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SeanCody: Oscar & Kurt

Oscar & Kurt at SeanCody

Oscar & Kurt at SeanCody

Oscar & Kurt at SeanCody

Oscar & Kurt at SeanCody

Oscar & Kurt at SeanCody

Watch Oscar & Kurt at

Sean wrote:

When I picked up Kurt at the airport I almost didn’t recognize him. It had been a while since I’d seen him and he’d been using the time to train and focus on building mass! I could see through his clothes that his pecs were big, meaty slabs and his ass was huge!

On our drive, we caught up and Kurt was charming as ever, with that irresistible smile.

Oscar was waiting us, kind of nervous, but excited. He and Kurt hit it off immediately, and I didn’t waste any time bringing up the obvious.

“It’s a good thing that you have a big cock,” I joked with Oscar. “You’re going to need it to get past those big ass cheeks!”

Oscar is adorable. He got a big smile on his face and said, “I think I can!”

And he did! It was impressive was watching Oscar’s cock spread Kurt’s ass open as he fucked him really good. And wait until you see the stream of cum that end’s up covering Kurt’s face. Wow!

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  • Dave1896

    Okay…so Kurt is back. Prefered the old Kurt. Too fake looking, and overly tanned. But it’s good to have a older guy (not in age) come back to teach the younger guys how it’s done. Also love the facial. Nothing to say about the other one.

    • elmtree

      I agree I’m not lovin the new Kurt as much as the old Kurt. Still wouldn’t kick him out of bed but much preferred his prior build. He still has a beautiful ass, cock and smile tho!

  • irishdave

    Kurt looks dreadful!! What has he done to himself?? He was one of the hottest guys to ever grace Sean Cody but he has destroyed his good looks. His face is swollen and he has bulked up too much..He looks plastic!!

    • josh69

      Bloated Bottom…Roids?

  • czpep

    Kurt, stop gaining muscle NOW please. your becoming hideous

    • jmdrwac

      Not “becoming.” He’s already there. Used to be a great looking guy.

      The less said about “Oscar” the better.

    • Res1

      LMAO. Your post is hilarious.

      I don’t know what’s up with these gay porn dudes and steroids.

  • Fazz

    To use gamer terms; This is made of WIN!
    Kurt is back by popular demand I’m sure. Sean Cody listened to the fans, for once lol.
    And what a comeback this is, Kurt is effin HUGE. He sure has beefed/bulked up quite a bit; huge oblekes, awesome biceps/triceps, great chest, beefy legs, and not to forget THAT ASS! Wooow! A true budonka donk!

    Usually seeing Oscars dick cleave an ass looks redonculous since his dick is so thick; but seeing it split Kurt’s bootyfull butt makes it seem more like a thumb :P.

    Kurt has turned into a muscle daddy, sans the overly hairy chest, stomach, back, ass etc. All of which i can do without. It’s awesome to see a man look like a man without actually looking like a primitive animal; a point lost on many men and porn studios that seem to completely forget it, instead choosing extremes i.e Twink vs. BEAR. And he reeeally pulls it off!

    It’s not a secret that Kurt is currently my absolute favourite at Sean Cody (since Jonah jumped ship), although Kurt was my fave pre Jonah as well; any whoo my opinion might seem biased. But Kurt has consistently delivered passionate performances, he isn’t afraid to admit what he likes and he’s not shy to bottom and show that he loves it. Plus, he’s one of the most gorgeous men i have seen, Period!

    Seeing Kurt getting plowed made me salivate (i know it sounds gross, but it’s a natural response to hotness), it gave me goosebumps and it sent chills/shivers down my spine; chills/shivers that worked their way down to my crotch :P.
    It’s so refreshing to see a man that loves having a tongue or cock in & around his ass.
    This scene is going to be an absolute pleasure to watch.
    Seeing as the latest SC updates have been huge letdowns for me personally the bar is set quite low.

    • Urs Jans

      No, to use gamerspeak this is full of FAIL. Kurt looks bloated. I’m surprised sticking a dick in him didn’t make him pop like a balloon.

    • Res1

      I usually like your post, but are you on something? He looks dreadful.

    • Fazz

      Res1 :o You’re breaking my heart!

