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CorbinFisher: Aiden Fucks Cain

Aiden Fucks Cain at CorbinFisher

Aiden Fucks Cain at CorbinFisher

Aiden Fucks Cain at CorbinFisher

Aiden Fucks Cain at CorbinFisher

Aiden Fucks Cain at CorbinFisher

Watch Aiden Fucks Cain at

Corbin Fisher wrote:

It’s the matchup I’ve been waiting to see … and I bet more than a few CF fans out there have been waiting for this as well! In this corner, wearing nothing – Cain! And in this corner, also wearing nothing – Aiden!

These two muscle gods joke around and laugh before they start their scene. Once the clothes come off, though, it’s no joke how hot these guys are for each other. Aiden compliments Cain on his massive chest, and strokes his uncut cock. Cain says, “Look who’s talking!” and jerks Aiden’s cock in return.

Aiden was hesitant about full-on guy/guy action when he first came to us – and now he’s taken to it like a champ! He sucks Cain’s thick cock and kisses his chest and nipples. Cain spits on Aiden’s dick and sucks him hard.

Cain gets so turned on sucking Aiden’s long cock, he moves straight into a doggy-style position.

“I want you to fuck me,” Cain says. Aiden’s got no problem with that!

“That’s so tight!” Aiden says as he works his big cock into Cain’s ass. Cain moans with intense pleasure. He’s able to take Aiden’s entire cock. In fact, Cain actually backs up into Aiden to get it fully inside him.

Aiden fucks Cain deeply. “You’re so fucking big!” Cain says. Aiden does pushups on top of Cain, driving it all the way in. It’s been a while since Cain’s bottomed, but he’s loving Aiden’s dick inside him. Aiden pushes deeper, driving Cain wild with ecstasy.

Cain tells Aiden how much he loves that big cock pummeling his ass. Aiden slows down and thrusts it slowly in and out of Cain’s perfectly muscled butt. Cain’s almost getting fucked off the edge of the bed!

Aiden flips Cain onto his back to pound him missionary-style. Aiden’s cock slams in and out, taking Cain closer and closer to the brink. Suddenly, Cain shoots his load all over his abs. He tells Aiden to keep fucking him.

Aiden slams his cock into Cain a few more times, then pulls out and blasts a huge load all over Cain. “I’m fucking covered in cum,” Cain says. Aiden tells him it was amazing, and that he came so hard.

The guys get in the shower (and with all that muscle there’s hardly room for the water!) and Cain says he’ll be feeling that for weeks. Aiden soaps Cain up and cleans him off. Cameraman Conner jokes with Cain about how quickly Aiden is rising up to the major leagues in topping.

I can’t argue!

Watch Aiden Fucks Cain at

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  • sweet
    love me some aiden anytime
    just wish there some cum eating by cain

    • catholichoe


    • sliderboi

      @catholichoe – so what’s your point? chill out. whether or not they use a condom is up to them. whether or not you use one is up to you. try not to get the two confused.

  • muffintop

    Probably only 2 positions because Cain couldn’t take much? It would have been better if they finished with some cum eating.

    • Daniel

      Agreed. Kinda lackklustre scene.

      Aiden is just way too bulky now.

    • Riley


    • NineHorseTop

      @Riley: (sigh) Several of us wish for the same thing, but they will never go away unfortunately. It’s like chickens clucking in a hen house.

    • brandon85

      Well since my Kenny is always dissed its only right to diss the overrated Cain

    • reireirei

      @Riley whenever Daniel comments on something I tend to ignore it, since it’s almost certainly gonna be something negative. You should do the same ^^

    • custard


      Daniel can be soo predictable and off base in his assessments.

      Bitch needs to relax and have a good time here.

    • sliderboi

      @reireirei, @custard – i tend to scroll down and look for Daniel’s comments. he’s one of the few on here who has sharp critique mixed with some irony.

      if you don’t want to read people’s opinions which differ from yours, what the FUCK are you doing reading the comments section?!? why don’t you just stick to whacking off at the pics and stop at the last pic? geesh.

  • cdman

    Well, holy crap! I definitely wasn’t expecting this one. The pics posted here look incredibly hot and I can’t wait to see it. On one hand, I’m a little disappointed that it wasn’t Aiden who got fucked, but on the other hand I’m glad Cain got fucked because it was only a few weeks ago he started bottoming again after a long time of not doing it. Just the pics of them kissing makes me want to do a little self-love! And Aiden seems to be getting really good with his oral skills. Definitely a good one here, CF!

