SeanCody: Charlie & Jamie

Charlie & Jamie at SeanCody

Charlie & Jamie at SeanCody

Charlie & Jamie at SeanCody

Charlie & Jamie at SeanCody

Charlie & Jamie at SeanCody

Charlie & Jamie at SeanCody

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SeanCody wrote:

Charlie was extremely energetic during his first video. He was bouncing all over the place and ready to get to it! I needed someone that could balance out his energy while still maintaining that excitement he has for sex.

Jamie shares that excitement and I had a feeling that Charlie would appreciate him on a physical level and would connect with him since they are both young, sexually charged studs that have a lot in common.

“What do you think about his chest?”

“He has a real developed chest. It’s muscular. I like the hair man… it’s sexy,” Charlie said as he caressed Jamie’s chest.

“Do you wanna suck on it?”

“I’d love to.”

I hadn’t seen anyone worship Jamie’s body like that before. Charlie kissed Jamie’s chest, breathing it in with a sensuality I didn’t expect. That continued down to Jamie’s cock. This was Charlie’s first time sucking cock and he definitely took his time, ensuring Jamie enjoyed it.

That energy carried on throughout. Jamie fucked Charlie with an intensity that made Charlie’s toes curl until he came. Jamie laid on top of Charlie, kissing him and rubbing their cum covered cocks together. They stopped and looked at each other and smiled. This was definitely a perfect pairing!

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  • clusterfuck

    Mmm a purty new bottom at SC! Nice to see Jamie’s starter cock break Charlie in, but too bad this wasn’t a flip flop.

    Can’t wait to see Charlie sitting on Esteban, Jess or Julio!

    • Neobamboom

      He’s still cute, but why is he topping again?
      Just like Jamie I think this guy has been fucked several times before off camera, that’s just seancody being seancody.

    • darkthunder1983

      Methinks Charlie ain’t new to this like he makes it seem.

  • kainne

    two thumbs down!

  • Marsx09

    I really don’t like Jamie as a top, but I will admit this was better than when he topped Esteban {at least he didn’t need the finger to cum this time}. Charlie is…whatever

  • Ryder25

    Any update that doesn’t have Trevor in it gets a thumbs up from me.

  • Anton

    I like Jamie, and I applaud him for ATTEMPTING to be versatile, but he just doesn’t look as natural when he tops as he does when he bottoms. I guess moving from bottom to top isn’t as exciting as watching a performer move from top to bottom.

  • ic1male

    Any clip with a bit of cum eating is worth a watch. Jamie seems to like the stuff. :)

    • josh69

      Looks like Jamie really loved gobbling up Charlie’s tasty DNA…mmm..yummy…

  • KillerWave

    Jamie is always HOT whether he tops or bottoms, no ifs, ands, or butts about it! I’m also bored of seeing Jamie bottom and it’s nice to see him top new guy Charlie! Hopefully Charlie will stay with SC for a while!

  • alias74

    Typical comment: “I like Jamie as a bottom, but wish he would top more!”

    Same commenter After topping scene: “Jamie is a more natural bottom…he shouldn’t top anymore!”

    So which is it? I think Sean Cody is TOTALLY fucking confused….

    As for Charlie….well, it seems that a) the Sean Cody power bottom tiara may effectively be stolen (depending on future clips) and b)that makes TWO bottoms (ahem…JAMIE!) who SC should put into a fuckfest RIGHT NOW (when was the last time there was a huge group scene?)

    • Anton

      If that comment was geared towards me, I don’t think I said anything about Jamie not topping anymore. I’m just expressing my opinion that he doesn’t look that natural topping. Nor have I ever stated that I wanted to see Jamie top. For example I think Alan is an insanely talented top, but I wouldn’t care less if he bottoms because he’s so good of a top it really doesn’t matter to me.

    • Riley

      Alias 74 Dude you know the last time we had a huge
      FF was that disaster of a Hawaii FF 2009 ending. Pete
      and Kurt missing from the final group sex scene and MY Dougie getting done by Keith looking like he was in pain and probably was. Notice he headed for the hills and left La casa Cody after that. And then we have have primadonna Matt who won’t suck or rim. Hope that answers your question of a group scene. :)

    • von schlomo

      Jake, not Keith, stuck his dick in Doug’s ass and it was confined to the Behind The Scenes.

    • Riley

      I’m talking about the actual fim Von Schlomo where it looks like My DOUGIE is in pain not the BTS video.

  • Established One

    Jamie is so hot. He is becoming the dominating bottom. Has beefed up alot. It’s a thumbs up and YES for me!

  • alias74

    PS…it kinda looks like SC did their usual “fake top fucking while bottom cums” bit….HATE that, but then again THAT’S what you get when you use straight boys for GAY porn…

    • LJ

      “…when you use straight boys for GAY porn”…you’re being sarcastic, right? Charlie’s tits are scarred from where someone ripped out his nipple rings and we’ve seen Jamie take every (non-black) dick on Sean Cody.


  • elmtree

    Glad to see Charlie back so soon and doing what appears to come natural to him. Looks like a hot new bottom…nice! Jamie, not my first choice of tops but Charlie seems in to him.

  • bob80

    I don’t like any of them, too boyish, too gay, too bland.

  • Jakub

    Jamie is fucking cute but he is a BOTTOM ,god!

    Charlie, I’m not sure about him,look like he is not enjoy it at all.

  • Daniel

    Interesting pairing…

  • Jared

    Yes I’m another non-fan of topping Jamie. Plus who is the bottom? He’s so random. Of all the guys who’ve done solos in the past few months they chose this scrawny guy?

    Sean Cody has been so inconsistent like all year. I remember 2 to 3 years ago like every update used to be good.