      When you take protein and work out, that’s what happens. And I’m frankly proud of him for wanting to get bigger.
      Yes he might look large, but we have to consider that it’s a lot of muscle. And a lot of it is water weight as well.

      When he starts “deffing” after wards all that “bloat” will disappear and he will look even more ripped than he did before. Personally i cant wait to see how it turns out.

      Sc, might have jumped the shark and brought him back too soon, but i don’t get the hate that people seem to show. To hate for the purpose of hating is like drinking water when you’re not thirsty, you’ll end up bloated, and it’s not a flattering look.

      I pride my self on hating on the “right” type of adult entertainer/ porn actor. There is no reason to hate on Kurt, he’s one of the few porn actors that comes across as genuine and talented.

      So i reserve my hate for the right guy.

    • elmtree

      Fazz, I guess I’m one of the haters. But I’m not hating for the sake of hating. I just don’t like Kurt’s new look, certainly not near as much as I did his old look. I’m hating on his new look not hating on him. Still love him to death and still want him as my boyfriend! I’d just insist he lose the additional mass.

      And why are you “proud of him for wanting to get bigger”? Why mess with perfection? Why want to get bigger when one is already amazingly hot? We love our Kurt just the way he was! :)

    • Fazz

      Elmtre, I’m proud of him because i remember that he spoke about wanting to get bigger (more ripped, with larger muscles & definition) in a previous, Behind the scenes. He set a goal and he’s well on his way to getting there.

      I don’t think he wants to get fat in any way, i just think that you cant go from A – Z without going through the alphabet. And F(at) and B(loated) are letters in, said alphabet. Even though i don’t think he’s much of either.

      I really love the guy and I’m not gonna abandon/hate him just because he temporarily got a little bigger.

      Having said that. From the vile comments on this blog about him, i think that SC might have made a mistake with bringing him back while he’s “in development” ;).

      Good things come to those who wait :)

    • King Henry VIII

      @ Fazz Just asking a ? not picking on you or anything. Wonder where was your Love for Pete when he did the same thing? Or was he never really one of your SC favortes?

    • Fazz

      I was never a huge Pete fan. But i was never a critic, as far as i remember. :)

    • fyrefly

      agreed. kurt is gorgeous. i keep coming back to this post cuz i miss that hes not being used.
      kurt and luke are sexy buff men and need to return.


    Horrible what happened Kurt? Too much muscle.

    This reminds me of Pete when he bulked up and he did not look right yes i,m being judgemental which I have accussed others of being in the past but this is sad pass….

    • Mike

      I preferred Pete as a golden twink, too.

  • Nate

    Agreed Kurt got too big just like Pete. Now he looks fake.

  • porndog

    What everyone seems to not be saying IMO is that Kurt simply gained weight; didn’t lose muscle, but simply gained weight. To say he has more muscle is I think a nice way of saying he’s now just “thicker” than before. He’s no longer lean. When you gain muscle, it doesn’t mean you lose definition.

    Kurt has said before that he doesn’t indulge in sweets in order to maintain his lean, cut physique. It appears he’s been indulging. Plus, the fact that as men get older, the waistline thickens–everything does. It’s just a fact of age (believe me, I know) for most men.

    However, he needs to go on a diet and fast, because I for one find him less attractive this way, although he’s still a handsome man.

    BTW, that was one of the best facials ever! I just wish SC had filmed it better with a more frontal camera angle.

    • Res1

      It could be that and some people’s bodies just change when they reach their mid-late twenty’s. What they call the “spread”.

    • Ryder25

      People’s bodies ‘spread’ if they let them. If you work out and eat well you won’t get thicker.

  • whitestealth

    SC could not have had much on the shelf to publish this.

    That means there will be no Alek etc.

  • iwipmydickbackandfourth

    kurts not looking too hot. oscar looks like he was beaten with an ugly stick past recognition and the surgeons could only get him to look half human again… but i will say: THE DICK SAVES THE SCENE

  • iwipmydickbackandfourth

    never seen two fuggish guys look so hot while fucking… great penetration shots! i want to watch this one.

  • Daniel

    Kurt looks so godawful! What happened to him??? He’s so chunky now…

    • LA Clergy

      People are saying that he bulked up, muscled up and so on. I think he is just plain fat. He is huge and not appealing at all.