    P.S. Can you bring back Clayton please? I’ve been hoping for weeks to see him in some guy-on-guy action!

  • kingbelly

    exactly my first thoughts… when i first saw the picture i prayed for cumeating. but sooo sadly not this time :(
    please corbin fisher, more guys eating aidens cum in the future…!

  • Sushi

    Aiden is luscious beyong measure, and I like Cain best when he bottoms.

    In my dream of dreams this fucking of Cain will lead to a “turnabout is fair play” video where Cain fucks Aiden. Just thinking about THAT gets me hard.

    Good to see that Aiden is still sucking dick too. All the more to get him comfortable getting stuffed. :)

    • fabrice

      >>In my dream of dreams this fucking of Cain will lead to a “turnabout is fair play” video where Cain fucks Aiden. Just thinking about THAT gets me hard.<<

      Agreed. I wish it would have happend in the same video (flip flops are so much hotter than one top and one bottom), but I can wait… for now.

      Still don't understand why people want bareback or only want to see a guy top.

  • Res1

    Aiden’s body looks freakishly abnormal. I do not get the fascination with guys that have big gigantic muscles. Ew!

    • Daniel

      Ew is exactly right!

    • EmpireState

      Yes, your preference of a guy who is lazy and has a lean, thin body is SO much more attractive than my next door neighbor. Oh wait, that IS my next door neighbor and everyone else’s. If a guy works out every day (foreign to you, I’m sure), eats 6 times a day every two hours, and drinks 2-3 protein drinks, he’ll look big and muscular. It’s called hard work and any gym will show you this foreign process.

  • Fazz

    Aiden’s bulging muscles and fat dick is the only thing that’s hot about this scene.
    I’m very happy to see Aiden sticking to fucking men, he’s an awesome top.

    Never been a Cain fan, not starting now either. He looks so awkward and uncomfortable.

    • Riley


    • Fazz

      Riley calm your ass down, and quit typing in all caps, like a tween.

  • dio

    i find Aiden completely unattractive, facially. And his body is too overdeveloped for my taste.

    but, Cain is hot. Boy, oh boy is that boy ever-hot as ever…

    • Arden

      I actually think it’s the opposite. Cain can look cute-sexy and he has a bangin’ body, but objectively speaking the dude is fairly ugly. Aiden’s muscle bulk is way to extreme and it’s affected the structure of his face/head, but we’ve seen him with a more normal physique, and his face then was quite attractive.

    • Ryan–

      Agree with you there dio, I don’t see what the big fuss over him is. Picture his head on a medium sized body, erck. No one would want to go near him. I appreciate his muscles and whatnot, but that definitely is a little too muscly (personal opinion). I think the perfect body size is someone like Dru or Brody before he left. Slim, but enough muscle.

    • Daniel

      Arden, you’re spot on.

  • Established One

    Aiden (aka Roman) looks too beefy and husky (stocky) for me. I think he probably overdone it on the steroids. ON the other hand, Cain is always one of my favs at CF. He gets my YES!. Cain should have topped Aiden in this video though.

  • jazz

    Aiden needs to lay off the ‘riods They are really doing a number on his skin…yuck. He would be perfectly hot even if he were to lose some of that muscle. The scene still looks hot though….

    • Riley

      Aiden IS Bulkin up for a muscle comptition or so he said in one of his PA interviews. And I’m sure he is doing it NATURALLY. I don’t see why Stewie Griff. is complaining about a muscular Body anyway :confused: ist’t the type He usually goes for?

    • NineHorseTop

      @Riley: You’re right about Stewie!! LOL!!

      He’d probably have this to say about all this: “These outrages I have suffered today will not be soon forgotten!!”

    • Ryder25

      You don’t bulk up like that NATURALLY! That’s steroid abuse. The human body doesn’t double in size in a year’s time naturally. It just doesn’t.

    • Riley

      So I suppose Travis 2.0 was steroid abuse too. Yeah whatever Ryder25

    • Ryder25

      I know steroid abuse when I see it. And this is a clear case. Look at his pictures when he first started with Sean Cody and look at him now. It’s so obvious.

    • NineHorseTop

      What do you think this guy has been doing since he first appeared on Sean Cody as Roman in 2007?? Perhaps sitting at home on his computer blogging about what’s wrong with guys on amateur porn sites while at the same time providing his expert opinion about bodybuilding & workout routines??

