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RandyBlue: Chris Rockway & Diego Sans

Chris Rockway & Diego Sans at Randy Blue

Chris Rockway & Diego Sans at Randy Blue

Chris Rockway & Diego Sans at Randy Blue

Chris Rockway & Diego Sans at Randy Blue

Chris Rockway & Diego Sans at Randy Blue

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RandyBlue wrote:

When Diego Sans confronts boyfriend Chris Rockway about possibly cheating on him, Chris does what any normal sexy porn model would do. He seduces him. And when Chris Rockway is running his big manly hands down your smooth pecs and looking at you with those gorgeous deep green eyes, there’s little you can do to stop him. Diego can’t resist getting a taste of Chris’ huge meaty cock and the farther he shoves it down his talented throat the harder he gets. Then Chris dives head first on his sexy ass and digs his tongue way deep. Getting all nasty and spitting on Diego’s hungry hole just makes him even hornier and after a while he can’t do anything else but ram his huge thick rod up Diego’s ass. And if you’ve seen Chris fuck before you know he takes no prisoners. He goes in quick and deep and jackhammers away until his partner is practically shooting a load without even touching his dick. But Diego holds off for a bit because he can’t get enough of Chris’ hardcore banging and wants to prolong the pleasure as much as he can. Finally, after being on the brink for a good long time he lets himself shoot a nice thick load all over his tight tummy. And when Chris sees this he shoots his own juices all over Diego’s chest and totally covers it with hot spunk.

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  • jmdrwac

    Two fine bodies here. I’m a big Diego fan.

    grade: B+

  • Delian07

    Chris is always a yes in my book, and Diego’s smoking too, so this looks like it’s a hot update.

  • Sushi

    Yes, yes. Great update. Diego always looks delish! I love a smooth Latin man.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    This gets an automatic yes from me cause of Chris Rockway. He’s fucking sexy as hell! I could watch him EVERYDAY!

  • limn

    Has Chris come out of the closet yet or is he still “straight”?
    The luster has worn out a bit but Chris is still a hottie with a surprisingly long justifiable shelf life!

  • elmtree

    OMG, I’ve died and gone to heaven. My fav RB month (diego) bottoming for my fav RB gay 4 pay (chris) top. How could this not be hot? Oh wait, it is RB so there could be some erection issues. Still a hot pairing and can’t wait to get home and watch!

  • Dave

    Diego makes this awful day at work soo much better!

  • Ryder25

    Chris needs a neck lift. The skin under his chin is starting to get a little saggy.

    • Lucas

      He’s better of with a little lipo ;)

  • Costumer

    I just can’t get over the flawed premise of this scene because, really, who in their right mind would EVER cheat on Diego?

  • I like them both! Hot update!

  • marti1234

    nice, nice pairing, the boyish,7 masculine contrast hot, i think Diego should have returned the favour :)

  • muffintop

    I’ll admit to being a little bit tired of Chris because he’s been around so long, but he’s still a hottie. I love Diego, he’s so frickin cute and such a hot bottom! If the video is close to these photos then there’s plenty of kissing and body contact and that is HOT.

  • Established One

    They both are hot….I say YES!

  • Daniel

    Goddamn why did Chris have to be paired with Diego? :(

    Wish Diego was topping, not bottoming…

  • tyler

    i always enjoy me some ROCKWAY Topping!

  • josh69

    Rockaway still looks tight after all these years….He could possibly be the Cher of porn…

  • Neo

    Chris Rockaway’s dick was not even hard when he was topping Diego. I used to like Chris, but I’m over him. If you can’t perform, RETIRE. I don’t wanna see limp dicks in porn.

    And how the hell do you do a scene with Diego and not eat his ass? This scene blows, and not in a good way.

    • Neo

      My bad. He did eat Diego’s ass a little bit. But not the way he should lol

  • TaterTot

    I could really have been a huge Chris fan, but there’s something a little off. All the fake over-the-top moaning, posturing and carrying on. And, regrettably, he isn’t a dependable top. Fucking Leo Giamini, he’s barely hard.

  • cdman

    I really like Chris Rockway. How long has he been in porn now, about 4 or 5 years? I never get tired of him, he’s just a beautiful man. I only wish he would do more bottoming. Randy Blue and Falcon need to get together and have him and Zeb Atlas do a one-on-one where they flip-flop. That would be even hotter than the homoerotic “Texas Two-Step” Zeb did with Mark Dalton.

    Diego is also pretty hot, too. Hope he’s around for a long time, too.