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CorbinFisher: Dawson Fucks Quinn

Dawson Fucks Quinn at CorbinFisher

Dawson Fucks Quinn at CorbinFisher

Dawson Fucks Quinn at CorbinFisher

Dawson Fucks Quinn at CorbinFisher

Dawson Fucks Quinn at CorbinFisher

Watch Dawson Fucks Quinn at

Corbin wrote:

Dawson heard that new guy Quinn likes dick. Dawson is more than ready to help Quinn out and give him some of his!

First, Dawson wants to see what Quinn is packing. He kisses Quinn and gets off his shirt. While helping Quinn with his socks, he focuses his attention on Quinn’s feet. Dawson licks them up and down, then kisses and sucks Quinn’s toes.

Dawson kisses Quinn’s tight, smooth chest. He works his way down to Quinn’s thighs, then pulls one ball out from his underwear and sucks on it. Dawson loves to experiment with new ways of doing things (and with new guys!). Quinn moans in ecstasy as Dawson blows him and plays with his balls.

Quinn returns the favor and takes Dawson’s hot cock deep down his throat. Dawson bends over him to 69 him. Quinn can’t get enough of Dawson’s dick. Dawson swallows Quinn to the root, and plays with his nuts some more.

Pushing Quinn’s legs over his head, Dawson eats out that tight hole. He strokes Quinn’s cock as he tongues Quinn’s ass. Spitting on his own cock, Dawson slides it between Quinn’s ass cheeks, teasing Quinn’s hole with the head of his cock.

Quinn begs for more and Dawson gives it to him. Dawson rims him again, then slams his cock all the way into him. Both guys are moaning with pleasure, loving the way Dawson’s cock feels in Quinn’s tight ass.

Dawson pounds into Quinn. “Oh, your ass is so good!” Dawson exclaims. He jackhammers Quinn, who strokes his cock furiously. Dawson holds Quinn’s legs apart as he fucks him hard. He gets into a push-up position so he can piledrive his cock into Quinn.

Quinn rubs Dawson’s chiseled lats and ass as he gets fucked. He moans over and over, “Fuck me, yeah, fuck me!” Dawson kisses him as he fucks the lean-muscled Quinn even harder.

Dawson tells Quinn to ride him. Quinn takes every inch while riding Dawson in a reverse-cowboy. “I’m so far up inside you!” Dawson says. He drills up into Quinn, slamming into him balls-deep. Quinn tells him he can take it even harder, so Dawson gives him what he needs!

Flipping over to doggy-style, Quinn jerks his cock as Dawson rams his dick into him. They watch themselves in the mirror, and the sight turns them on even more. Quinn can’t hold back. He blasts an intense load, thick cum spraying all over his stomach.

Dawson kisses him, then tells Quinn to suck him off. Quinn sucks a huge load out of Dawson! It shoots across Quinn’s cheek and Quinn struggles to suck every drop he can out of Dawson. Dawson helps him out, using his dick to wipe the cum off Quinn’s cheek and into his mouth. “You can suck a dick!” Dawson exclaims. “And not a drop wasted!”

As a little bonus, we go behind the scenes at the photo shoot, watching Dawson and Quinn as they run through some shots and have a little fun. Note to future models – be careful of Dawson’s sensitive nipples!

Watch Dawson Fucks Quinn at

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  • MarhVehl

    Dawson is like the founder of CF. He’s still bangin’.

    • AshBry

      I’d bang him! :D Have to give the man credit for his incredible physique. I don’t get tired of him cause he’ll always be one of CF’s finest.

    • Neobamboom

      Im always amazed at how the “Straight” guys on this site can maintain an erection while getting fucked and how the “gay” ones can hardly get it up

    • elmtree

      Wow, I can’t believe the comments are starting off on a positive note about Dawson. I agree with the positive Dawson comments…just surprised. But I know the haters will follow :)

    • brandon85

      I think with the straight guys they stop and have him jack off and starts back

    • tyler

      yeah he is better now that he is a man i/o a boy

  • riko

    I like it!.. I wonder what people are gonna complain about on this one..

  • Bradster

    Dawson…still a NO! Why does this site have the word “amateur” in its name?

  • AaronJL

    Yawn. Next.

  • Carl

    I’m having that certain nagging headache again! Is there no cure CF?!

    PS I’d do Quinnita though.

  • FeydRautha

    Ears. That’s all I saw. Which is strange because on some guys big ears can be endearing/distinctive (see: Will Smith or Jason Behr). But there’s not too much else that’s distinctive about this Quinn guy.

    And then there’s Dawson. There’s literally no sex act I haven’t seen him perform before. Well, apart from the more hardcore stuff: BDSM, watersports, etc.

    • Paul D

      Me too…looks like some elves escaped Rivendale.

  • Edu

    Is dawson gay or str8? He’s HAWT!

