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SeanCody: Jared & Kurt

Jared & Kurt at SeanCody

Jared & Kurt at SeanCody

Jared & Kurt at SeanCody

Jared & Kurt at SeanCody

Jared & Kurt at SeanCody

Jared & Kurt at SeanCody

Jared & Kurt at SeanCody

Watch Jared & Kurt at

Sean wrote:

When a guy has an ass that’s as perfect as Jared’s you just have to get it fucked!

“Yeah, that sounds great!” was Jared’s response when I asked him.

The only other thing he wanted to know was… who would do the fucking?

I showed him a picture of Kurt.

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen him on the site,” Jared said with a big smile. “He’s hot.”

“You going to be OK with his cock?” I asked. “It’s pretty big.”

“Yeah, it won’t be a problem,” he said. “It’s going to be fun!”

After seeing Kurt plow Jared’s ass, I definitely got the impression that Jared had done it before… but I could be wrong!

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  • Redboy

    Now I know what Santa does the rest of the year– he and the elves are busy making the Cody models. Seriously, they all look the SAME!

  • FeydRautha

    LOL! How can anyone complain about this update?! You’ve got Kurt and his great dick and Jared with his perfect bubble-butt. It’s a match made in heaven.

  • rojo

    Now I’m satisfied ! This one ranks right up there with my favorite Sean Cody scenes of all time. I wish they had done standing doggy-style but it’s still a scorching scene. Jared is NASTY HOT !!! I sure hope he keeps coming back. Oh!,and uh, MERRY CHRISTMAS, ELMTREE !

    • elmtree

      Thanks Rojo! Right back at you!!

  • Riley

    HOTNESS all around!!!! ;) Once again Sean Cody shows us why he’s THE BEST in the Business in my opinion!!! This is really some HOT STUFF My BABY KURT and my new flavor of the year bubble butt Jared YEEE-HAWWWW Ride ’em !!!!! ;)
    A YES for me!!!! ;) Jared ridin’ Kurt rock-hard now that’s good awesome sex!!! ;)

  • Urs Jans

    I agree with both of you – they are clones (just not biological like those Peters twins) AND Jared has a great bubble ass that needs to get fucked. The only problem is the choice of Kurt, who to me just looks worn. Porn seems to do that to some guys. In his last vid his ass was flabby and his hair was thinning (which is probably why SC gave him that last minute haircut). In this update he’s looking more drawn. But I guess its Tuesday so you can’t complain too much.

  • Marjorie Flores from Ishcombobbido

    Kurt has an adorable face and very healthy (as in he doesn’t spend his whole life at the gym) body but he never quite does it for me. Everything about him seems to be just slightly off. He’s usually orange (spray tan? fake bake?), his dick never looks any harder than semi-flaccid, and his nuts are always hiding like scared turtles. Don’t get me wrong – I have no illusions that my body would set pulses racing for the viewers of SeanCody and aside from the orange skin, there’s probably nothing Kurt can do to become more attractive to me, but I’ve tired of seeing him. The most memorable model Sean Cody has had in the last 18 mos was Mitch.

    • Urs Jans

      I hate fake tans (and real tanlines are sexy). I guess maybe like you I have simply tired of seeing him and so when I do see him in a video its easy to point out flaws.

  • Established One

    Even with a haircut, Kurt is still sexy and handsome. This is really a good update. There isn’t much that Kurt can do wrong. I love him. It’s a YES for me. Good to see him back.

  • brad323

    Hot video for sure. I did have to laugh at the expression on Kurt’s face as Jared was talking about his sexploits with women. He wasn’t buying it. Too funny.

  • elmtree

    I have to agree with most of the above postings, positive and negative. This is a hot pairing, with Kurt’s beautiful cock (true it doesn’t always look fully hard) and Jared’s beautiful ass (I want a turn with it!). I don’t think anyone is surprised that Jared is back so soon getting fucked…not that I’m complaining…I was looking forward to it! Hope to see more of him. Not a fan of fake tans either but I actually Kurt looks hotter in this vid then he has in the past couple. I’m still holding out hope for a Jay/Kurt vid down the road.

  • shock55

    I could not wait to see Jared in action. Hottt.

