MenHardAtWork: Spencer Whitman & Trent Locke

Spencer Whitman & Trent Locke at MenHardAtWork

Spencer Whitman & Trent Locke at MenHardAtWork

Spencer Whitman & Trent Locke at MenHardAtWork

Spencer Whitman & Trent Locke at MenHardAtWork

Trent Locke cannot wait to gloat to his hard-working colleague Spencer Whitman about the promotion he just got. Little does Spencer know, Trent only got the promotion do to his tongue tricks. Desperate for a promotion himself, Spencer learns just how exactly that promotion was achieved.

Watch Spencer Whitman & Trent Locke at

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Bob-omb says:

That bottom was on Corbin Fisher, but much less muscular, right? He had the queeniest voice, if I remember.

Mamzelle Naomi says:

WTF happened to Trent Locke!?!? He was so up there stellar and all last time I saw him; now, he’s practically one shade or two away from joining the likes of Roman Heart, Benjamin Bradley and all those other tanned orange freaks!!! NOT COOL, not cool, man!

MikeB says:

It’s just the stills, he looks fine in the video.

Mamzelle Naomi says:

P.S. I am surprised Spencer actually signed up for this shoot, seeing as how he’s got quite the rep for being a size queen in real life, hmmm… maybe his taste has been diversified as of lately or it’s a sign of desperation?

baz says:

Spencer, a size queen? Mamzelle, SPILL PLEASE.

Peter says:

Spencer’s head and body don’t match. He has the face that belongs to a scrawny body, not to the killer body he’s got. His body is gorgeous, so is his body hair and his dick.

Urs Jans says:

There is definitely a mismatch. Looking at those ears, nose and mouth you would expect him to be be two feet tall and holding a pot of gold. In the old days that would ask “paper or plastic” but now that plastic bags are banned (in my town at least) I guess its gotta be paper.

Bradster says:

“Spencer Whitman” looks like an inbred toad. No thanks.

rojo says:

I think Spencer has about the sweetest face I’ve ever seen. He’s really good at getting fucked over a desk but I think his earlier scene with Drew Cutler was way hotter. Even so, I still enjoyed this scene very much.

Anton says:

Exactly! Drew Cutler brought the true bottom bitch out of Spencer Whitman more than any of the other guys he’s been paired with at Suite 703. That video still ranks as one of my favorite videos that Suite703 ever produced. I think one of the reasons why it worked was because both were truly believable in their roles, and the chemistry between the two was incredible, especially with Drew talking very dirty and aggressive with Spencer.

But I like Spencer in just about anything. He’s a great performer and extremely hot.

rojo says:

Actually, Anton, the administrators at Suite 703 say that Drew and Spencer were real-life lovers at the time when their scene was shot ! Isn’t that hot !? That would be a good explanation for their chemistry. One thing that gets me every time is a scene with a combination of doggy-style, thigh-slapping noises, and the bottom’s ass shaking and bouncing while he’s being fucked. That is my biggest weakness in gay porn. That’s probably why I’m such a sucker for Sean Cody. Make those 3 things happen at the same time and I absolutely lose it ! Don’t ask me why. I don’t understand it my damn self.

Established One says:

So long for the days of Corbin Fisher for Spencer. He still is fugly.

Blackwatch says:

I have always loved Spencer’s fur and that tuncut cock of his. He always looks good getting fucked!

Daniel says:

Trent has become so ugly.

And Spencer’s head looks like a small doll’s head stitched on to his body. Delicious cock though.

Ike says:

Spencer, I love ya and the manfur, but that trim job makes you look like a clipped poodle. Horrific. Never trim. Never shave. Please.

FFVIIMidgar says:

I think Trent is pretty hot. Even with the tan.

Spencer on the other hand looks like one of those flip books. His head belongs to one character and his body belongs to another. He’s fugly.