    • AaronJL

      100% gay from everything I’ve ever seen. But sites like to tell us their models are str8 because they think that’s what we gay guys like. Feh.

      I used to think that he’s hot but Dawson-overload, when I was a CF subscriber, cured my vision.

    • WeaponX

      I believe they interviewed his mom on the site, so she could confirm just how many chicks he does *snort*

  • reader

    So CF debuted 2 gay models this week. W/out a solo.

    What’s up with that? I thought CF is where “straight guys” go to get “an education.”

    I guess they’re changing the premise of the site or something.

    • jimmyj

      I believe, if you are gay, like Quinn. One doesn’t have to do the typical jerk off and you go right to fucking. Maybe its like an advanced class at CFU?

    • reader

      I was thinking that he’s skipping the solos for the gay guys so the subscribers don’t hear too much about their gay sexcapades which would probably turn off a lot of them.

      Most CF subscribers have a fetish for straight men and they’re drawn to the site because that’s how it markets itself.

  • nata

    Three new guys for 1 week. WOW!
    You can grumble, but I like Dawson. I will tell YES

  • AshBry

    I don’t get they shave themselves senseless.

  • custard

    Didn’t I read that Dawson is running for Congress from San Diego? AARP tried to get him to run on their ticket, but he refused.

    I hope this backslide doesn’t damage his new career prospects. I’ve heard that John Boehner is looking for a few new good men.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Aargh, did you have to put that image in my mind? If you’re talking about GOP (Gay Old Party?) male politicos’ attraction to guys, I’d say NO WAY for Cincinnazi’s Boner. But plenty of his cronies secretly (and sometimes not-so-secretly) do like their toyboys, especially some of those cronies who are most outspoken *against* homosexuality and gay rights.

  • MarissaCooper

    How old is Dawson? Isn’t he like 35 by now?

    • kd

      He is 25, he graduated from a high school in Iowa in 2003. And he is straight but enjoys sex and has been an incredible performer for CF. I have kept up my membership mostly because of him. I have not viewed the video yet as it is presently downloading but Dawson has never disappointed me. He has an incredible body and is an outstanding performer. My only complaint about him is that he shaves all his body hair. I am happy to see he has let his pubes grow out some in this update. I wonder if CF is having difficulty getting his new straight models to perform guy on guy sex? and that is why we have three newbies this week and two of those three are gay. CF has lost much of his “stable” of hot straight guys and that could be why he is having difficulty getting the new straight guys to perform? Just a thought.

    • FeydRautha

      “And he is straight but enjoys sex…”

      And what in the hell is that supposed to mean?! I know countless straight guys who profess to enjoy sex… doesn’t mean they’ll ever get down with a dude.

    • clusterfuck

      Dawson was 25 a decade ago. You can tell by counting the rings on his forehead.

  • fresero_abre_culos


  • Jonny Marzetti

    Two things for sure about Dawson: Awesome body and enthusiastic performer. Those are GOOD for porn. And I love the fact that he’s totally smooth. The only places I *don’t* generally care for smooth or shaved are pubes and top of head, and it looks from these pictures that he’s let the pubes hair grow back. If so, good move.

    • kd

      damn hot video, and Jonny a good amount of barebacking before Dawson puts on the condom. He penetrates and thrusts more than just a few strokes before he withdraws to put it on. you could tell Quinn was loving every minute of it.

      and in response to FeydRautha, I’m sure Dawson is very well paid to have sex w/ dudes not to mention that he has gotten all expense paid trips to Prague, Australia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Thanks for the detail kd. Sounds like CF is moving in the right direction. Of course some would consider that the *wrong* direction, but I’m sure that the net effect of increased BB would be a big increase in subscriptions and subscriber retention rate for all of And it would clearly make Dawson happy :).

    • elmtree

      Hello to my fav avatar…I’m not going to mention your name or you’ll say I’m obsessed with you :)

      You comment CF may be moving in the right direction. Well with three posts and nary a negative comment hurled at CF, I’d say you are moving in the right direction :)

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Thanks. I am indeed trying to be more optimistic, less cynical and just plain quieter about the CF issues. But as of yet I’m nowhere near ending that boycott.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    BTW, when you go to the site (as a non-subscriber like me), didn’t it formerly have ACS on the left and ACM on the right? Right now ACM is on the left. Or am I having a memory lapse?

  • porndog

    “I’m so far up inside you!” Dawson says.

    So, that wouldn’t be very far, would it? Sorry, but couldn’t resist. I like that they’re skipping the solo, but as with anything, when it’s gone, you miss it. Quinn is a cutie and I would’ve liked more pics of just him. Oh well. :)

  • jugde6

    something is wrong at CF´s two newbies that are fucked just at the beginning. I think CF is is introducing changes on his site, fed up about piracy and moving to somewhere else, see the bi guys site.

  • jugde6


    I do not like today´s update

  • dawson- yes .. new guy- no. i always liked lucas more than dawson but dawson has aged way better than lucas! hes been on cf longer too i think- its just too bad cause lucas was hot when he 1st started….

