CorbinFisher: Travis Fucks Derek

Travis Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher

Travis Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher

Travis Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher

Travis Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher

Travis Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher

Travis Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher

Travis Fucks Derek at CorbinFisher

Watch Travis & Derek at

Corbin wrote:

Derek is back! It’s been a long time since we’ve had this stud in front of our cameras. I’m thrilled he could take a break from work long enough for us to pair him up in a rematch with Travis!

He looks as good as ever, if not even better! And the chemistry with his old buddy Travis is stronger than ever, too. The two guys kiss passionately. Travis licks Derek’s abs and chest, savoring every inch.

Derek is all smiles as Travis pulls his jeans off to massage Derek’s cock through his underwear. Derek flips Travis over and kisses his way down to Travis’ cock. He kisses and swallows Travis’ rock-hard shaft.

“It’s been a while, I’ve forgotten how big this thing is!” Derek says. He doesn’t seem to have any problems deepthroating Travis, however. The guys continue to kiss. Travis takes Derek’s cock in his mouth. He straddles Travis’ chest and watches as Travis blows him.

Travis sucks Derek’s big cock, and Derek pushes his head down so Travis sucks him all the way to the root. Derek pulls Travis’ ass up to his face so he can eat him out. He smacks Travis’ ass as he rims him deep and hard.

Derek sits on Travis’ face. The guys enjoy a hot rimming 69. Now, Derek’s ready to prove he’s still got what it takes! He sits on Travis’ long dick. He slides down to meet Travis’ upward thrusts.

Travis drills up inside Derek’s ass. Derek’s own cock bounces up and down as Travis fucks him. Travis pounds him harder. Derek moans with pleasure.

Derek moves into a doggy-style position so Travis can fuck him even deeper. Travis shoves his cock into Derek’s bubble butt and rams it home. Derek yells out how good it feels. Travis drives his big dick into Derek even faster. Derek moans in ecstasy.

Travis flips Derek onto his back. He fucks him sideways as Derek jerks his own cock. “Yeah, get that deep in there,” Derek says. Travis pounds faster and faster.

Derek shoots a thick load all over his abs. Travis pulls out and immediately blasts his huge load onto Derek’s cock and balls. Derek strokes the last drops of cum out of both of their dicks. The guys laugh and kiss, then head to the shower.

In the shower, they talk about some of their past experiences together, and joke with cameraman Connor about the pink soap in the shower and a DP scene they did. And they’re not talking about Dolly Parton, Connor!

We’ve all missed Derek! It’s so great to see him in some hot, guy/guy action again. I hope I can get him to take some more work breaks!

Watch Travis & Derek at

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  • kingbelly

    booooooring :(
    and not even cum eating. really this video could have been done like 5 years ago and would have been lame back then…

    • King Henry VIII


    • King Henry VIII

      Didn’t mean that KB that was said from a bad place. i’m working on trying to clamp down on that. But, Hey look at this way it is not Kenny,Quinn, or any of the other guys recently that the people here at WB and elsewhere don’t like.

      I don’t fall in that category I likes Me Kenny and Quinn!!! ;)

    • Zee Brat

      ^ Haha, that bi-polar bit sounded like my ex.

      Also yaaaay Derek is back!

  • King Henry VIII


    • Info


    • King Henry VIII

      No I’M HERE TO STAY!!!!! Have to be positive!!!! Thanks Info!!! ;)

  • Carl

    Well, well, well. Look who’s back in town??

    Welcome back, Derek! Lookin’ good, dude! Fit, healthy, and handsome.

    I’ve always liked Derek. It’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    He’s a great, macho bottom.

    But wish he was topped by someone else. Travis is very retro–and looks more and more womanish.

    • Elmtree

      Couldn’t agree more Carl. So glad to see Derek back…what a pleasant surprise. He was and still is one of my favs. And I also wish he had been paired with someone else. But still great to have Derek back…yum!


    All I can say is WOW and thank you. My two all-time favorites together again — Travis and Derek. Travis, the best bottom in porn, topping CF’s premier stud, Derek. I will never get enough of these two. Damn! Thanks again, CF. And I should add that it was sizzling HOT!

  • hot! glad derek is back & still looking good- and I really like travis’ hair long like this…. good to see his long big dick fucking too ;)

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Glad to see someone else who appreciates longer hair. Seems like there are so many guys I look at and think how their longer hair is flattering, and then I read all these posts that complain, “he needs a haircut.”

    • porndog

      Amen to that!

  • tantiboh



  • brandon85

    Derek still looks good I was dreading seeing what he looks like. I’m glad to see him and I still love Travis in spite of his hair but this is their third video together. It’s going to get to the point were people aren’t even going to want to illegally download their videos.