  • Fazz

    All I care about is seeing Kurt again! This made my fucken Christmas. Shuuut up, that noooot sad at all :p :p

  • BrianRatliff

    Jared is the “straight” acting type of boy you found out in the city and when you get him alone, “walah” you see what he is really about. I can’t wait to see him and Heath together…maybe they’ll do a double self-suck!

    • Marjorie Flores from Ishcombobbido

      It may sound homophobic (granted, we’re all homophobic…well, maybe not the Scandinavians ;) but Jared doesn’t “act” the part very well, at least partly according to my heterosexist expectation and otherwise owing to my admittedly weak gaydar. That uptight, strained speech (“What was the best thing about college? “…the attractive women (“duh”)!”) was better left on the editing room floor if SC wanted to continue to perpetuate what people expect of his site.

      But at this stage of the game, I question why he’s so resistant to change, especially since these bastions of muscular masculinity he offers are joining the gay sex brigade so much more quickly (like someone noted, there’s no oral-only or even “…Gets Rimmed!” videos). In the lieu of “teasing out” the model’s willingness to “go all the way,” why begin a charade you plan to end nearly as quickly?

      There are a few exceptions and there’s always the model who doesn’t commit one way or another (Heath or Mitch, for example) – guys who don’t seem to be posturing. Even better, there are guys who seem genuinely comfortable with whatever sexual attraction they have for guys, however strong (Seth) or weak (Scott). And then you just get the oddballs like Harley, who do everything but suck cock! :)

  • clusterfuck

    Jared’s big head and pencil neck are a bit off-putting but he does have a nice tush.

    Kurt can do no wrong.

    • Jared

      Thank you. I thought i was the only one who isnt in love with Jared and his big ass head. He looks like ET. In the beginning when Kurt is sitting by his side there is such a difference in head size it’s so freaky.

    • Daniel

      Jared looks downright creepy in the second pic.

  • Nate

    This was the first time Kurt agreed to do any rimming in a video right? I remember he used to say that wasnt for him in behind the scenes videos before. At any rate it was hot to see him eating out some bubble butt.

  • Mike

    I liked this vid, but there didn’t seem to be much going on between these two.

    I’m always happy to see Kurt, but I think he’s not really into it lately. I couldn’t get a handle on Jared. He’s gay, right? What’s all the subterfuge. He sure seems to like getting fucked.

    This is the first time Kurt’s stuck his face into another guy’s ass. (And what an ass!) But strangely, it didn’t feel like an event.

    I had thought maybe Dennis would fuck Jared. I was hoping it wouldn’t be Trent or Trevor. Doug and Harley would have been great choices, but one is gone for sure and the other MIA.

  • Guy

    I can’t fathom complaining about Kurt. To my eyes he has gotten hotter looking. Great to see him fuck a good hot ass.

  • Urs Jans

    Kurt has what looks like KS on his chest.

  • Mechadude

    I guess I am just plainly tired of the “I am straight” therefore the sex is hotter mentally of Sean Cody and many gay men. Just stop trying to convince us of this and get to the sex. If the sex is good, we will be on your site. Shame gay men think straight men make hotter sex oh I like my men gay and ready to take it deep and give it deep. Be careful you don’t get your ass kicked thinking you can seduce a straight man in real life, because Sean Cody is scripted.

    I used to belong to the site but gave it up a long time ago. But when put together the tale that Nicolas was straight, that was the final straw. Read it here: (

    It is all very much a gimick:

    1. get your dick sucked because this will prove you are open minded but not gay (no kissing)

    2. fuck a guy in the ass because well it feels good and you are not gay (still no kissing this really brings home the point)

    3. Sean Cody and/or crew will coax you into some kissing, do it awkwardly and convince the gay boys

    4. back for an all out make out session and fucking, maybe show you are versatile (if you are hot and drawing a crowd, not yet)

    5. is it time to rim and kiss and fuck, OK you have proven yourself not to be gay long enough

    6. you bottom, wince and take it like a champ and never to be seen from again because of the shame that only a straight man can experience…or you like it to remain and then ride off into the sunset with your girlfriend.

    Now I belong to Randy Blue, there is much more of a diversity in bodies, hairiness, race, activity, etc. Sean Cody’s same old introduction and boring set is lame and pedestrian. If I see something on Sean Cody I just download it from a friend’s account. But there has not been anything in a long while that has tempted me.