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BiLatinMen: Too Shy & Blanquito

Too Shy & Blanquito at

Too Shy & Blanquito at

Too Shy & Blanquito at

Too Shy & Blanquito at

Too Shy & Blanquito at

Sexy model Too Shy is back with his fat verga. Blanquito & Too Shy return the favor back to each other by filling their culos with latino cock.

Watch Too Shy & Blanquito at

  • best action

  • Riley

    Muy Caliente!!!! ;)

  • kewl0420

    I can’t believe my eyes. Two very sexy Latinos doing a flip flop, and they only rate TWO responses. How crazy – guess people can’t relate and haven’t had an experience with a hot, passionate Latino. :(

  • Established One

    Oh Hell Yeah! This is what I am talking about. It’s a YES for me!!!

  • Orion Hunter

    Glad that Too Shy flipped here; even though I much prefer him as a bottom and would love it if BLM would pair him with Pistola or The Business (still hate that stage name), I think it’s a good thing that he’s mixing it up a bit.

    Blanquito is cute, but maybe a little too thin for my tastes.

    • 1americaninkorea

      I looooooove Too Shy- he’s got a beautiful dick, a sweet smile, and he’s openly GAY. It’s like a hat trick of porn, hahaha… also agree on Blanquito. He could use some time in the gym to beef up a little, but he’s cute enough.

  • LadiezMan

    OH. MY. GAWD!

    The un-thinkable just happened! I popped a fuckin boner! It was those pics where Blanquito was riding Too Shy’s mouthwatering diiiiick! The way the were positioned, those legs in my face, tasty big ball sacks…Um, I’m speechless. This has only happened a few times for me with guys! I’m not too worried about it, I mean I’m straight but it’s natural to get aroused sometimes while looking at hot guys fucking…right?

    Yeah, I knew it! :-D

    I LOVE ME SOME LATIN DUDES! I think I might be in love with these two guys. If I was gay, they’d both be my type…we’d have to be in a 3-Way relationship! Too Shy with his slightly thickie body, Blanquito with his slightly slim body. Too Shy with his cool aura and that big thick ass dick, Blanquito with his nice piece and swagger for days. They’re both handsome as hell, both have nice feet, and both have passion in the bed.

  • Aneeka

    Actually I prefer guys with muscles, but Blanquito is really hot in a cute way.
    Now I got a boner, though I’m a girl XD

  • Tom

    I d love to flip with the cute bearded guy !
    He is such a sexbomb ! :-P