      Back then his arms were 17.5″ at 20 years old and probably weighed about 180# or so!! You seriously think he’d stay the same size that he was at that age?? Now 4 years later, he’s about 200 lbs and the “experts” here are saying he’s bulked up from steroid use (based on a few pics, lol).

      There are tons of other supplements/methods out there besides the stereotypical steroid use, but I guess if you dont educate yourself about it, you wouldnt know.

    • Ryder25

      There are no natural supplements that do this. They can help you beef up a bit, but NOTHING like this. It’s just not possible. As a matter of fact, even taking a low dose of steroids won’t do produce this kind of body change. He must be on huge amounts. I don’t care if you believe me or not, but I do know what I’m talking about.

    • porndog

      Knowing nothing about steroids other than what I’ve heard, I cannot say whether he’s a user or not. But Ryder25’s argument seems more credible. If natural supplements were able to achieve the same results as steroids nobody would be take steroids; they’d go the natural route.

      And we can’t really judge his skin by the pics, since CF uses every technique at their disposal to make the models as visually appealing as possible.

    • brad323

      If natural supplements did THAT, obesity would not be a problem in the U.S! Everybody would be a stud. Gimme a break. That kid is roided up to the MAX!

  • aiden & cain are a hot pairing! never thought id say cain is the smaller dude lol aiden is sure getting big size wise.. hes on his way to be the next matthew rush ;)

  • muscles8

    These two should be spending some time on mutual muscle worship (licking, stroking, pounding, etc. each other’s hard muscles).

  • seymour dix

    How is bulky attractive?? To each his own I guess

  • Nick

    What gay porn should be about: Built muscle studs only!! Both guys here look sexy and it’s about time this pairing happened! What has Bern written about Aiden strikes me more as envy since he has a sexy, gym-built body. And Cain has always been a Dave. A BIG “Yes!” for me on this hot vid!!

  • Nick

    What gay porn should be about: Built muscle studs only!! Both guys here look sexy and it’s about time this pairing happened! What has Bern written about Aiden strikes me more as envy since he has a sexy, gym-built body. And Cain has always been a fave. A BIG “Yes!” for me on this hot vid!!

  • Nick

    P.S. Sorry for the damn auto-spell “errors” in my comments!

  • Elmtree

    What a nice surprise after a crazy busy day at work! Love both of these guys but I do agree, Aiden is too bulky…but still hot. Can’t wait to download this vid.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Aiden looks even more jaw-droppingly hot since he bulked up. The only slight problem with that is that it makes his head look a little small. If and when I ever end my ACM boycott (requirement: condom-use or non-use parity between the CF sub-sites) I’ll be anxious to download this scene…although it *is* sad to see all that muscle-cum getting sprayed instead of swallowed.

  • Danieldenial

    All aiden is missing is two bolts in his neck and he could pass for frankenstein.. Cain is obviously adorable as always

    • Jonny Marzetti

      LOL! even though I like the way he looks.

      Prediction: CF has been using ACS episodes to populate a new site, GuysGoBi. What we have here ACM material that will feed a new companion site, GuysGoBig.

    • porndog

      LOL!!! That’s too funny, because it’s too true! :)

    • Daniel

      Hahaha agreed DD!

  • MarissaCooper

    This is PERFECT! Love them both!!

  • Nick

    What is it with handsome, built guys that some of you don’t like? I’ve always loved muscle boys and cringe at unattractive twinks with big dicks — YUCK!! This pairing is what it’s about when getting turned on by viewing hot gay porn! MORE muscle, please!!!!

    • EmpireState

      I agree in full… Being big and muscled is hot and takes lots of dedication. It just seems some people around here don’t like that muscular porn dudes actually have some pride in their bodies and can actually succeed at it.

    • Riley

      Thank-You finally somebody else who sees NATURAL MUSCLE TOO AND DOESN’T JUMP TO the ROIDS defense everytime.

  • jag2power

    Damn! Aiden is huge! Cain did not have a choice of position. It was either lay down and take it or get knocked out and raped.

    • porndog

      LOL!!! Yeah, for those who wanted positions switched…yeah, right. That would be interesting to see indeed.

  • BrianRatliff

    Aiden has been eating too much cornbread…he says he wants to be ultra-muscular like Zeb Atlas…what a shame….maybe he had some of those white russian’s he likes so well with his new CF ‘bros.

