CorbinFisher: Dawson & Jean-Daniel

Dawson & Jean-Daniel at CorbinFisher

Dawson & Jean-Daniel at CorbinFisher

Dawson & Jean-Daniel at CorbinFisher

Dawson & Jean-Daniel at CorbinFisher

Dawson & Jean-Daniel at CorbinFisher

Dawson & Jean-Daniel at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

In this latest video to come out of our joint shoot with Bel Ami in Europe last year, we’re treated to a hot fuck with Dawson and Jean-Daniel! Dawson is one of CF’s best tops, and Jean-Daniel is one of Bel Ami’s best bottoms! So you know you’re in for some hot action when you get these two paired up with one another!

Indeed, they can hardly wait to get in to the action! They’re still in the stairwell as they start to feel one another up and make out, before moving to a more private location so that Jean-Daniel can get Dawson’s shirt off, get his cock out of his pants, and start to suck it!

Jean-Daniel looks like he just can’t get enough of Dawson’s dick as he sucks it! He actually knew, for several days, that he was going to end up getting fucked by Dawson, before we got around to filming this one. When George and I were going over which models we were going to have along for the joint shoot and which ones made for hot tops and hot bottoms, pairing Dawson and Jean-Daniel up together was a decision we’d each made early on! The guys got word, towards the beginning of the shoot, who would end up with whom and so both Dawson and Jean-Daniel knew it was only a matter of time before they were going to end up fucking in front of our cameras. That anticipation seemed to have led to there being quite a lot of energy between them and it all makes for some incredibly hot sex!

Neither can get enough of the other’s cock as they trade blowjobs, their clothes gradually coming off until each is fully naked, fully hard, and fully horned up! As they make out and rub their dicks together, we can already see Dawson pumping and thrusting his hips, as if he just can’t wait to get his dick inside Jean-Daniel’s ass to fuck him.

Jean-Daniel starts asking for it, almost begging to get fucked! Dawson is eager to oblige, and soon has Jean-Daniel on his side so he can slide his dick in to him from behind. Dawson’s hips are a blur as he pumps his dick in and out of Jean-Daniel’s ass!

Dawson then lays on his back and lets Jean-Daniel straddle him. Again, there’s some furious and fast-paced pounding as Dawson thrusts his cock up in to Jean-Daniel’s ass! Jean-Daniel also moves his ass up and down, fucking himself on Dawson’s cock as both guys are totally consumed by how good it all feels!

While on his back, with Dawson’s hard dick pumping his ass, Jean-Daniel starts to cum! He paints his hard abs with a huge load that just keeps shooting out of his dick! Immediately thereafter, Dawson pulls his dick out of Jean-Daniel’s ass to shoot one of the biggest loads I’ve ever seen him fire off! He adds massive spurts of cum to Jean-Daniel’s already soaked abs and chest! It was definitely worth crossing an ocean to film this one!

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  • kevinj

    Nothing hotter than Jean-Daniel getting pounded by Dawson!!!!!!!!!

  • cooperative5

    Disappointing! Good sex, but having watched the vid they don’t seem into each other. J-D with Connor was much better. Painful to say as I much prefer Dawson to Connor

    • kevinj

      You’re absolutely right. The video with Connor was hotter. Jean-Daniel is still scorching though!

    • King Henry VIII

      kevin j and cooperative5 Hons what meds were ya’ll on when you watched that video cause we not seeing the same thing and if ya’ll saw HOT then please get me a perscription so I can see the same thing. No offense but HOW WAS the video with CONNOR Hotter with the bottom *limp d**ked while he was riding Connor and not ROCK HARD I don’t get it. Only thing HOT about that video was Connor. And I wish that BA would stop with all those stupid sex faces that they make it is very un. and distracting and a complete turnoff. Not picking on anyone here jus saying.

  • sliderboi

    jean-daniel… french boys are soooo lovely! :-)

    • von schlomo

      I’m pretty sure he’s from either CZ or SK.

  • Established One

    The ageless Dawson continues to pound….it’s hot though. Thumbs up.

    • clusterfuck

      AGELESS?!?!? His forehead’s much wider than when Dawson started 8 years ago!

  • Riley

    When will this faillaboration be over with? Anybody here have this Dvd so that you could tell us how many more HORROR SCENES we have to endure? I swear this is worse than Sean Cody’s Hawaii F*ck Fest 09. Posting a vid that they had up on BA’s site Wednesday for the weekend does not make it new Corbin and its a huge FAIL. Now when they have PASSION LIKE BEN AND JAMIE OF SEAN CODY AND BRYAN AND DREW OF CD 24/7 then give me a call until then bring this TRAVESTY OF A FAILLABORATION TO AN END AND FREAKING SOON.
    CHEMISTRY WHAT’S ITS ALL ABOUT DUMBA**ES FIND TWO GUYS WHO HAVE SOME AND LET HER RIP. Have a good weekend. I’ll be with Ben and Jamie and Bryan and Drew!!!!!!!! ;)

    • von schlomo

      AFAIK, due to the overwhelming success of the BA & CF collaboration, they have done or are going to do another one. I could be wrong. For the record, I don’t share this opinion. I’m not sure how CF members feel about it, but there are quite a number of complaints on BA’s site every time one of these is posted. I’m not really sure how one produces great sex scenes with chemistry between the guys when they don’t speak the same language, or where it’s to a very limited extent. Too, I dunno if most of them being “straight” is an aggravating or mitigating factor.

    • baz

      If they do another collaboration, all the CF models who topped before should bottom, and vice-versa.

  • Bradster

    God Dawson is repulsive looking. What a shitty update. These Fail-Ami crap need to go (and take Dawson with it).

  • chipp

    looks hot to me – damn! And the video quality looks better than usual.

  • shock55

    I don’t want to see Dawson again. Please go away.

  • Daniel

    A has-been like Dawson doesn’t deserve to be paired with any BelAmi model, let alone topping one. Urgh.

  • DerekTyler

    Every time Dawson fucks a new boy, an angel loses its wings.

  • ben84

    another boring dawson cf video YAWN!

  • kewl0420

    I have a need to lick Jean-Daniel’s beauty mark on his scrotum. It looks delicious like the rest of him.

  • This is getting real tired and old now. I love Dawson but he needa to move on to another site if he wants to contiue to do porn. What is he the CEO at CF! Ugh come on and the BA connection is weak. Its so dead. Nexttttt!!!! Better yet shut this site down. Iys not what it use to be. All they have here is sexy passionate Dru and Connor other than that this site is a massive FAIL!

  • Mr.Grafenberg

    I am tired of Dawson myself but he does have an amazing body. He must be close to zero body fat

  • FeydRautha

    Abysmal showing this week, CF.

    • DerekTyler


    • Bradster


  • humanoid

    dawson should be banished to siberia and have a wild bestial suicidal sex with rabid siberian wolves there. he’s like a guest who terribly overstays his welcome and will never leave!!!!

  • Dawson looks like over 30 years guy..

  • Ike

    Definitely fetal alcohol syndrome. Will someone PLEASE quit giving the three years olds wine with breakfast, lunch, and dinner?