SeanCody: Yuri & Peter

Yuri & Peter at SeanCody

Yuri & Peter at SeanCody

Yuri & Peter at SeanCody

Yuri & Peter at SeanCody

Yuri & Peter at SeanCody

Yuri & Peter at SeanCody

Yuri & Peter at SeanCody

Watch Yuri & Peter at

Yuri likes acting, and he wants to be famous.

“I want an Oscar,” Yuri joked.

Well, maybe not for what he’s doing here! But if they gave awards for fucking, I think he’d have a shot!

When I first met Peter, I wasn’t sure he’d even be interested in having sex with another guy, let alone do it on camera. So, when I asked him and he said “sure,” I knew Yuri would be the perfect one to pair him with. After all, Yuri wants to be famous and if he must be famous for something, it might as well be for fucking hot American ass!

Both of their bodies are in sick shape so having them go at, together, was a great time all around. When they met, the chemistry was instant. Yuri stepped right up to the role of top and wasted no time diving in to Peter’s sweet, virgin pucker. He’s like a little jack rabbit, hammering away at Peter’s hole in positions both horizontal and vertical, abs engaged with every fast, intense thrust.

Yuri jacked Peter’s thick cock while he plowed him on the bed until Peter shot a huge load all over his stomach. Yuri let Peter enjoy his climax for a short minute before he pulled out and shot his own giant load all over Peter’s stomach!

Watch Yuri & Peter at

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  • Urs Jans

    Gotta pass. Nothing actually wrong as much as nothing stands out. Doesn’t appear to be any rimming and oral might also be missing.

  • Established One

    Are u kidding me? Yuri has the perfect ass. Nice dick and these two have great chemistry. It’s a YES for me.

    • Urs Jans

      Yes, Yuri has a nice ass but it doesn’t get touched. Like having a great ribeye steak in the fridge instead of on the grille.

  • elmtree

    A nice and unexpected pairing. Peter definitely looks hotter with his ass full of dick then he did in his solo. I’d certainly do him! And Yuri is great. Would of been a hot flip flop.

  • Nucleosynthesis

    bottom looks like someone from mad tv..something like that

    anyway, they’re both a bit busted, but i’m into the bottom’s thick plug of a dick

  • clusterfuck

    I could be tempted to watch Yuri with another guy. Try again, SC.

  • Ryan–

    The photo of “Yuri” where he has his back arched and is nailing Peter on his back is dynamite.

  • Nate

    Ok I kinda see appeal in both guys. Yuri has an accent which gets bonus points for me. Yes there is no oral AT ALL which is a bummer but I wouldnt mind seeing each again trying more. IF they actually progress and do more they would have to open up more and try some oral imo.

    They cant just kiss for a minute and start fucking again or they may as well not come back. The cum scene was prety hot Peter shot a huge load.

  • Josh J.

    It was alright, but it just ain’t for me.

  • seymour dix

    Boring faces, good bodies but not cute enough

  • Fazz

    Well at least there was a reason to have posted Peter, in the weeks updates.
    I like Yuri, but having Peter in this scene completely ruins it for me.

    It’s a NO!

  • rocxian

    oh! i like watching new actors!

  • KillerWave

    I thought this vid was HOT! Yeah, I was turned on by watching Yuri fuck Peter, even if there was no dick sucking or riming. Peter’s lower body is likea sculpted masterpiece!

  • Yuri is adorable. I actually don’t wanna see him bottom ha. His European-ness, for me, makes him seem like he should take command of shit…literally

    • Vic

      Agree with you jayare.

  • BladeX

    Wow, that was hot!!! I really loved the open mouth passionate kissing. Yuri proves to be quite an enthusiastic performer and a great top. Peter was also good and seemed quite hungry for what Yuri was giving. Hope to see both again paired with some of the newer models, and hope both prove to be versatile. Great update.

  • Alatin1

    I petition for Landon and Peter!!!

  • brandon85

    I’m dissapointed that yall don’t have love for Peter I love him

  • Prancer

    Just bring back Beau that’s all I ask. Dont do me like you did with Daniel, and I know he came back for a vid with Trey however bj scenes mean nada to me, so to me he did nothing.

    • Mike

      Except…that was an extremely hot blowjob scene.


    Guys I have to say I love this site and always read the comments as they make me laugh and at times despair in turn.

    Sean Cody in my experience (and I have been watching porn for a long time), is one of the best sites on the internet as it consistently delivers high quality porn.

    He does however tends to use the same models in his duos (as per other sites Corbin Fisher, College Dudes 24/7) and this was one of the reasons I don’t take out a permanent subscription. What suits me is when I do subscribe is that I only pick the models and scenes that I like and cut the dross.

    Hell it appears that we all have an opinion when it comes to Sean Cody, but the use of these 2 new guys is hot hot hot. Practice makes perfect so although there is no oral or rimming etc give them time and they will be back with more experience guys hopefully.

    Guys chill, perfection is an acquired taste.

  • LJ

    Because Sean Cody has sooo many beautiful men, I tend to get really picky with my models. Yuri has “squinty” eyes and Peter has the “big and dumb” thing going on. Don’t get me wrong – these are two incredibly hot guys that I could never get in realy life. But when you subscribe to SC, you can act like you’re too good for them. So there… OK, I would do either one of them or both at the same time. But I would make Yuri shut the fuck up.

  • Mamzelle Naomi

    LJ hun, you don’t have to be THAT polite because you and I both know that Yuri is AVERAGE at best if not downright ugly.