      He doesn’t look at all like his old self.

  • Mike

    Wow! Where to start? Kurt is my favorite of all SC’s models, but this ain’t Kurt. I don’t know who it is. He looks swollen. When your head disappears into your neck you’ve gone too far. (And just complete the package: where the fuck did that hideous, ill-fitting shirt come from?) I love Kurt, but if this is the new version, I’m not that interested. Hard to believe this is the guy who showed up for a solo two years ago.

    One of Kurt’s best features has been his great ass, made nicer by his lean frame. A big ass on a big body is nothing special.

    Kurt’s also one of SC’s most versatile guys, but they’ve paired him with one of their least versatile. (Kurt inspired even Alan to taste a cock.) Oscar doesn’t have much to recommend him except a big cock. Kurt tries, but I don’t see anything special. He’s only made three vids this year, so why not pair him with Esteban or Calvin or have him top Charlie or Steven?

    Kurt shoots a really nice load. Oscar gives Kurt a facial, but I was hoping that Kurt would at least take an open-mouth taste; he does clean off Oscar’s cock. But Oscar doesn’t even lick his cum off Kurt’s face. This vid was a big disappointment.

  • irishdave

    The updates have been terrible for the last 2 months. The last really hot update was Mitch/Charlie or Jonathan/Esteban..The same guys are bottoming over and over..we need some change to the usual dynamic..

  • irishdave

    The updates have been terrible for the last 2 months. The last really hot update was Mitch/Charlie or Jonathan/Esteban..The same guys are bottoming over and over..we need some change to the usual dynamic..

    And Kurt just looks plain fat….

  • alias74

    I am ASTOUNDED over the level of hate over Kurt’s new appearance. Personally….I think he looks AWESOME!!! How did we get this FAR with our superficiality that Kurt here….looking healthy, vibrant and muscular…is taken to task as looking “thick”, “fat”, “bloated”. Sad sad commentary…

    I think he looks better than a 12 inch dick…that ass is at national treasure level!!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if he crops on the Colt website as a result of his new physique….BRING IT ON!

    • 1americaninkorea

      I’m with you,. Perhaps alot of people complaining are just looking at the pics, but having watched the vid, I can say Kurt looks hot as FUCK, and Oscar actually comes off kind of dorky-fun. And even though the facial started kind of hinky, Kurt cleans Oscar’s cock, and then Oscar comes in for a nice, wet cum-kiss… HOTNESS!

    • Mike

      One man’s healthy, vibrant, muscular is another man’s thick, fat, bloated. Although I used “swollen.”

      Given the choice between Kurt 1.0 and Kurt 2.0, I’ll take the former. And I’d be willing to bet that if Kurt 2.0 had been the Kurt who soloed in January 2009, we wouldn’t still be seeing him.

    • porndog

      Don’t be too surprised by everyone’s reaction. Kurt is popular primarily for the way he looked, and now that that has changed, he is being compared to his former self. There’s nothing wrong with that. He’s the one who set the bar for himself, so the fact that we are disappointed with his present condition is reasonable.

      And I have seen the video, and even Kurt seemed embarrassed when the interviewer had to ask him more than once to undress and show his ass; that was pretty obvious to me.

      Any change takes some getting used to, but Kurt will be compared to his former self. He will either have to sell it as other models have or work at looking like the Kurt we have all lusted after.

    • elmtree

      Well said porndog…well said.

    • King Henry VIII

      Any change takes some getting used to, but Kurt will be compared to his former self. He will either have to sell it as other models have or work at looking like the Kurt we have all LUSTED after.

      Well if that is TRUE porndog then Kurt only has 3 more films cause Kurt is following the same formla of Pete with this muscle gains. So where is Pete NOW? And is this where KURT is headed 3 more films and then where is he NOW. just saying.

  • LuckySinger

    I, for one, am LOVING Kurt’s new beefed-up look! Those pecs are incredible and what I wouldn’t give to rim that huge bubble butt all day…DAMN. More Kurt, please!! :)

  • tyler

    enough has been said about KURT. at least he knows the focus of this scene should be on OSCAR’s oscar size cock- look how gorgeous Oscar’s light skin now photographs (in comparison to Kurt’s ‘roid-red tone), and how yummy his cock is! Kurt may have temporarily lost in the face department because of steroid use, but it still looks hot with cum all over it. Maybe Oscar should direct?