    • Riley

      Serious question Brian R. will cornbread do that to you? If so I def. need to get on that regiment to bulk up!!!!!

  • clusterfuck

    Where’s the rimming? Aiden LOVED that when he was on SC.

  • porndog

    Nice to see Aiden back. It’s always nice to see my Cain (sorry Riley). This is a good pairing, however, Aiden just looks freakishly big for some reason. I long for the days when he had a beautiful body that was graceful and muscular. Now he looks out of proportion somehow, like he’s wearing an air suit. This is not attractive to me, sorry.

    • Ryan–

      Get ready for a response from Riley, all of which will be alternating from “TALKING IN CAPITALS” right down to lowercase sentences, but then ALTERNATING back to CAPITAL sentences.

    • NineHorseTop

      ^^^ They even bitch about trivial nonsensical irritants. LOL!!

      Yeah, good one Ryan-dash-dash. :|

    • Daniel

      Eff off NHT. Are you Riley’s second head?

  • brandon85

    Actually Aiden is just right. DON’T GET ANY BIGGER AIDEN

  • Neo

    This looks mad hot. I like how Cain bottoms like once a blue moon. I don’t like when you know the dude is gonna be a bottom or you know he’s gonna be top everytime. That shyt is so boring and those models need to be abolished. One trick ponies.

    • NineHorseTop

      Yeah I like the way you think, Neo!!!

  • yoleven

    I think both guys are smokin’ hot, but they bring out the worst in each other. Aiden’s legs are so beefy and defined, and make Cain’s look like bird legs. Cain’s torso is well defined and makes Aiden’s muscle look like bulky mush. Aiden shows how short Cain is. And I just need to get this out there: Cain looks like Cate Blanchett.

    Corbin, dude, if you need a consultant on who to pair up, let me know. Okay? Keep in touch.

    • marcus carls

      excellent comparison, yoleven

  • Lady GaGa

    I wouldn’t even illegally download this, tbh.

    • littlebird

      I second this

  • louie

    Awesome scene. Anyone think that Aiden will fuck Connor or Dawson? I hope so, and any predictions who will fuck Aiden?

    Good week for CF! Hope it continues.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Who will fuck Aiden? Better be a really long-dicked dude so he can work his way between those buns and up to the love canal. That leaves out Dawson, unless it’s a tip-screw.

    • brandon85

      U know Dawson will rabbit fuck him

    • cdman

      I see Josh as the first one to top Aiden, at least that’s how I’d like it to be! Kind of a Sean Cody thing where the big guy (Aiden) gets fucked by the smaller guy (Josh).

    • clusterfuck

      NO MORE DAWSON !!!
      NO MORE DAWSON !!!
      NO MORE DAWSON !!!
      NO MORE DAWSON !!!
      NO MORE DAWSON !!!

  • Rictor

    Aiden is all ‘roided up. Still, would love to see him do the bottoming rounds for Dawson, Connor, Dru…

    • clusterfuck


  • masterbig

    I want it bareback! I don’t want to see Aiden do bottoming!
    I turn on by straight guy who do only top!

  • nata

    Two beautiful, brawny, hot guys having sex. It is unconditional YES for me.
    I hope to see Aiden-Dru and Aiden-Connor

  • fresero_abre_culos


  • MikeNYC

    Aiden loves to be rimmed! I could live with a whole video featuring his dick and ass. Just beautiful!

  • Ryder25

    Obvious steroid abuse. That kid is really going to regret that when he gets prostate cancer at 30. Sad. And frankly, he looked better when he was normal size.

  • mar.ble

    i don’t know but for me it seems this is a bareback clip with aiden haveing a rubber ring around his cock which shall pretend there is a condom. i watched some sequences in slow motion (esp. when aiden pulled off cain’s trousers and the end when aiden took off the condom). there are a few seconds when you can see aiden’s whole dick. normally i would expect to see a bit of a rubber at his cockhead, the reservoir and some wrinkles etc. but there was nothing. in my opinion it was his raw dick. and at the end aiden moves his hand as if he would wipe off the condom. but there is no condom in sight…

    • alias74

      I thought the same thing to….but Aiden’s so thick and hung that the magnum sized condom is just THAT stretched…it’s a condom’d video…although I kinda got excited there thinking it was bb…

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Why won’t CF give up this fuckin charade?? Why should we have to see and hear Delila in order to see Aiden shout “OMG,” pull out and instantly shoot a major load, virtually hands off?? That’s what happened when he fucked Trey with Delila in the room. You only have the privilege of watching the guys bb each other if you like girls, i.e. if you are a superior being in Corbin Fisher’s mind. What an asshole.