  • nata

    Derek in a rematch with Travis! WOW! YUM!
    I glad to see Derek. He looks even better! Welcome back!
    Trevis is hot alltime.
    O, I want to see this clip

  • Rictor

    First, Austin returns. Now, it’s Derek! Could Cade be right around the corner? Derek is one of my favorites and am glad he’s back. Equally great as a top or bottom, he’s such an enthusiastic performer and never disappoints—especially with a dick in his hot ass! Gimme a three-way with Derek, Austin, and Cade!!!

    • JJMIKE

      Yeah, would love to see Cade back. He was the best top CF ever had.

    • cdman

      He was also pretty good at bottoming, too!

    • porndog

      I always felt Cade was a better bottom. And no one ever looked like they enjoyed him fucking them. Maybe it’s the shape of his dick or his fucking style.

  • Auggy

    Awww…Derek’s smile is still as infectious as always. Definitely glad to see him again, I missed him. I hope he stays around for a little, he has a lot of new cocks and lots of new ass to catch up on. Lol. I wish he’d have been paired with someone NEW instead of Travvy (this is like their third or fourth scene with each other) but Travis works Derek over pretty good I guess. I wish Travis was a bit more aggressive as a top, he always seems a little hesitant at times when he’s pounded it. But at least he’s getting a chance to top. It was a good update though, especially when you consider the past few updates.

    Sidenote: Travis’ hair is a mess. Lol. Who ever told him he looks cute like that needs to get pimp slapped, hard. :)

    • Jonny Marzetti

      The hair looks fine. It looks natural and it softens his features. Looks especially good hanging down the sides in that opening shot with the cap.

    • Auggy

      It’s not the hair itself because like you said in an earlier post there are a plethora of guys who look a hell of a lot better with their hair grown out/longer hair. It’s the way its styled that bothers me. I don’t think it flatters his features at all. Those bangs, those “ear flaps”, those sideburns…idk I think it actually distracts and takes away from an otherwise handsome face. But to each his own, right? :)

  • floodboy

    At first I got the feeling that the video wasn’t new, but now I see that Travis and Derek switched places. Well, it’s always good to see Travis topping. And I like the fact that he’s bulking up again (go on, Travis, don’t care about the eventual criticsm). Thumbs up.

  • fresero_abre_culos


    • flying_ninja_strikes

      You are such a bitter, callow queen!! I’m sorry but what makes you qualified to be such a bitch,oh I am sorry I mean judge? Are you in porn? Who are you to put down good looking hunks like them; though I do wish travis would cut his hair, from what they are doing? Do you have the balls to go out and do porn? Once you do maybe your comments would be worth a little more.

  • cdman

    I’m glad to see Derek back. I thought he was gone for good from CF but I’m VERY happy to be wrong there! And I love that he’s bottoming, too. He seems to really excel at it. An Aiden/Derek matchup should be up for consideration now!

  • Sushi

    This is no one “coming back.” It’s an old video that they shelved for some reason, and are now releasing. Maybe they saw that 6 month old shit Sean Cody just put out, and thought they could get away with something even OLDER! Travis was fine–2 and 3 years ago, but come on.

    Still asking, week after week, “Why have new models and continue to use old spent used ones?”

    • JJMIKE

      Derek hinted a few weeks back on Pete’s Attic that me might make a comeback. And it looks new to me. Derek has a couple of new tattoos.

    • Rictor

      The left shoulder tattoo is new.

  • corbin fisher should bring back- marc , dalton , caleb , jared , tj , jeff & nick

  • jazz

    I really wish they would bring back Noah!!! He is def my fav from the old crew.

    • Sushi

      Noah was my favorite from before! Getting Jeff back too would be great.

      These two? Let us have our memories.

  • scottnyer

    Derek looks like he gained some weight. For awhile there he was looking ripped and lean. Wiry. Now he’s just buff and fit.

    I would like to see Logan and Dirk come back.

    • kd

      yeah, I’m also happy to see Derek back, and I agree w/ scottnyer, I would love to see Logan and/or Dirk return. I wonder what those two hotties are doing now?

  • Devvy

    Whoaaa Derek !
    That was a nice surprise. Good to see him back!
    You know what, I smell a Derek and Austin pairing. They’re both on the Dean’s list and CF didn’t pair them up when they had the chance. But now that they’re both back, I think it’s coming up at some point.

    • porndog

      That would be awesome, except, neither really has a top’s equipment, so to speak. They’re both too good at bottoming!

  • louie

    Nice to see Derek back, but with all of the new models, it would have been better to have him paired up with one of them. We’ve seen Derek and Travis together enough. Really no need for repeats.

  • retrophysical

    I feel like I’ve traveled back in time.

  • Nick Minaj

    What the hell is this Pete’s Attic people keep on yappin about?