    • Dave

      Love your posts. Wit in every bit.

  • Anton

    I’m sorry, normally I like guys that are a bit beefy, but this new look isn’t working for Kurt. What has happened to our near-perfect, beautiful Kurt?! He almost look as though he’s in his 40s here which is a shame because according to SC he’s in his late 20s. Arguably the hottest male model to appear in the history of SC’s existence looks bloated and chunky. And that tan doesn’t help matters either. Yeah, sure, he probably still has that great personality that makes you melt, but that use to be the icing on the cake back in the day. Kurt had it all and that’s what made him a superstar at SC: great, aw-shucks personality, versatile performer, attractive beyond comprehension, etc. Without his classic looks all else crumbles.

    The last time Kurt was in a video was when Jess fucked him. In that video he looked as sexy, slim and beautiful as ever. But that video was terrible due to the fact that Kurt gave an atrocious performance — which is shocking since he’s a grade A bottom! (I think his performance was due to the fact that he wasn’t really into Jess and didn’t like how Jess fucked him.) But nothing prepared me for this! No, this is disastrous.

    Why such an attractive guy and porn superstar allow himself to go like this?

    • Mike

      I agree. And Jess and Kurt was a lousy vid.

  • Chuliaka

    Kurt is too big now.
    I hate it.

  • waybig

    I think this is the “normal” Kurt. In his previous videos his face always looked a bit gaunt to me, but now it’s filled out and he looks healthy. I approve of the new (old?) look.

    • Rictor

      Agree about not minding the “new” Kurt. He’s definitely put on a lot of mass—especially the chest, glutes, and most noticibly, the ab region. Kurt is always an enthusiastic performer. Would like to see him and Brodie flip flop one of these days.

  • clusterfuck

    Kurt looks like he’s retaining water. I prefer Kurt version 1.0 over the tanned bloated Muscle Mary version.

    Oscar’s dick may be porn material but the rest of him still shouldn’t be in porn.

  • David

    I like that Kurt has got rid of a lot of his body hair. I have no problem with a guy with some hair but his always looked gross.

    His “pecs” look more like boobs btw.

  • LJ

    It takes all of Oscar’s strength to spread Kurt’s asscheeks apart. And that hole looks lived in… Kurt needs to do some cardio.

  • WeaponX

    Hmm… orange and bulky, seems like The Thing ate Kurt.

    There’s tastes for everything and some people might like him more now, unfortunately I don’t, I think he was perfect in his first videos, but besides the steroid look he does seem at that point where you lose the youthful look. It’s awfully shallow, but porn and modeling and all entertainment jobs are mostly based on looks.

    Besides in his last clip with Jess he looked like he was hating getting fucked, so I’m not looking forward to watch this one.

  • FeydRautha

    Not a fan of this new “swollen” Kurt and Oscar needs to go away already.

  • EmpireState

    It’s so weird… I always thought only straight porn wanted to include ‘women you never had a chance with,’ but I’m kind of surprised that some of you seek the same extreme in gay porn. Kurt is like a hot, ‘normal’ looking guy you might see around the corner; however, some of you don’t like this. If my standards were so high that even a decent guy like Kurt didn’t pass muster, I would go back to vaginas (no, not really, lol).

    • Mike

      That’s not it.

      This is a very radical change. I can’t think of another top SC model who has changed so much. (Maybe Pete.) Kurt didn’t let himself go. He reconfigured himself. For whatever reason, this was a deliberate act to move his body type in another direction. As someone said in a previous post, he now looks more like a Colt model. And, me, I preferred the other one. Nothing negative about it.

      And the beauty of the old Kurt was that he never gave off the vibe that you “never had a chance” with him. He already was the “normal” looking guy you might see around the corner.

  • mitsaso

    OH NOES KURT! What have you done to yourself?

    On the other hand… hmmmm, big, juicy, ass-melons! Yum.

    Of course I’d still gay-marry him in a heartbeat and make him have my butt-babies. Maybe if his skin goes back to his normal color he’ll get much better.

