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SeanCody: Mitch & Russ

Mitch & Russ at SeanCody

Mitch & Russ at SeanCody

Mitch & Russ at SeanCody

Mitch & Russ at SeanCody

Mitch & Russ at SeanCody

Mitch & Russ at SeanCody

Watch Mitch & Russ at

SeanCody wrote:

Mitch is back and he fucks Russ silly!

I hadn’t seen Mitch in a while. It was really nice to see his smiling face again!

“What have you been up to?”

“Just working,” said. “Work has been pretty busy.”

Mitch is still in the banking industry, and with all the shit that’s going on there, I wasn’t surprised!

Russ was interested in having sex with another guy. I thought that Mitch’s return was very fortuitous, because they both have that quiet, genuine, well-mannered exterior with just the right amount of “dirty” on the inside. I was especially curious about Russ — all that military training he’s had might make for some pretty intense sex!

They made out on the sofa for a while and I could feel the sexual tension in the room escalate. The longer they made out, the more intense it got. Then, Russ dropped to his knees and started sucking Mitch’s cock.

They moved from the sofa to the floor, where Mitch bent and maneuvered Russ’ body all over until he found the perfect position to rim his ass.

They fucked slow and fast, soft and hard until, finally, Mitch couldn’t take anymore. Just as soon as Russ came all over his stomach, Mitch flipped him over and shot all over his back!

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  • Dave

    Mitch isn’t any kind of banker… but I’d let him hit it any time, any place! Glad to see him again.

    • jmdrwac

      It says he’s in the banking industry. That could mean he’s a security guard or runs the copy machine. Most important, he’s a butterface. The bottom is hot though.

  • baz

    Oh, Mitch. Glad to see him again. Maybe Curtis can find his way back too.

    • Dave

      That would be HOT!!!

  • tyler

    had a feeling RUSS was a hot bottom…yummy

    • Mike

      Yep. Not much question that Russ’s return would be as a bottom.

    • Yan

      tyler i want to fuck you

  • alias74

    Return of the sex god! All hail Mitch!

    Banker…surfer…straight…whatever. Who even believes the stupid, hyperbolic SC bios anymore? Russ is prolly not even in the military.

    But this scene looks hot! Even if Mitch is less defined, let’s hope he at least gives up that sweet ass and gets split open like Harley did! BANK! Love you, Mitch – call me!

  • jackson803

    Wow!! I was just thinking about some of the hotness the Sean Cody had going on last summer and fall and Mitch decides to grace us with his presence… Glad to see him back. Maybe he can convince Kurt and Jay to make a return as well.

    • elmtree

      So true Jackson…now get Jay back and pair him with Mitch. Yum!!

  • Guy

    Yeah, this is what I needed, total hotness. I don’t know if I would prefer to fuck Russ or get fucked by Mitch, but this is what I call an absolute fantasy pairing.

    • BladeX

      I feel exactly the same way Guy. I almost forgot what a fantastic top Mitch continues to be.

    • rojo

      This one hit me just right. I was pleasantly surprised to see Mitch again and I really wanted to see Russ get his hot little ass fucked. This really is a fantasy pairing ! BIG YES !

  • Mike

    Wow. Mitch has been gone more than a year. I guess miracles do happen! :P

    I like Mitch more as a bottom, but I’m very glad he’s back.

  • What a damn delicious pairing. I was expecting Russ to top for his first venture, but hot is hot ha

  • kokes

    mitch good. russ is eh. glad he’s back.

  • Jay


  • adam1uk

    At the start, Russ is talking about this being his second bottoming. There must be a previous one we don’t know about yet.

    • ludafatjoe

      yea i was thinking the same thing, when i started watching i had to pause and go to the sight and see if i had missed the first video, but this was his only duo in there, so maybe they are doing another one out of order like they did with another model i remember

  • clusterfuck

    Russ has bottomed way more than two times. You can tell by his pitchy voice.

    • ludafatjoe

      yes, he def sounds gay

  • Established One

    Wow…it is so good to see Mitch again. What a pounding he gives Russ. This is hot sex! I hope we will see more of Mitch. It’s a YES for me!

  • alias74

    The more I look at Russ and his pics the HOTTER he gets! Let’s see him in more clips….with Alan, Dennis, Yuri and Jess!!!

