BlakeMason: Cameron W & Jack

Cameron W & Jack at BlakeMason

Cameron W & Jack at BlakeMason

Cameron W & Jack at BlakeMason

Cameron W & Jack at BlakeMason

Cameron W & Jack at BlakeMason

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BlakeMason wrote:

Time for another healthy dose of our hottest power top – Jack, and who better to pair him up with this time than the delicious Cameron W. Not only do these two have some very horny fun on the bed but they also look stunningly gorgeous together; the way Jack’s deep dark skin compliments Cameron’s golden tan is superb…

But it’s the action that’s really the winner here. It’s one of those soft, slow and gentle shoots where Jack lavishes big wet sloppy kisses all over Cameron’s hot body… while at the same time sucking his cock nice and deep and rimming his tight hole like the pro he is! Moaning and panting with appreciation, Cameron’s horned up and raring to go and so he sets about warming Jack up in the very same way :-)

With a cock as hard as steel, Jack leads the way and moves Cameron in to position so that he can slide his meat in to the hilt! He begins nice and steady, thrusting in and almost all the way out so that Cameron can get used to his dick. Things speed up and he fucks for England, really making Cameron moan and groan until Jack gets so lost in the moment that he starts worshiping Cameron’s feet as he pummels his ass! But Cameron can’t take any more teasing – he needs to cum – and he begs Jack to fuck him harder and faster and in no time at all Cameron’s cock is shooting spunk everywhere :-)

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  • King Henry VIII

    Jack and Cameron ar YUMMY!!!!!!! ;) LOVE me some Jack!!!

    Surprised that there are no comments before mine!

  • Daniel


  • seymour dix

    Jack, not the other guy. Jack is a sex machine made for gay porn

  • Established One


  • Dave

    Santa, I’d like some Jack for Christmas.



  • FFVIIMidgar

    Jack just gets hotter and hotter and hotter. I want him for Christmas too!