I’m A Married Man: Devin & Sean Stavos

Devin & Sean Stavos at I'm A Married Man

Devin & Sean Stavos at I'm A Married Man

Devin & Sean Stavos at I'm A Married Man

Devin & Sean Stavos at I'm A Married Man

Devin & Sean Stavos at I'm A Married Man

Devin is putting the finishing touches on his “mancave”. Sean, the cable guy, comes by to install the last set of cables but notices the line was getting any action. “Well that makes two of us” says Devin. Surprised, Sean offers to help out.

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elmtree says:

It should be a rule the “married” man on this sites videos has to be a gay porn newbie. This way the pairing has an ounce of plausibility. As it is now, Devin has bottomed for more tops then I have…not a bad thing, just not a good thing for a married man :)

Regarding these two, hot bodies, not hot faces…and Devin is looking worse with each vid he’s in.

AaronJL says:


Nautilus88 says:

Yeah a girlfriend, right…Dear Sean please don’t do porn ever again, you are ugly as fuck.

cdman says:

This video looks good. I had a feeling both these guys would be paired up at some point. Would much rather have seen Devin do the bottoming, but maybe his next update will have him getting fucked. I’d like to see Devin bottom for Brandon Lewis or Tucker Vaughn, the latter of whom has probably only topped twice so far. Guess time will tell if those happen.

baz says:

Well, at least I wasn’t able to say definitely who would be bottoming until after the jump, but this falls flat for me.

Bradster says:

I threw up in my mouth a little bit after looking at these two.

Established One says:

Trailer trash!

Daniel says:

Hahaha how contrived

Dz says:

Not diggin’ Sean’s buzzcut, but I do find him sexy. Love the hairy chest. And I kind of like these scenarios, despite the lack of believability.

alias74 says:

Devin’s looking a little thin and wain here (nothing like the excellent physique he showed in his Cocksure clips)…kinda like the way he looked before he exited the porn industry and then reappeared quite some time later.

Hopefully it was just an off day for him…because I love me some Devin!

fresero_abre_culos says:

Girlfriend? Please Devin, no one is buying that. All through the movie one can see that in truth you would of been happier if you had been the one on his back, legs in the air and ass full of cock! Not as hot as he once was, he looks sick or is it to much drug use?