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Jet Set Men: Locker Room Spy Guy

Locker Room Spy Guy at

Locker Room Spy Guy at

Locker Room Spy Guy at

Locker Room Spy Guy at

Locker Room Spy Guy at

Locker Room Spy Guy at

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Locker Room Spy Guy Synopsis:

What’s hotter than locker room sex between young buff jocks after they’ve just worked out, and then worked themselves up? Nothing! Josh Griffin discovers this firsthand when he buys a fitness gym and then, observing the post-workout sexual action, becomes a LOCKER ROOM SPY GUY. One by one, muscle studs give in to each other and have hot sex, for their own pleasure, and inadvertently, for the owner’s. Jet Set Exclusives Landon Mycles, Andrew Blue and Dylan Roberts get it on with Tyler Andrews, Brandon Bangs, Parker London, Connor Habib, James Gates and eventually Josh Griffin, in this sizzling John Bruno directed film. In 5 scenes – 3 duos, a solo and a threesome – these Jet Set Jocks give in to the sensual beat of sex and get off.

  • AaronJL

    I dunno. I’m torn on this one. This could be really hot because we like most of the guys in this set. Pizza Boy Gangbang was okay too. But yet another locker room scene — so overdone. What about outdoors or on a boat or a cool and very well done outer space fantasy (which no one has ever pulled off by the way). Get out of the gym. Get out of the showers and locker rooms. Too unoriginal anymore.

    • jmdrwac

      Jet Set is especially guilty of overdoing the locker room thing. And belive me it is not comfortable fucking a guy on one of those changing benches.

      On the other hand, there are a couple of cute guys in this one.

  • Riley

    Ditto Aaron!!!! Otherwise HOT!!! :)

  • baz

    Already seen this. Was not impressed at all. Even Brandon Bangs’ scenes did nothing for me.

    • elmtree

      That’s a bummer about the Brandon Bangs scene cuz the guy he fucked looks damn hot and I was looking forward to seeing this movie just for that scene…

  • mat

    Fucking boring,I just liked the one with Conner Habib and London,but the other guy with them was pretty useless and seemed lost all the time and ruined even that spark of energy,too bad because he’s kinda hot…I’m with u guys..enough with the locker room.

  • Established One

    They all are kinda hot….I say YES!

  • fabrice

    Josh and Bradon in a flip flop would have sold this for me. But neither of them are teamed with guys I care to see banged.

    Big miss!

  • josh69

    Tattoos & Small Cocks..meh..