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CocksureMen: Jeremy Bilding and Kelly Taylor

Jeremy Bilding and Kelly Taylor at

Jeremy Bilding and Kelly Taylor at

Jeremy Bilding and Kelly Taylor at

Jeremy Bilding and Kelly Taylor at

Jeremy Bilding and Kelly Taylor at

Jeremy Bilding and Kelly Taylor at

Watch Jeremy & Kelly at

CSM wrote:

Let’s not forget the REAL definition of “tea bagging.” After a game of beach volleyball, Kelly’s feet need a little attention but Jeremy Bilding finds out just how ticklish he is and he two collapse in a tickle-torture wrestling match that leaves them both breathless. It isn’t long before Jeremy’s tongue finds Kelly’s hole and it isn’t much longer before it’s time for a REAL Tea Party and Jeremy’s balls are dangling right in Kelly’s mouth. After some good old-fashioned face fucking, Jeremy’s down at Kelly’s ass again and this time he’s pounding it with his long, curved dick. Kelly tries to hold off but Jeremy pushes him past the point of no return and he blows his load all over himself. Jeremy’s not ready to finish just yet and Kelly gets fucked again until Jeremy’s ready to blow while Kelly licks his balls.

  • xxamor

    Wooow I love Super Jeremy Bilding and Kelly Taylor wonders

  • bonerboy

    I thought that guys name was Jude…

  • Established One

    Very, very hot. This is incredibly hot. It’s a YES for me!

  • davis747

    He was Jude on PerfectGuyz. Regular hot bottom over there too.

  • Riley

    YUM!!!!!!!! He was also a hot bottom as JUDE on Chaosmen TOO!!!!!!!! ;) I think that is where he got his start!!! ;)

  • Redboy

    Kelly Taylor like from the original 90210? I always thought Kelly was a back door girl.

  • LA Clergy

    Wasn’t Jude a long time ago with Sean Code too?

  • Urs Jans

    No, he was never on Cody but he did appear on Military Classified and recently has done bareback for one of those sleazy outfits. Bilding has also done bareback. Both of them are showing a little wear and tear.

  • JDawg18

    Very Very hot

  • brad323

    Jeremy is hot. I’d like to see him with someone more masculine.

  • Pariah

    Jeremy is always hot but wasn’t Kelly in some of those SATYR bareback films with masked man Rock Bottom? If so then he is moving in the right direction.

  • gay maroc

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