  • iwipmydickbackandfourth

    some of you need to write a book a few of these comments are intense novels =P

  • Vegasrich

    I LOVE Kurt in all his forms. I was elated to see him return. If I had a complaint I would say the tan was a bit much. And normally I try not to complain about the models for they put themselves out their for our pleasure but I just do not see the appeal of Oscar on any level. It was so disappointing to see him paired with my favorite Kurt.

  • cdman

    Count me in the “LIKE” department of Kurt’s new look. He was always cute before, but I like his new, beefy look. The tan is a little much, but I’ve seen worse. And I always love when a big, beefy guy bottoms for a leaner guy as in this video. Glad he’s back.

  • Ryder25

    The rolls of fat on the back of his head are particularly nasty. How on Earth do you get ‘head fat’???
    Y U C K!

  • Guy

    WHY, answer me WHY Kurt? You were perfect before, now you look like a steroid ridden blow up doll. What a tragedy!!!!!!

  • Renee

    The pic. of him getting rimmed really, really shows the change. It’s almost embarrassing. He’s clearly popping pills.

  • Axon

    This is about as erotic as chewing alfoil. Being a book I say!

  • seymour dix

    Kurt is a perfect example of the detrimental effects of many gay men’s obsession with big muscles —he was beautiful, now he looks terrible, he ruined his body and his beautiful FACE TOO —yuck

    • seymour dix

      I say this, even if “Kurt” is actually “Straight” as he surely claims to be for the purposes of gay porn

  • Auggy

    Oscar needs to bottom. I never cared for Kurt…still don’t. Pass.

  • floodboy


  • floodboy

    As a matter of fact, Kurt has always been very cute, and I understand why people don’t like the change, the same way they critized CF Travis’ new look. Despite the fact that I’ve always loved the way he looked in the past, I couldn’t help myself thinking he had to struggle to look that way, the same way fashion models (and I am talking about the male fashion models) struggle to keep a certain weight. His nipples used to have an extra fat that’s typical of formerly fat guys who lost extra weight. Now that he gained some muscle and expanded his chest, that’s gone.

    Obviously his face is more rounded and his waist is larger, but still he has no belly, so it’ fine for me. He looks more butch. I am not sure about the extra tan or the new hair cut – although this last one works for me as well.

    His butt is even rounder and fuller than before. I think he can perform even better as a bottom and play as a dominant top as well.

  • arthurdentt

    Kurt is a rock i like it

  • RYK101

    this is so wrong in so many ways! this is the biggest disappointment for me in this year!
    1)i love kurt, he was perfect, just looking his face would give me a boner, but why did he do this to himself? he’s not a tall person, so short persons should NOT get that big, i don’t think he’s “fat” but he’s not looking good, please Kurt lose that weight and return to your perfect-sexy-self

    2)the top, oscar is his name? whatever, he’s the most unattractive guy i’ve seen in seancody, seriously he has NOTHING going for him, ugly face, twink body, no personality, no sexual aura, i mean the only thing he has is a dick, which isn’t that big and i would prefer seeing a hot guy fucked by a dildo than fucked by that guy, please GO away!

  • Jolan

    Gimme back the old Kurt. He doesn’t look good all buffed up! I liked him better before!

  • MikeinNYC

    So disappointed in Kurt’s new look. He went way overboard in his training. All he needed to do was tone up. Instead, he grew a melon head.

  • sarah pallen

    This is so sad. Kurt’s greatest asset was his innocence and now it is gone. He looks just like another porn star.

    • lorn

      Yes! that’s it, innocence and youthful
      I hope the old Kurt could come back after Christmas!

  • paul84

    Kurt looks sexy as always!

  • steve888

    Here is the single biggest problem I have with the “new” kurt: he has lost his muscle definition. It looks to me like this is a combination of creatine and overeating in an attempt to bulk up He needs to substitute some of his lifting for cardio, and dial down the creatine.

    • Ryder25

      Yeah, he needs to hit the treadmill big time.

  • Vic

    Kurt has a great body and a nice looking ass to eat. Oscar, on the other hand, looks like a cross between Alfred E. Newman & Elmer Fudd..

