HotJocksNiceCocks: Brad Star & Lucas Vitello

Brad Star & Lucas Vitello at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad Star & Lucas Vitello at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad Star & Lucas Vitello at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad Star & Lucas Vitello at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad Star & Lucas Vitello at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad Star & Lucas Vitello at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad is Lucas’ trainer and is showing him how to work his core more. Starting with some sit-ups Brad has his eye all over Lucas. Not being able to resist Brad goes in for the score!

Watch Brad Star & Lucas Vitello at Richard.XXX

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jag2power says:

I’m sorry, is it over? I must’ve fell asleep.

Trepakprince says:

Hey I think it’s great that brad decided to be a volunteer for a make a wish because that’s the only way scraggly Lucas could get with a guy like brad…

Dustin says:

Wait. Didn’t we already see this update?

AaronJL says:

Lucas is okay. Brad Star is just a bit less than ok but at least in the ballpark.

Slow start to 2011.

AaronJL says:

What’s funny about that? That was then, and on a different site. This is now. Still OK but not hot. Hotness on one site is no guarantee for hotness on another. It’s up to the photographer, the models, their moods, etc etc. Some days even I’M hot; some days I’m a nut. :-P

Mean Gene says:

Let me guess, Brad is the one with the stars, right?

tyler says:

holy fuck Brad Star is gorgeous. Stop being clever and look!

elmtree says:

I agree Tyler. I’ve always been a fan of Brad Star and he, along with his cock and his ass, look mighty fine here. Like Baz below, I hope to see Brad bottoming from time to time in the future.

versuader says:

Well said!!

versuader says:

Well said!! (@ Tyler …that was meant to be)

baz says:

My preference for Brad is when he’s bottoming. I was hoping by now we’d have seen a bottoming performance from him that at least matches the scene where he got nailed by Chad Hunt, but alas, no.

cdman says:

I totally agree with you. I also prefer Brad bottoming, but so far he’s only done it once since his return a few months ago. I’m trying to figure out if it’s because the producers think it’s more interesting to see Brad do the fucking because of the size of his penis (and if the bottoms can take it), or if maybe there’s some other reason. I don’t think it’s because Brad doesn’t want to do it. He was asked one time if he prefers topping or bottoming and said, “Both get me off”. Well hopefully, he’ll show more of his bottoming skills this year. I would have liked to see Brad bottom for Leo Giamani and his 9 inches, but Leo has retired. Now I’m hoping for Brad bottoming for Zeb Atlas, Chris Rockway or Parker London. And now I’m hearing that Parker may have also retired. Ugh.

And that scene with Chad Hunt…you can tell Brad was in pain while he was getting fucked. But he took it pretty well, though. Castro from “It’s Gonna Hurt” is about the same size as Chad Hunt from what I’ve heard. So let’s see Brad bottom for Castro!

tyler says:

Brad is one of the few real versatiles. I actually don’t prefer him topping or bottoming, which is strange- if you know me- i always prefer delineated roles in porn!
hahahaha and yeah i want Brad to fuck me. But i get off on watching guys fuck him too!

cdman says:

I’m totally with you there, Tyler. I’ve never bottomed before, but Brad could fuck me as much as he wanted! And I’d like to have a shot at topping him, too.

Timah says:

Why is that bottom smiling so hard lol.. Nice body on the top.

cdman says:

Probably because he knows he’s getting fucked by one of the all-time hottest men in the history of porn, Mr. Brad Star!

dood23 says:

This has to be the most uncomfortable things to see. Brad Star’s thought bubble is a inner chant ‘think of the money…think of the money’ and the other guy can’t believe who he scored for this porn shoot. Total mismatch :D

sliderboi says:

Brad is gorgeous and natural. With a beautiful smile like that he melts hearts. Shame he’s in porn. I hope he gets out soon.

sliderboi says:

oops, i meant Lucas, not Brad. Lucas is stunning. Brad looks like a wasted druggy.

sliderboi says:

Oops, I meant LUCAS is gorgeous! Brad is a sad case.

Sushi says:

Brad looks great, even better than he did a few years ago. Wish he’d get a little more pubes, but you can never fault his performance.

But yeah, he looks hot bottoming too!

porndog says:

Funny, but when I see Brad Star I always think how handsome he is, esp now when he’s a little older. I just think he should be on TV or something, not doing porn, although I’m not complaining. He’s esp beautiful on the bottom, so I hope he does it more this year.

emopunk808 says:

brad is looking good! the abs, his cock, & his cute face OMG! he should make his hair long again- i liked him like that ;)

Established One says:

Holy moly…Brad Star is a superstar. Nice long big dick. What a way to start out 2011. A total YES for me!

fresero_abre_culos says:

Lucas is hot, so is Brad. I only like Brad when he bottoms and when he tops it doesn’t get my atention.

Frosty Fagtown says:

I heart Brad Star! Trying 2 think of something less than satisfactory about Brad Star….Nope, can’t think of anything! I jus wanna lick him! oooohhh, Brrraaadd Staaarrr, lmao!

Ummmm, ya, the bottom can go! He does absolutely nothing good 4 me, he isn’t @ all attractive, & plz stop smiling so much!

clusterfuck says:

Don’t find Barack Obama remotely attractive, younger porn version included.

Neo says:

You are repulsive. From the classless comments you make on this site to your picture. Completely repulsive.

sliderboi says:

@Neo – I find myself having to defend “clusterfuck”… ugg.

granted, the picture is repulsive, but I doubt… I HOPE… that’s not actually what he looks like, but a parody.

Is referring to Lucas as a Barack Obama lookalike any different from me referring to Travis as a Liza Minelli lookalike? I think he does have resemblance, especially his lovely lips and beautiful broad smile. Barack and Lucas are both beautiful in my opinion.

Nevertheless, clusterfuck is an idiot, just not sure he’s racist.

fresero_abre_culos says:

The saddest part is that his picture is probably a million times hotter than his true self. Only in this media can he get so picky.

Neo says:

Odd pairing. It’s kind of hot, but it’s kind of not lol I really wanna see Brad Star and Sebastian Young in a scene together. It would only be fitting. They both just returned to the scene, both are hot, and both are scumbags.

cdman says:

Are you talking about Brad in reference to his tumultuous relationship with his ex, Angel?

Neo says:

@ sliderboi, clusterfuck has made racist remarks on other updates. So when he makes comments like the Barrack Obama one I just assume it’s racist. He’s racist. No gettin’ around that one.

Neo says:

@ cdman, from my understanding Angel and Brad were never even dating, but one thing is for sure and that is that they are both thieves and been in trouble with the law. It’s only fitting Brad do a scene with Sebastian Young. Two lowlifes who just happen to be hot.

Orion Hunter says:

Yes (especially for Lucas!!).

LadiezMan says:

Both of these dudes are hot! I don’t see why most of y’all think Lucas is unattractive, I think he’s cute…and I’m straight!

jazz says:

For some reason this update has given me a whole new appreciation for Brad Star.

chrisop3 says:

does anyone know where i can find a larger pic of the tattoo lucas has running just above his stomach??