CollegeDudes: Alexander Greene Busts A Nut

Alexander Greene Busts A Nut at

Alexander Greene Busts A Nut at

Alexander Greene Busts A Nut at

Alexander Greene Busts A Nut at

Watch Alexander Greene Busts A Nut at

College Dudes wrote:

Alexander Greene is a 19 year old with an exotic and mischievous look, so we were more than happy to have him show us how he likes to get off. The minute Alexander strips down out of his boxers, his very fat dick is revealed, and Alexander works it up quickly as he begins to moan and sweat a little. Alexander has a really big schlong for his frame, and this college kid seems like he knows how to use it. Thankfully, he is not shy about showing some ass, and happily bends over to show us his sweet bubble butt and keeps jerking his pole while he spreads his asscheeks just wide enough to give us a glimpse of his hole. He says in his interview that he likes being on top, whether he is topping or bottoming, and that is just fine with us! Alexander stands up and continues to grab his cock, stroke it, and give us an amazing show before he splatters a huge, thick, milky load of jizz all over the ottoman. This is hot stuff coming from a studly freshman!

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  • Blackwatch

    Cute boi, nice ass!

  • Grey

    I swear i have seen him somewhere….where?!!!! ahhhh

  • Established One

    Wow, what a nice big fat uncut dick. YES!

  • Fazz

    Looks like one of the Gottis.

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Doesn’t he resemble the last model, Ryan Dhiel? Maybe i just need a new pair of glasses…

  • AaronJL

    Ryan Phillippe’s younger brother?

    • Ryan phillippe is so damn sexy, didn’t know who he was till I kept hearing people compare us, now this is one of my all time favorite comments

  • porndog

    Cute guy. Let’s hope he comes back. As I’ve said before, CD really needs models, because I’m tired of seeing the same few tops and bottoms in rotation.

  • Gaping Hole

    Sorta hot. I’ll give him an A+ if I see a cock up his arse in the next three months. ATM only a C average.

    His cock is great though.

    • porndog

      OMG what an avatar!

  • Jazz

    That is one mean vein in his cock! Overall his cock looks positively mouthwatering!

    • Daniel

      Strictly cock only.

    • I can deal with that opinion the rest of yours are a little harsh but as long as your watching I’m winning @dan

  • Auggy

    Semi-exotic. Cute. Gorgeous cock (that vein is the business!). Nice ass. Floppy balls. Yes, I like him even though he’s pretty much a clone of past weeks CD models.

  • suaveydavey

    Looks like the geiko radio guy.

  • alexgreenexxx

    Hey alex here thanks for all the responses, many more new videos since then and more to come follow me on twitter and I’ll keep you updated