  • Mike

    I almost got it right. I thought Charlie would fuck Jamie before giving up his ass to one of SC’s tops. I get why SC had Jamie top Charlie. They’re similar in age, and Jamie has (I think) one of the smaller cocks on SC. (Alan also has a smallish cock, but I think he would’ve eaten Charlie alive.) I usually don’t like the SC bootcamp makeover, but Charlie looks hotter here. Charlie has the makings of a great bush; he should let his pubes grow out.

    I enjoyed the foreplay—surely that’s not Charlie’s first blowjob—but the actual fucking was nothing special. For me, the hottest part of the vid was the post-fuck cum lapping and kissing and the grinding. I hope Charlie bottoms for Calvin and (if he’s not gone) Allen: those would be hot matchups.

  • AaronJL

    I find the comments about Jamie topping very odd (the negative ones). Between the two, he’s got the bigger dick. Jamie not making a good top is a silly idea. I guess many think he should always be submissive. Jamie always bottoming would be boring. Just like Jess always topping is boring, as cute as he is.

    I’d rather see a flip-flop but apparently few producers feel that way. Sad.

    Charlie is VERY cute .. love the freckles.

    • jmdrwac

      Well said about Jamie, even though a phenomenal ass like that is hard not to lust after. he does seem to enjoy the sex.

  • poison824

    nice to see jamie topping! one of the hotter looking guys in sc for sure

  • scottnyer

    No matter what is said, Jamie is way cute. I think he’s a little like a too cocky, charming boy, but he’s very cute and built. (I still think he’s gay and does gymnastics but that might just be me stereotyping),

    Haven’t seen the clip but if he can top with a hard on and look good, I say go for it. He shouldn’t just stay as a bottom.

  • deedos

    man this one is rediculous this is the fakest update ever lol

  • whitestealth

    Who ARE you people!!! This was a great update, and with a cute boy-next-door type like Charlie coming back so soon it makes it seem even more surprising. With Jamie no less…

    And yet all the criticism about being a top or bottom or like this or that. No wonder the owners of these sites disregard comments here or elsewhere. It really goes to show that ‘you can’t please all the people all the time’, or in this case, hardly any.

    This thread sounds like a bunch of old ladies at a tea party.

    • jimmymack

      My thoughts exactly….lot’s of criticism from the Golden Girls of porn review. These two were into, hot and it was so much better than we have seen. Two cocks up!

    • Riley

      And next time whitestealth be more specific because some of the comments here actually love this instead of putting everyone in the “Who ARE you people category”

      I for one thought it freaking rocked,but then again I Love almost anyting that Sean Cody puts out so you really can’t go by me :)

    • whitestealth

      Well, I could have been more specific, I suppose. However, I thought it was clearly aimed at all the negativity. Maybe not…

      I like almost all of SC as well, and when I don’t like an update; well, less said the hetter.

      My main though was, if I were SC and really trying to figure out what people liked from this thread, it would be next to impossible.

  • I like Jamie when topping (Love him when he bottoms)
    So for now i am going to watch this update and just like him :) hope he bottoms again soon.
    By the way, what ever happened to Landon?

    • Mike

      I’m a little worried. Landon has been gone for two months, and Alan has been gone for nearly three months. SC doesn’t have any tops to spare.

    • whitestealth

      There are lots of good models that have disappeared. I still pine for Owen (isn’t there a song about that? lol). I thought SC did the right thing when Harley left, announcing it on a bhs vid. Wish they would do that more often…

    • von schlomo

      Don’t forget Jonah and I think he was satisfactorily versatile.

      The problem in announcing departures is it’s almost never practical. Unless Sean Cody decides they’re never going to work with a given guy, you have to rely on the model not changing his mind. How many times has Lucas retired from Corbin Fisher? It’s a joke.

      Besides, SC doesn’t gain anything by eliminating part of the suspense of tuning in each week to see who he’s going to offer up.

  • WeaponX

    I like it, but where are Calvin, Russ and Jarek? I want to see more videos of them.

  • Fazz

    Jamie topping? Que, donde? I wanna see this. I have to admit it doesnt look too bad, i mean not a huge fan of the bottom, but jamie topping FUCK YES!

  • Sushi

    Love Charlie, so super cute, and very eager to please. Jamie is nice to see topping for once (OK, twice). I’m bored with him bottoming, so this is nice. I think two young guys, both kinda short, works well. Can’t WAIT to watch this tonight!! ;)

  • brandon85

    Charlie looks a lot like Matt. Why is it when a guy bottoms a lot people automatically say hes a bad top Yall even say this with Dennis who is an amazin top

  • cdman

    Good update, SC! I wasn’t expecting to see Charlie back this soon, but I’m glad he is and that he’s bottoming! Always love to see a newbie bottom right away!

  • FeydRautha

    I don’t understand all this negative criticism of Jamie as a top.

    “Insert erect penis into bootyhole.”

    And there you have it. You’ve got yourself a top. With all these lame gay-for-pay models infesting these sites, you’re lucky to get the erect penis.

  • kevinj

    I love Jamie bottomong or topping. I don’t understand why people seem to have a problem with versatility. Besides, he isn’t an awful top (otherwise, he’d be on RB).

  • acosta

    making love to them both would be a great experience. just to imagine them both sliding their thick meat into m tight ass makes me crave to have sex with by BF tonight. licking both their ass and giving them a foot job would be great.

  • Orion Hunter

    Charlie is a babe! Loved seeing his toes alternately curl and splay.

  • jonesy

    uninteresting. didn’t get me hard at all. next please!

  • Ike

    Jamie is one of the few bottoms in the world I’d let top me.

  • NJS

    FRECKLES!!! + Great Easy Going Attitude=WIN!! Loved the BTS! Even though I prefer him on the bottom, I will take Jamie however I can get him.