    • FeydRautha

      Dawson has the makings of a good daddy if only he’d toss the razor and the Rogaine.

  • Sushi

    I was JUST looking over the last few months of posts from Corbin Fisher and thinking to myself, “Gosh, it has been a long time since Dawson was in a video!” Not that I was sorry about that by any means. (about 5 weeks) And then he shows up today!

    This Quinn has an alright body, but that face is dorky and weird looking. He’ll get fucked a few times and end up on another site. He’s definitely not up to CF or SC standards.

  • Ryder25

    Words cannot adequately describe how boring this is. Dawson is so over!

  • Established One

    The ageless Dawson. Really? I mean seriously he done had his hey day and glory days and should pass the torch on to the younger, sexier and more appealing guys. It’s a turn off to see Dawson these days and the only thing worse would be any pairing with Travis. Why are you keep doing this Corbin Fisher? This one is a NO for me!

  • Fazz

    really sweet! Dawson actually looks quite handsome in this one. And well, I’ve always loved his penis and mmm those BALLS; very beautiful.

  • dio

    gonna be painfully honest here: Quinn is one fugly mother… but his body it pretty damn sweet. Wow. Now, that’s what I call making lemonade out of the lemons life gives you.

    Dawson’s body is sick, and he’s cute, and if he’s dick were larger or were he willing to bottom full-time he’d prob. be a bigger porn star than he is.

  • jag2power

    Pink condoms should be mandatory on porn shoots. It gives the illusion of barebacking and Dawson gives it to that “fairy” real good. Sorry, it’s the ears that reminds of “Lord of the Rings” or some shit like that.


    I am not one 2 be cruel ( sorry Quinn ) but I just cannot get pass the the ears & 2 all of U Dawson haters GET OVER IT !!! He is a keeper !!!!

  • Ryan–

    Quinn is cute enough, he has potential. On the other hand, I’m tired of seeing Chihuahua face/noodle dick Dawson fucking these guys. Get your polo t shirt on and go play some golf like any other 60 year old man does.

    • -Jack-

      Wow so many mean comments. This was my first video so hopefully with time and me getting use to having a room full of people during sex I will Improve. Sorry to the ones I let down. And thanks for the nice comments from the other few of you. (=

    • tyler

      if -Jack- is “Quinn” then please ignore all the mean comments. You’re adorable and sexy, and so are 80% of the guys on the sites this webpage previews. Most of the guys who comment on here forget the models are people because they are living in a porno bubble and get bored unless the models are doing exactly the acts they can’t do themselves.

    • frezman

      Hi -Jack- aka Quinn. I’ve read a lot of comments on these blogs, but this is the first time I’ve written. I agree with tyler. As a fit old fossil (61), my chance of getting laid by a hot guy like you without paying generously for the privilege (which I won’t do), is really low. I’m guessing that’s true of most guys on here (whatever their ages) who comment critically. Everyone has their own idea of who doing what is sexy. I’m guessing that there are way more guys who think positively and don’t write than think negatively and do write.

  • LiveAndBeGay

    Oh my, Dawson is breathtaking. His body matches the statue of David by Michelangelo, which I saw last year in Florence. He is perfection. His face is warm and beautiful. Only size queens carp about him, but his average penis is just fine with me. Nothing wrong with average. It matches most men; hence the word “average.” Dawson always comes across as a great guy; friendly, high-spirited, cool, and completely in love with gay sex. Good for him.

  • luci

    his ear is distracting me, love dawson. but i love more connor and aidan.

  • Jazz

    Dawson please RETIRE ASAP!!

  • Daniel

    Quinn has Legolas ears.

    • AaronJL

      LOL. :-D

  • clusterfuck

    His Royal Forehead Dawson forcing a newbie to swallow – NO THANKS!!!!

  • tyler

    good barebacking here and cum swallowing. the guys were so into it i dunno why they didnt just keep going. o wait. i do know why. lol
    yeah quinns ears are cute and yeah dawson still rocks sex

    • -Jack-

      Thanks Tyler! ;)

  • hollydick

    as Kd mentioned, someone got to explain why Dawson starts fucking raw, then with rubber !! you put it on ! or ! you don’t put it on ?????????????

    • nata

      “why Dawson starts fucking raw, then with rubber!! ”

      I think that Dawson have started to tease and couldn’t stop. :) The new guy nice also loves sex. Video is hot.
      I like it

  • Twinkwhore

    Nice facial – shame it was Dawson’s cum. Poor little Quin, that could have been Cain or Dru’s juice he was swallowing…

  • ron

    I like Dawson’s necklace… the predominantly white one.

  • ragou

    What a cute bottom and a great cummer! One word of advice: a little work on the o-face would probably do you (and Troy) some good. Less teeth and a hint of panting would be incredibly hot. Otherwise great first time and can’t wait to see more.