    I wont complain; however, I will say out of the CF models I wish to return, Derek was not one of them.

    • King Henry VIII

      Its Pete’s weekly radio show in the CF Radio secton
      on CF’s website.

  • danni

    LOVE me some travis anytime, but this update sucked
    would have been nice to see travis and beatiful glenn

    • jimmymack

      Why would you want to see Miss Travis attempt to fuck anyone? She is a hot mess that belongs on her back with a couple of cocks up her ass and one in her mouth….all with the lights off and in the privacy of her own house.

  • Answin

    Well this a nice way for CF to redeem himself…
    after introducing Quinn… the one who looks like a strung out elf. (must be plan A for “How to prevent piracy”. Hell, who would want to even preview that video of his for free?)

    This is certainly nice compensation for having had to look at such a hideous thing as Quinn.

    Yeee, Kudos for Derek!!!!

  • dio

    holy crap at those boy’s ass…sets. Yup, CF throw 2 pro’s together to show all the n00bs how it is DONE.

    one thing I LOVE about Travis is that whether he’s fucking or being fucked he has that expression like he’s about to come at any mo, and it is just sooooo damn hot. Gotta add, as impeccable of a bottom he is, he’s also REALLY believable as a top – quite commanding the lead.

  • DGrayson

    it’s a bit of shame
    because i actually find travis incredibly attractive
    he even makes all the right sounds and whatnot
    but man, i hate his orgasm face. i would so not want that staring down at me.

  • porndog

    Derek is my all-time fav, and I’m so glad to see him again! I couldn’t understand why he left in the 1st place. I remember loving his expressions while getting fucked; they were awesome on that handsome face!

    Nothing against Travis, but Aiden would’ve been a better choice for his return. CF and SC more than not rarely give us two of their hottest guys in a scene together. It’s usually a hot model with an average one.

    • jimmymack

      I agree about Aiden using his rock hard, thick, long cock to wake back up Derek’s hole and fuck some of those great expressions back onto his face…maybe even get an auto, hands free cum blast out of him. Instead we get the lesbian trying to fuck him and she even is asking if he likes her dick in his ass….he was at least polite and said yes without rolling his eyes at her. Miss Travis is fucked out! Derek…get back in there and lay some pipe, take some pipe and let is see some of that famous fuck sweat of yours….welcome home.

  • MikeNYC

    Always a fan of these two and so happy to see Derek back. I guess Derek is now a post- graduate! He is a reminder of when this site was stellar.

    • kd

      I agree fully, this was a super hot video, one that I will save and revisit unlike most of the recent updates. I have really been disappointed w/ most of the recent new models and with most of the recent updates. There have been a few exceptions but the majority of the recent ones have been forgetable and mostly dissapointing. You are so right; the site was stellar at one time but has been really been slipping of late.

  • Ryder25

    I feel like I’ve seen this 323,484,984,545 times already. Snore.

  • Daniel

    Ooohh a rehash! Bareback?

  • humanoid

    CF has done a repeat exhumation of these two old carcasses…. enough is enough….

  • Established One

    Derek has always been hot to me. But why would CF ruin this by returning Travis? This is what made the video boring and worthless.

  • Fazz

    This feels like a rerun. :(

  • AustinWildesNo1Fan

    Awesome. Derek is back! Looking healthy too. Now all we need is king tops Aiden and Cain to both have their turns at pounding the old school bottoms, Derek and Austin!

    • jimmymack

      Aiden yes….dirty stinky, skanky and over hyped man boob Cain – NO!

  • jugde6

    nice déjà vu

  • seymour dix

    Derek is still handsome as ever, but Travis has ruined his beauty with the gym pumping….too bad :(

    • jimmymack

      Lesbian trying to fuck a man…ick!

  • james08908

    I mean, Seriously??????

  • Dav1d

    I like Derek. It’s good to see his face again. And Travis… get rid of that long hair!

  • Orion Hunter

    Derek is a beauty and I like the new “thickness”. I would love to see a foursome with him, Marc, Trey and Cain (Carter or Austin could be subbed for any of the above).

    I know that’s a pipe dream of sorts (Marc and Carter are probably gone) but it’s still a nice fantasy. :)

  • Hatefulevilscumface

    Old video? I like how they knew back then to act like Derek had been gone for months at the beginning of that old video. Fuck porn, Corbin should go into predicting the future!

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Probably no coincidence that CF doesn’t put the dates of production at the beginning of the vids as Chaosmen and others do. Instead they just say that the production-date info required by US law is “on file.” More evidence of how this site is as much about lawyers and deception as it is about sex.

  • darkthunder1983

    So, let’s see:

    Derek: 1
    Travis: 2

    Travis is in the lead.