  • adowhat

    i love oscar. he’s SO adorable with that smile. he has an amazing body and cock. but jess is still my fav SC model right now.

    kurt- as steve888 mentioned- no definition. he’s big for the sake of being big, which i dont find attractive. he lost whatever he had with me. haha.

  • jazz

    I DO NOT LIKE Kurt’s new body…please go back to the way you were! Oscar is ugly so this vid did absolutely NOTHING for me!

  • humanoid

    kurt is ugly and dreadful now…. just truly hideous-looking… it’s amazing just how a few months could transform a beauty into a beast…

  • Ryder25

    The big giveaway that Kurt has been taking steroids is how bloated his face is. It’s so obvious. And dangerous.

  • BladeX

    Yeah, I liked the “old” Kurt better; but, it is his body. Oscar is okay, I guess, but as usual it would have been nice if there was something different: Kurt could have topped with his “new” body and Oscar could have bottomed. Sean Cody updates have become way to predictable. I just hope to see Kurt and Mitch paired with Calvin, Esteban, and Brodie.

    Sorry Oscar, but I really do not need to see you again, or Jess, unless you are trying something different.

  • hollydick

    Kurt is really 2 big now ! not nice at all !
    only his dick is still acceptable
    it’s a NO for me.

  • Ryan–

    God, Kurt looks absolutely horrid. Do agree with the weight gain, doesn’t look to me like he has simply gained muscle. Look at his face in the first non studio lit photo. Not to mention he looks about 5-7 years older. No thanks.
    On a lighter note, love Oscar, my type of guy. So cute!

  • Riley

    DAMN 80 comments on MY KURTIE and OSCAR and almost over half if not all are about KURT being BIG and not in a good way. Take NOTE people at Sean Cody and in wight lifting world sometimes BIGGER is not ness. better or so the consensus here is saying.

  • Neo

    lol Poor Kurt. But I’m sure he still looks a lot better than the people making nasty comments. I definitely liked the old Kurt better. He didn’t need to change. SC should have asked him during the interview why the change instead of just saying his ass got bigger.

  • irishdave

    Why are the Sean Cody updates so shit lately? As someone already said, they have become so predictable. Brodie & Jess need to bottom ASAP or else I have no further interest in them.

    The guys over the last 3 months are just so average looking.I dont think I would look at any of them twice on the street.

    Johnny,Charlie,Lukas,Emilio,Lance & Mack all need to return.Jurek can stick around too if he bottoms. But things at the Sean Cody camp need to improve soon or Im quitting as a member.

    • Res

      Oooh they really lost something big! Lol

  • Established One

    Yeah, I am not digging this new Kurt. I like the way he used to look.

  • Dave

    WTF is this shit?!? Kurt is the color of a damn Oompa Loompa!

  • brad323

    Oh my God! What a disaster. Kurt looks like a middle-aged steroid loser. AWFUL!

  • fyrefly

    kurt is looking even more delicious than before.
    i missed him.
    the wait is over and it was worth it–he’s now perfect.
    all i want for christmas is Kurt.

  • Brock722

    Bloated, over-tanned, on steroids, whatever other (somewhat educated) speculations about Kurt we might make, that’s one thing.

    However, with the obesity problem that we have in this country, is Kurt really “fat”? Could we not reserve that word for people who are actually overweight? Or are gay men so demanding of a certain ideal that anything beyond it falls into a category so odious, so off-putting that you have to use such lazy, inaccurate language?

    I thought the way Kurt used to look was great, no doubt about it. And I wouldn’t recommend he add any more muscle or weight to what he has. But the hyperbole some of you use is remarkable, as if you own the guy.

  • sublet7

    Overall the vid was hot — just watched it. Yeah, Kurt got awkwardly massive, but he’s still pretty gorgeous.

    Only issue is this, and SeanCody seems to try and hide this but usually fails: I’m sick of they obvious scene cut right before the cum shot… the guys obviously enjoy the sex to some degree, so let’s see them cum right through it!

  • soxfan2020

    Just when we thought Kurt couldn’t drop any lower than that last scene with Oscar. He has resurfaced. Kurt Kurt Kurt, come on buddy!

  • darkthunder1983

    Damn, Kurt, WHY??? Why did you let yourself get so massively muscular? Still love you, though.