    • TrueWords

      Corbin Fisher seems to be doing some clever editing to make it pass as bareback on the screen.If this company is putting their models at risk I hope it is sued like it is trying to sue many of it’s illegal users.

      Hey guys, if you want to watch bareback porn get some from the 70s and just remember that these guys are mostly all dead from AIDS.

      Condoms should be required in ALL porn because no matter how much “testing” is done; the porn industry is NOT monitoring these men and women day and night.

      What may come up negative one month; can come up positive the next month…has the gay community forgotten that it is can take up to 3-6 months before the body starts producing anti-bodies that will show up on a test.

      The gay community is really backwards: obsessing with “straight” guys and wanting to see unsafe sex. Such a sad statement that is the prevalent voice out there.

      The number #1 reasons someone is HIV+ is a deadly combination of trust and ignorance.

  • littlebird

    O_o Why is Aiden so fucking beefy?

  • Daniel

    Riley sounds like an idiotic twat. What are you, five?

    Eff off bitch.

    • Ryan–

      Hahaha! Go Daniel :)

    • Riley

      Nope that would be you name-calling. That is something a 5-year old does. I showed you respect I’d appreciate in return.

  • woohooboy

    Aiden is a hot guy. Problem is he needs to ease back on the workouts and hitting the gym (don’t stop altogether!). The guy has reached the point where he is SO buff and built that he looks abnormally HUGE compared to his co-stars…….

    PS: I still think he’s sexy though BTW ;)

  • lemonhat

    Love seeing Cain get fucked, but Aiden just looks odd. His body is just all out of proportion and ruins the scene. Cain’s a perfect size.

  • Hunter

    I dont see how ANYONE could not like this. Those two names ALONE is MORE than enough for me. Get the FUK OUT if you dont find Cain ORRRR Aiden attractive. You fuckin out of your head if you think any of them are at the very lest decent lookin. This shit looks like a classic– name sake along.

    • Ryder25

      I find them both attractive, but I also believe ‘Aiden’ is on steroids. It’s hard to get worked up when you see someone damaging his health so seriously.

  • lawboy39

    I think they are both beautiful and would be so, so happy with either one.

  • moondoggy

    With this many comments, I thought for sure a cyberfight had broken out. While there was some disagreement, it was mostly respectful. I love Cain, go back and forth on Aiden, but that huge cock is hard to ignore. And god, mar.ble, I love the way you think. :-)

  • luci

    i love Aiden and Cain, hands down, love this pairing, Connor i love you too.

  • Nick Minaj

    Haha this is hilarious to me. I just don’t understand why every time this guy shows up in a update, theres a billion comments with people going back and forth over this man out of all people..don’t get it at all.

  • brandon85

    I like Cain when he bottoms and doesn’t open his mouth.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      What does that mean? That Cain shouldn’t do bj’s? That he makes noises you don’t like? That he breathes too loud? That he looks better with his mouth shut?

      Actually, I think Cain is overrated. He’s kinda cute, but far from a knockout, especially neck-up.

    • brandon85

      He’s got jacked up teeth but I gotta admit his body is one of the best in porn and his dick is juicy

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Aiden has clearly bulked up, but I don’t think it’s as extreme as posters make it out to be. In particular you shouldn’t be basing much on those football-jersey pics near the top, since the pads make him look even bigger.

    Also, can anyone who belongs to the site please report how many stars subscribers have given to this scene? Thanks.

    • Rictor

      The jerseys have no padding.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Look at his right shoulder on the left side of pic #2. I’m not saying it’s full padding gear, but it sure looks like there’s something there under the jersey. If not, it’s one weird crease.

  • NineHorseTop

    So fuckin funny to see people whine about the use of CAPS and resort to childish name-calling, LOL!!!

    • brandon85

      Don’t blame them Aiden makes everyone crazy. His post always have a million crazy comments.

  • jugde6

    Cain wil be always one of my fav.
    Aiden is hot.
    I did I get something forr being number 100????

  • Neo

    Just came back to say the scene was fuckin hot. Good match up CF.

  • brad323

    The steroids have even bloated Aiden’s face. A year from now he’ll look 50.

  • Carlyle

    For me, the ideal body type would something close to be Brad Pitt in Fight Club, so Aiden is a bit large for my tastes.