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Tommy Hansen & Steve Jennings at

Tommy Hansen & Steve Jennings at

Tommy Hansen & Steve Jennings at

Tommy Hansen & Steve Jennings at

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BelAmi wrote:

This is another episode that we filmed a while back (5 years in fact) and we only released it at the time on belamivod, our pay per view site. Now as part of the general release of all our condom free scenes you can all enjoy this very sexy flip flop scene with Tommy and Steve.

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  • pubert

    No offense to anyone, but every time I see an uncircumcised dick I’m amazed by how gross it looks.

    I keep trying to get used to them, but so far I can’t. Don’t think I ever will.

    • clearly you have been convinced that mutilating a man’s genitals makes them look and feel better. i take it you also support female circumcision?

    • FeydRautha

      And we should care because?

    • esfinatic

      No offense? Are you kidding? I know you have a right to your opinion and that’s fine but you don’t need to express it in a way that offends the majority of the male population in the world.

    • Guy

      It’s a matter of taste because when I see one I think YUMM!!! I understand finding it repulsive it if it looks like a sharpei but neither of these two guys’ cocks falls in that category.

  • LA Clergy

    I have to agree that uncircumsized dicks are not cool looking. The extra skin gives it a bad impression. Specially gays that like buffed guys the last thing we want is extra and sagging skin on a dick. Besides the extra skin makes is taste funny. I much rather the American way of life that we cut the excess skin at birth.

    Guys it is a personal preference. We all have the rights to have our oppinions and tastes remember? Specially us should understand that really well.

    • FeydRautha

      I lurv how you keep saying it’s “extra” or “excess.” :|

      That’s not how evolution works. If it were extraneous/unnecessary, evolution would’ve selected against it a long time ago.

      Nonetheless, I agree that you’re entitled to your ridiculously schtoopid opinion; just keep it to yourself.

    • FeydRautha

      Oh, BTW, American way of life?! Thank you for making it that much easier to disregard your opinion…

    • esfinatic

      It’s people like you that make people who aren’t circumcised living in America feel like crap and out of place. Not all Americans are circumcised…only the idiots who don’t feel comfortable enough to accept change and feel the need to fit in because every part of the American society is about cliques and popularity. I’m in no way dissing Americans…just the people who sound so stupid when they talk like you.

    • @la clergy – what, are you now the spokeswoman for all “gays that [sic] like buffed guys” all of a sudden?

      “the American way of life that we cut the excess skin at birth”? Yes, but unfortunately they doctors throw away the wrong part.

  • Haaha

    Losers!! Stop arguing and start wanking!

    • esfinatic


  • bonerboy

    I’m generally not a fan of uncircumcised penises either, but I expect to see them on a Bel-Ami update. So whatever. Now onto my beef…why the fuck are they doing all this bareback shit lately? In 90s gay porn, it was almost TABOO to shoot a bareback film. Now today reckless raw has become so popular that even once respectable companies are producing them. Despicable. I didn’t know they found a cure for those 4 letters that have been killing gay men for 3 full decades now.

    • FeydRautha

      Actually, the scene itself is quite old (shot before Hansen’s appearance on the Czech version of Big Brother in 2005).

    • FeydRautha

      Oh, forgot to add, that BelAmi has a history of allowing boyfriends to do bareback scenes. Tim Hamilton & Tommy Hansen, Alex Orioli & Brandon Manilow, Dolph Lambert & Todd Rosset… the Peters twins. :D

      So this isn’t exactly a recent development.

    • Robbo

      I suppose that is why BA test their models before they let them do BB?

  • polkamatic.

    I am always shocked on this website how every time without fail that a model with a foreskin appears that at least one person comments about disliking uncut penises. In Europe people find cut penises to be gross looking with their scar tissue and dried up head but we don’t comment on every blooming cut model (about 80% of the guys on here) to say we dislike cut penises. I’m sure you circumsiced men wouldnt particularly enjoy being told how inferior your penis looked everytime another circumsiced man appeared on the site, especially when the shoot is filmed in America where circumsicion is so worryingly widespread. Just think that in Europe it’s the cut guys that feel shy about their unusual penises and I’m sure you wouldnt like to feel yourself in that situation. I in fact hate the term ‘uncut’. It’s not a question of being uncut, it’s just a penis. When you chop part of it off you can then define it in terms of being severed.

    • bonerboy

      Oh pish posh. I would imagine that Waybig is a US-based blogs, that most of the studios & sites that advertise here are American w/mostly American models — which probably explains why 80% of the men featured on here are circumcised. I would also imagine that in Europe, they are way more exposed to European-produced than American porn, so I can’t see how any of it ultimately makes a difference. Honestly though, as an American I really couldn’t care less what Europeans think of American mens dicks, which is why you don’t see me on any European porn blogs. If Euros want foreskin in their porn so damn bad, common sense would tell them to not look to American smut.

    • agree!

      instead of “uncut” and “cut”, how about “natural” and “mutilated”.

  • Daniel

    I think Tommy and Steve look absolutely fucking hot – especially their thick uncut cocks.

  • Redboy

    Too much “porn face.”

  • Established One

    It’s hot to me…which gets my YES!

  • jonny

    Looks hot to me :)

    (Americans, why you prefer scar tissue and mutilation is… a complete mystery to all Europeans)