    BTW that closeup of his hole a) seems like he’s had some (Air Force) action up there and b) TOTALLY reminds me of those creepy talking sphincters from David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

  • seymour dix

    For some reason Russ’s legs look SO FREAKIN’ HOT in the first few pix with the pants still on. This is a good one, but too conventional and lacking intimacy at the end (I hate when one is shooting onto the other’s back)


    Watched the video last night lots of intensity. Loved Russ’s facial expressions whilst being fucked by Mitch. It clear that this guy (as per Jamie) has fucked many times before and i’m not quite believing this is his second time, but who cares.

    Mitch is still hot. Russ how old is he 23/24? as he appears quite mature for his age. Some of the younger models in the behind the scenes i.e. Cameroon, Brendan and Jamie appear to be quite the opposite.

  • Daniel

    YES! Hot pairing!!!

  • lkthms

    Mitch! What a great surprise. Now I can continue fantasizing about Mitch paired with Alan and it might actually happen!

  • Prancer

    As I mentioned b4 Mitch is on my list of fav SC models. Russ=plain and boring to me. I’m all about Mitch getting his rockin ass pounded anyway..Mitch, Jess, or Spencer taking it by Alan would have worked better for me.

    Anywayz, glad to see Mitch back and still waiting on a return from Beau and Clayton..tick toc.

  • elmtree

    Wow I so did not see this one coming. What a pleasant, and hot, surprise. Have always loved Mitch and SO glad to see him back, hot as ever. Russ looks fab getting fucked. Very nice all around…great job SC.

  • Anton

    Well, I guess I’m still in the minority with my feelings towards the All-American Bore. The only time I ever enjoyed a video with Mitch was his video with Kurt — his last before returning in this one. Kurt was the only one who somehow brought out a little spunk in Mitch. Unlike his other videos, you didn’t get the impression that he’s sleep walking through it. His chemistry with Kurt was scorching, and despite never caring for him as a performer, he made me appreciate him more because it was the only time I felt that he came alive. Who could forget that slutty, fuck-me-harder look he gave to Kurt the whole time while Kurt was boning him? Then there was the classic scene with them kissing intimately for a good ten minutes which felt very real and erotic. I give him props for leaving on a high note with that video since I rank it as one of SC’s all time greatest video shoots to date.

    Now he returns to a rather familiar position that we’ve seen him in far too often when he was at his prime, making his return feel slightly anti-climatic. He hit his peak with the video he made with Kurt. So anything following that would fail in comparison. Perhaps if he was paired with a Dennis or Alan that would have made it for the ho hum feel I get seeing the pics. He still looks fantastic, though.

  • von schlomo

    Prefer Mitch as a bottom.

  • LJ

    The highlight was Mitch eating out Russ’ hole. Russ seems to know what he’s doing with his ass cheeks spread and his feet up behind his head – as others have said, he seems to have some experience (and a few miles on that hole).

    As for Mitch… he has Rene Zellweger face.

  • BladeX

    Mitch is the good-looking, squared jawed muscle bound, boy scout who just happens to be doing porn. Although he does not have the most dynamic personality, you know he always going to give a great performance. He always give the impression, whether top or bottom, that he is actually ENJOYING, the sex. I actually prefer him as the top because he is quite aggressive: really gives you a good “pounding”.

    I would like if Mitch would break some of the “top only” guys status, Parker & Alan, and give them a good drilling that would love and definitely not forget!:)

    Russ was okay, but it is Mitch who I liked most on the update.

    • rojo

      I agree about Mitch being paired with Parker or Alan. That would certainly be unforgettable but I’m thinking SC is probably reserving Alan’s cherry for Landon. Now THAT would be a great Sunday update !

  • aQriusGuy

    WOW!!! Mitch is back! He’s also my favorite , expecially when he’s the one getting pounded. The sounds he makes and his facial expressions make me want to consider bottoming myself.

  • humanoid

    they are both bland and dull.. and so are most of the hideous updates this week….

    i’ll go watch watching fifa world cup this week instead… more titillating….

  • 1americaninkorea

    Who the fuck thinks Mitch is butterface?! This guy is smoking hot from tip to toe.

  • ralstonford

    hahaha nice!!! i went to college with “russ.” yes, he was in the air force, his first time bottoming was with a dude he met off craigslist, not on sean cody (he told me) and the gay porn thing was my idea! fucking love what you find on the internet…