MenHardAtWork: Brad Star & Dylan Hauser

Brad Star & Dylan Hauser at MenHardAtWork

Brad Star & Dylan Hauser at MenHardAtWork

Brad Star & Dylan Hauser at MenHardAtWork

Brad Star & Dylan Hauser at MenHardAtWork

Dylan is out in the backyard washing down the patio before Brad comes over for a swim. Brad shows up before Dylan is ready and jokes around about Dylan working in the heat. Playing around Dylan squirts Brad but he doesn’t find it very funny. “Do it again and you’re gonna get it” Brad exclaims so Dylan does and he gets it!

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elmtree says:

Ok, could it be possible I’m already growing a little tired of Brad since his return?? I hope not, cuz I luv him. I don’t know, just not feeling this one.

Trepakprince says:

I think if he had a different bottom this scene would be a whole Lot hotter. I watched brad when he was a semi twink on Randy blue and I’ll watch him as a buff Adonis on hot jocks

riko says:

Ohhh brad star! I’m not tired at all keep him coming :) dylan has a nice body too but eh

alanalt says:

While I’m glad in a big way that Brad’s back, I just wish QUITE so many of his new scenes were not with ‘paint-by-numbers’ Suite 703 sites… ;)

Urs Jans says:

Don’t like Brad but Dylan is cute.

tyler says:

the clip isnt that inspired, but the photos are gr8. i fucking love brad. as everyone knows. dylan is very attractive, but not so enthusiastic. can you imagine getting to suck brad star’s cock and take it up the ass and not give the scene your all?!

riko says:

As a matter of fact.. no. No I can’t imagine =P

LuckyinKentucky says:

I really don’t get the way everyone goes on and on and on about Brad. He’s just ok to me…nothing special. Same for the bottom, although I think he’s SLIGHTLY cuter than Brad.

Established One says:

Very hot. I love me wome Brad Star. Well hung and a super stud. It’s a YES for me!

Daniel says:

Dylan’s kinda cute!

cdman says:

Another good one with Brad Star. I think I dig him as much as Tyler! I never get tired of seeing him. Although I do think they should have spaced out his appearances a little more since his return, they seem to be a little too close to the previous one. Let’s see, he’s been with Cliff Jensen, Ridge Michaels, Hugo Alexander and Dylan Hauser since his return last month and one other person who’s a personal favorite of mine which hasn’t been posted here yet. I won’t spoil the surprise, just think All-American Southern Guy =-) Anyway, my main concern is that out of all 5 of these videos, he’s bottotmed only once. I was hoping to see him bottom more since he returned. I guess maybe part of the reason for that is because his endowment is such a size that the studios think it’s more interesting to see if a bottom can take it? Too bad Leo Giamani retired, he and Brad were about the same size and it would have been fun to see him top Brad. Probably the biggest person to top Brad that I can think of was Chad Hunt. Oh well, keeping my fingers crossed to see more Brad bottoming in the future!

jossa says:

i really hve the hots for brad star. oh my

BreedingJock says:

Not a good video AT ALL! There is NO chemistry between these two. Dylan is NOT attractive and has NO BODY! UGH…where did they find him?!?