SeanCody: Troy & Tommy

Troy & Tommy at SeanCody

Troy & Tommy at SeanCody

Troy & Tommy at SeanCody

Troy & Tommy at SeanCody

Troy & Tommy at SeanCody

Troy & Tommy at SeanCody

Troy & Tommy at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

Troy is full of surprises!

He had hinted that he was curious about doing guy stuff. I guess I didn’t realize how curious he was…

I had mentioned to him that we had another guy, Tommy, who was from Texas.

“That makes us a match then,” Troy said. “Let’s do it!”

Tommy didn’t know what to make of Troy when he first met him. Troy is very outgoing and has something to say about everything.

I think Troy may have been nervous about the fact that he was about to be fucked by a pretty big dick!

They talked for a while , but soon Troy had had enough of the chit-chat. He said as only he can: “So can we just shut the fuck up and can I kiss this guy?”

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  • Prancer

    I’m sorry but this Troy kid is not hot to me whatsoever..and I like Tommy’s body but..that’s it. On a positive note I’m happy to see vids with all new guys for a change. However, I’m sure it wont last long I’m sure Pete or Isaac will show up soon to annoy me, and it will be back to business as usual.

    • Daniel

      Yeah Tommy has a hot bod and cock but that’s about it.

  • landi

    新年快乐 谢谢一直提供好图片 哈哈:P

    • sophomore

      I couldn’t agree more!

    • Dave


  • brad323

    Oh wow, what a major disappointment. I thought watching Troy bottom would be hot, but he comes off as a really annoying goober. As for Tommy, yuck.

  • rojo

    This is one of those times that wish the roles had been reversed. Tommy needs a dick up his ass.

  • BenedictXVI

    I really hated it. There is zero chemistry between these characters. It’s probably because Tommy is so unattractive and wimpy. Troy needed a real man to top him.

  • marti1234

    I like these two, when is Tommy bottoming?

  • Ryder25

    I don’t believe for one second that Troy is straight or an ass virgin. And the top kid is fugly.

  • brandon85

    I know some Of u think he looks like a cartoon character but trervor shoulda fucked him

    • Mike

      I would rather see Trevor than Tommy.

  • clusterfuck

    Not hot.

  • Marsx09

    This is Tommy’s 3rd ‘action’ video (4th if you count his solo) so I don’t consider him that new anymore. Troy is ok, but nothing great; Tommy is kind of a buttaface. I just wish SC would stop premiering guys, then less then a week later we’re seeing them fucked. Where’d the blow job videos go?

    I want to go this magical city where every “straight” guy is suddenly bi by their next video and don’t seem to mind [and in most cases] are pretty damn good at: sucking a dick, taking a dick up their ass, or a cum shot in the mouth.

  • tyler

    i am probably the minority but i like both these guys. especially tommy.

    • Ryder25

      I don’t think Tommy is cute at all, but he seems to have a nice personality. He’d probably be fun to hang out with.

    • toruschka

      I don’t think you’re the minority; I just think the terminally critical/bitchy tend to have more time on their hands (their lives tend not to be complicated with friends and social engagements).

      Personally, I liked the video and the guys. However, I have to agree that I don’t believe it’s Troy’s first time. But who knows?

      I wish they would spend a little more time covering the more intimate aspects of the sex (when its there) — the ending was nice (unexpected and uncommon).

    • Riley

      Tyler dude your not alone I love ’em both too!!! ;)
      Tommy hot skater guy with nice bod and Hot equipment!!!
      ;) And Troy Hot A$$ cowbowboy with hot equipment also and a rockin bod. This was a freaking awesome movie for me skater does the cowboi hopefully next time roles can be reversed!!! ;) Hell the way Troy grabbing those sheets you’d think he was ridin a Bull!!! This movie get
      10 Giggities from me!!!! ;)

  • Established One

    Insanely hot update. Wow, the cowboy finally done rolled in the hay. This should have been a flip-flop. It’s still a YES for me!

  • alias74

    So I don’t have an SC subscription but I gotta say: Insanely hot Troy brings his crazy deep sea tube worm cock BACK AND…and, you say….BOTTOMS and then….

    …the HATE show starts! Was it really all that bad?

    I agree – I might have preferred a different top but both studs are hot and maybe our cowboy wanted to start slow before moving onto the big guns (Jake, Kurt, etc.)…

    And ya know, it truly may NOT be Troy’s first time, but even if it WAS, you all know from the behind the scenes clips that they prep by sticking plugs and dildoes in them so THAT can account for both dilation (because it DOES start to dilate and open after you’ve been sticking things in there, folks…I’m not just being Mr. Wizard here) and ease with which he got banged! After all, a company cannot have it’s models hurt and/or suffering during long shoots!

    I’m gonna hope for more of Troy and his delicious deep sea tube worm but like most of the hottest guys on SC – one bottoming clip = take the money and RUN!!! (excepting of course my dream men Patrick and Mitch!!!)

  • Mike

    These guys don’t interest me at all.

  • brad323

    I watched it again and it still sucked.


    Hey Guys Loving Sean Cody’s work and good performances from Tommy and Troy, but enough of Tommy 4 times in 4 weeks too much (however if he is back soon as a bottom please) lets get John back and paired up. Cheers!

  • alias74

    @brad323 I love that you gave it a second chance! :)

    I dunno…I LOVE that Troy guy…hopefully SC pairs him with a better top next time! Unless he Copperfield’s like Dan…