RandyBlue: Dawson Riley and Nicco Sky

Dawson Riley and Nicco Sky at Randy Blue

Dawson Riley and Nicco Sky at Randy Blue

Dawson Riley and Nicco Sky at Randy Blue

Dawson Riley and Nicco Sky at Randy Blue

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Randy wrote:

Dawson Riley and Nicco Sky really wanted to fuck. It was actually really cute. Each one started hitting me up asking if they could do a scene with the other. I held off for a bit, giving them both excuses for a little while over how we were too busy or I couldn’t coordinate their schedules. I had a feeling if I made them both really hunger for it they would deliver a really hot video. Finally, I told them we were going to do it. But when the day came I kept them from even seeing each other until just a few minutes before we started shooting. I know my guys well and when two guys want each other bad enough they can get started before the cameras even go on, and I didn’t want to waste a second of the incredible energy these two had. And when they started to fuck they went at it like rabbits. And that Dawson just loves to eat ass. The look of pure joy on his face as he dug his tongue deep into Nicco’s hole is priceless. He just couldn’t get enough, and Nicco was loving every minute of it. Nicco is quickly getting to be known as Randy Blue’s cumshot champion, and he didn’t disappoint. His cum shot so high he almost hit my camera! Not to be outdone, Dawson dumped a huge load of his own sticky stuff all over Nicco’s sexy chest. But overall, as much as I love a good cumshot, seeing the two of them making out AFTER they both climaxed somehow made the whole video perfect for me.

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  • baz

    Nicco Sky bottoming? Hotness!

    I was hoping they could have flip-flopped though.

  • LA Clergy

    Yeah a flip flop would have been amazing here.

    Sky is hot in any position.

  • Established One

    Wow…this Nicco Sky is so sexy and hot…what a shame that he had to be the WIDE RECEIVER and the the QUARTERBACK in this case. Nonetheless, it’s a YES for me.

  • Lady GaGa

    I love Dawson Riley. so delicious and humpy.