamin Bradley & Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue

Benjamin Bradley & Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue

Benjamin Bradley & Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue

Benjamin Bradley & Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Everyone knows that I love contrasts. The other day I was talking to Benjamin Bradley while looking at photos of Jeremy Walker and something just clicked in my mind. They couldn’t be more different while still having some similar qualities. While Jeremy is pretty metro in the way he dresses and carries himself, he’s still very much untamed manimal when you get him naked and horny. That hairy body, just covered in muscles, with that huge, thick cock makes for a stunning example of manhood. Then you have Benjamin, with his beautiful features and flawlessly smooth skin. Yet there’s a masculinity about him that you might not expect at first glance. And when he’s getting fucked he’s anything but a passive bottom. So putting these two together made for a really hot video. Jeremy has become an excellent cock sucker. He works Benjamin’s dick like a man with a mission. It’s like he’s going for a prize and that prize is a load of hot spunk that’s just churning in Benjamin’s aching balls. When it’s Benjamin’s turn, he’s all about the pleasure. He slowly and seductively runs his talented mouth all over Jeremy’s cock head, running his tongue up and down the shaft before finally plunging that man meat deep into his throat. He’s not so much concerned with getting to the finish line as he is enjoying the way there. And it obviously did the trick because Jeremy couldn’t wait to ram his thick cock into Benjamin’s eager hole.

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  • Redboy

    Hot bodies, for sure, but they’re both such overexposed pros that there’s really nothing sexy or exciting about this scene. Like watching a documentary.

  • Fazz

    Awww plastic surgery and Steroid bull found each other, love truly happens, even in porn.

  • elessar

    Plastic surgery, never would have thought it. But yeah, I don’t like Jeremy, his dick is miniature (hence the steriods) But I love Benjamin. He’s hot… I wish we could see him take a big thick one. He only bottoms for the little guys lol…

  • Riley

    NOT HOT we saw Jeremy how many episode ago *rolls eyes* and wonder why Jeremy got that surprise look on his face. Yes, Jeremy it feels good when they ride you!!! ;)

    • Nate

      Seriously! The over acting is so ridiculous with this site. There is no need for the “shocked eyes” the overdone moaning. Just fuck and have a good time the videos would be so much better with less of the “acting”

  • ElkDK

    lol… ‘Ben and Jeremy’, get it ;)

  • Kris

    I don’t care that Ben is plastic, he’s hot!!! I like Jeremy’s face – it always looks ‘not intelligent’ :D

  • sierra

    Ben seems like a hot bottom, I like his big muscles :)

  • marti1234

    different nice, might have bben hotter as a flip flop

  • Established One

    Hot. Incredibly Hot. I love it!

  • Grant Urwish

    Ben is perfect in my book and I’d love to plow that pretty boy.

  • clusterfuck

    I don’t know whether this is supposed to be porn or comedy with all of Jeremy’s facial expressions. What a roid queen.

  • This was just plain hot! Excellent! Also Jeremy Walker Is Runner up for man of the Year! If you love him! Vote Also running Is Chris Rockway!